Video: OnTheHunt - Team CRC/Nukeproof at Hafjell World Champs

Sep 9, 2014 at 9:38
by Pinkbike Staff  


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 wicked edit guys , but why cut out the crash ? it now seems sam came 19th because he was down in time ,,,,, the man was up by 3seconds before the crash 4gods sake
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 Look at it from Sam's perspective. He probably doesn't want to dwell on this crash like he did in 2008, he just wants to act like it never happened, enjoy some down time with his family and then get on the hunt for next years WC season.
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 19th with a mid race scorpion.. Legend.
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 CYCO !!!!!
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 I personally don't ever want to see that crash again. I've been super excited to see Sam in good form at the races lately. I know he's going to absolutely kill it next year. Hope his bruises heal up quick. And a speedy recovery to Josh too. These two are something to watch for sure. Absolutely unreal skill. Next season is going to be epic.

@Sam - rootin for you buddy. Great to see you pinning it. Flat pedals!!!
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 Prob get neg propped for this but why should be have to wait 4:09 minutes until we first see Sam on a bike, that was more of an ad for Nukeproof then anything else.
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 Agree heavyp - thought this was going to be all about Sam's hunt for gold but Sam's section was actually quite short. Would have liked an interview with him afterward...
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 what @crowbikesnor said, looked like he had a decent race run and finished 19th.. It was actually another world champs miracle and he had an incredible crash. brutal edit. just shit.
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 the crash hurts to watch, I'd rather just see Sam pinning it. Was nice to see Joe and Nigel ripping too, seems like you guys are just desperate for things to complain about.
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 Easy tiges. I'm not complaining. It was a good vid I was just hoping for more insight into Sam's preparation etc as well as the aftermath of his race run.
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 Having watched Sam's crash (not shown here), it looked like that neck brace saved his life.
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 Can be seen here though:

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 Love the way he brushed it off so quickly, got back on the bike and still rode the rest of the course like a champ!
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 I hate how they show the crash as the preview to draw you in and watch this crap then don't even show it. Bait and switch
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flag Weekendwarrior100 (Sep 9, 2014 at 10:45) (Below Threshold)
 Neck brace did't do shit.. He took the impact on shoulder and tap the rock with the side of the helmet that's it.. Glad he's o.k that could have been a broken collar bone..
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The crash here is red bull tv footage.
Maybe CRC just don´t show that because they did not film it.
It´s imposible to film every single meter of the track..
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 Rob Warner's scream when he wrecked said it all. #justgirlythings
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 Warrior, he broke his neck brace in that crash, not during the after party. Most everyone agrees it played a role in keeping him going.
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 I'm sorry for my above statement I went over the crash and in did it looks like the neck brace did save his neck..
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 I'm really happy to see how well that brace worked. I'm surprised more people don't use them.
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 I couldn't disagree more. There is ZERO proof that his neck brace helped at all. Just not getting hurt is not proof. He could have been wearing lucky socks and your logic would imply that those saved his life.

If you watch the video closely, you will see that he hit shoulder first and then helmet. It was not a full head first collision and his neck deflected as just about any would. His neck brace was hit on the rock and broke. His helmet probably got roughed up too.

I may be wrong, and am willing to be corrected, but to date there is still no independent scientific evidence that shows that one of these neck braces does anything positive or negative in a crash. It could just as easily prevent the head from achieving a neck breaking angle as it could provide the fulcrum that facilitates that angle.

My personal opinion, most of these guys wear them because they are getting paid to wear them, and most folks who wear them that aren't racers, want to look like the racers (hence the TLD pajamas and such).

The idea for these braces came from motorsports, but in motorsports the helmet comes down much lower and the brace basically immobilizes the neck. MTB helmets have MUCH more freedom of motion even with the brace on because the brace is so minimal.

Anyhow, all I am saying is wear one if it makes you feel better, but certainly don't take it as gospel that these things are going to save your neck.
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 Maybe Sam will log in and settle this debate for all of us...........
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 I am positive that Sam knows at least these items:
1. How to go super fast
2. That he went a tiny bit off line at mach 10 and binned it.
3. That he didnt get totally broke off.
4. That he is being paid to wear a neck brace.

It should never be assumed that professional cyclists know everything about the equipment that they use. Trust me, this is most often not the case.
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flag Karpiel073 (Sep 9, 2014 at 11:58) (Below Threshold)
 Quoted from Neverlost's comment, "I may be wrong, and am willing to be corrected, but to date there is still no independent scientific evidence that shows that one of these neck braces does anything positive or negative in a crash. It could just as easily prevent the head from achieving a neck breaking angle as it could provide the fulcrum that facilitates that angle."

