Video: Ratboy & Craig Evans Hardline Comparison Cam

Sep 19, 2018 at 2:03
by Pinkbike Staff  

Check out how Ratboy and 2017's Hardline winner Craig Evans tackled the insanely gnarly course side-by-side. It's interesting to see who was faster where!

Video: 50to01.

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 Gimme 2 