Your last sentence goes against what you said in the first sentence. The sole purpose of these braces are to prevent reaching the break neck angle.
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 Neck braces DO work. I've had head on into tree collisions with and without a neck brace on (even the same tree at the same speed) and it hurts a hell of a lot more without one and hurts for a lot longer without one as well (days not hours). They restrict the amount you head moves back and then the amount it snaps back forward which is what whiplash injuries come from in car crashes
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 Pinkbike uses photos taken by their WC photographers for the title Photos.

If the team videographer didn't catch the crash on video (pretty slim chance) then they don't have it to show. Pretty simple.

And since WC videographer are only allowed to film near finish during finals you won't see too many videos of it anywhere.
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 Neverlost, if you look closely you can see that during the fall his head hits and his neck doesn't compress/get distorted- it stays rather well supported given what is happening. Is this independent scientific proof? Not sure. But I do know that he went head first into a pile of axe shaped rocks at mach schnell and came out unscathed. Lucky? For sure. Well protected? Also for sure.
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 you can't prove that it worked because you can't go backwards in time and test it (although in clinical testing it does work). But would you want to risk it?
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 @bikerwithproblems Big Grin

i am pretty sure, a neckbrace can help saving your neck.
and i dont think a pro rider with a big name wears a neckbrace just for sponsor money... they wear it for feeling a bit safer.
some dont wear one because they dont like the feel...
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 The same next brace that could help you in the situation above could prevent you from a tuck and roll which is a natural reaction when you fly over the bars.
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 I'd rather go head first with the arms out natural reaction to break my fall in a rock garden than to tuck and roll through one and having my back smashed by rocks
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 Not always in a rock garden tho bro
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 I was just referring to the situation with Sam really but I would never really favour a tuck and roll just because there isn't much worse getting a back injury but I can totally understand why people do them as you are less likely to cause harm, arms break far more easily
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 @Silliker269 that's a nice theory, but I have put that to practice more than once wearing a neck brace. A neck brace does not prevent you from tucking and rolling, which is what I do almost every time I crash.

So you can cough my theory up to real world experience.
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 Can't we all just be happy about the fact that Sam is not seriously injured after this crash? Wether you like the idea of neckbraces or you don't, he wore one and he is okay. That's all that matters.
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 We (MTB) are a little behind the discussion regarding neck braces. Motocross riders have been at this for ages (and still going strong). A great article in Dirt Rider from last year is a good starting point ( with some responses for a selection of medical and industry peeps making interesting reading as well (
What is pretty clear is that we are unlikely to see dollars thrown at independent medical study of the topic - thus industry study is likely to be the major source of information.
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 Dam straight, who gives a fuck weather the brace saved him or not. Bottom line, he's ok.
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 Totally agree with those that say the big thing is that Sam is ok. That really is the important bit.

To those who think pro's wouldn't wear one of these just for the money, I am recalling one of the urban DH races a while back (within a year), cant recall if it was Marcelo or who, but basically they won, got to the bottom, reached into the crowd, his team manager handed him his "neck brace" and he slapped it on for the post race interview. Preeeeetty sure lots of these guys are wearing it for the money. Also pretty sure the bike industry loves any chance to squeeze another $300 out of you, and hey if it makes you feel safer, then that's easy money.

Gavin you provide good info too though. Anyhow, interesting topic.
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 Bottom line...Sam will race another day.

I'm on the fence in the neck-brace squabble but, if they WERE proven to be almost 100% effective then I'd imagine more race organizers and resorts would make them mandatory.

As mentioned above, if it makes you feel safer then go for it. If it doesn't, then don't use one and go for it.
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 pb'ers gettin their panties in a bunch over a neckbrace...twats i tell ya.
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 To all of you saying neck braces do nothing. Check out this photo and video of two of my crashes wearing a Leatt DBX. I got up and walk away almost instantly.

Now stop your nonsense and believe they do actually work. Proof right here.
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 Neverlost, as far as the size of the helmets in motosports vs dh, neck brace manufacturers know this and take this into account. That why the leatt brace has different configurations for mx and dh, and they state in the descriptions that the difference is the height. That being said, I wear one, and although I can't say I've ever tested it's effectiveness, it's one of those things I don't want to look back and say "I should have worn it".
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 I assume the people talking about neck braces preventing you from tucking and rolling have never actually used one and are trying to find an excuse not to use one. I have been using a neck brace for a few years now, and have never had any issues with not being able to tuck and roll due to wearing a neck brace. I have, however, had head on collisions with trees where I have been glad for wearing one.
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 I'm not going to question what Team CRC has left out of this edit. Obviously they would've asked Sam if they could show the race run and crash. He's probably so bitterly disappointed that the win slipped out of his grasp that he didn't want to have it shown in the team edit. Poor Pagey. After Sam's crash he pretty much went silent in the commentary booth for 10 minutes. Man, you could feel their pain. This has been a weird season. Lots of disappointments but also huge accomplishments. Sam is going to storm back next year and I am afraid to even contemplate what kind of determination Stevie is going to bring back with him. We're in for a huge treat next year.
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 Yes to all of the things you just said!
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 Stevie, Josh and Sam back at full-form for next season would be a blessing for us all. It will be another toughly-contested season in '15 much depth of talent at present that it's nearly impossible to predict. This is quite possibly one of the greatest eras in DH MTBing thus far and for many generations to come.
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 That would be a battle for sure.
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 My fingers are crossed but I'm not going to hold my breath. Let's hope!!
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 havin wcdh withdrawals already.
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 No crash no watch. The real story here is how well Sam finished after having such a gnarly crash...
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 It always gives me a boner to watch the way this guy rides... #nohomo
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 Pass me the bucket, quickly
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 Suicidal mother fukin tendencies and Sam the scorpion king hill \m/ only thing better is slayer
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 So gutted for Sam. I was routing for him all the way and it it wasn't for that crash then there's every chance he'd have won. Great to see him back at his best this year and he's definitely going to be challenging for the overall next year. Cant wait!
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 Hope Sam H, Steve Smith and Ratboy come back next year in top form. A battle between them all season would be awesome to watch. Or better yet all the top ten come back in top form and make it a 10 way down to wire season. Way more exciting when the final race has multiple possible outcomes for the overall.
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 It would be immense and hopefully it comes to be. They'd be busy not only with themselves, but with at least a half-dozen-or-so others out there that are constant threats. We as fans have it so good right now.
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 A few riders before Sam Hill, Nigel Page was commenting on another rider's flat pedals/shoes and saying 'see he could just jump off instead of crash if he had spd's'. ironic that Sam totally looked like he was clipped in on that scorpion. I realize it was the nature of Sam's crash that he fell that way but i found that comment funny after re-watching the race.
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 Sam was running extra long pins (7mm, IIRC) which is quite longer than most. He wasn't coming off them easily at all.
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 I'll admit that, for a split-second, I thought he was running clipless seeing that crash. Definitely the nature of the crash that created the illusion.
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 And he still only finished back a fraction over 9sec (26th place) after that crash?!? The fact that he was able to get up and carry on is impressive enough. As gutted as I was to see him fall short in such a dramatic fashion, I'm pumped to see him return to his signature form over the course of the season.

That, tied to the bitter taste of coming up short of the overall and the gold, doesn't bode well for his competition next season.
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 I'm almost positive someone has asked this question at some point in the past but - Why have a one off race like this when you've already got an entire series that seems to more accurately determine who is the best rider for the year? If we've got the spare time just add another round to the series for Christ's sake.
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 The world-cup season is raced with trade teams (Santa Cruz, Specialized, Giant, etc.). World champs is for national teams. The WC season is 5+ races, so riders don't push themselves as hard as they will for worlds. They can have an off-day and still contend for the overall title in most cases. Worlds is unique - it's a single run to determine the world champion (as opposed to the series determining the world cup champion), so the riders will take insane risks the entire way down their run for the gold.

They do this with skiing and similar events.

Hope that helped!
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 this video puts a smile on my face everytime i watch it. I can't tell if its the comeback factor or the pure style sam rides with while going faster than anyone. Or maybe its the tony hawk pro skater cyco vision nostalgia, either way this edit is great.
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 Sam's back- Admire him for discipline and drive to be number 1 again inspite of setbacks....Tragic crash but 2 wins this season indicate a force to be reckon'd with in 2015- . Arguably the best technical downhill Mountain biker ever...Beautiful form- an Art to watch. May he realize his full potential next season! Best wishes Sam!
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 Fuck Yeah! Suicidal Tendencies!
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 Hills absolutely charging. Can't wait to for the 2015 season
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 Long live The Sam Man! I would hope to see more neck braces next year.
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 Best season for a very long time,, rat on top hill on form again young guns putting in great runs it's had it all!!
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 Sam Hills the Man.
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 That crash......
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 Epic !

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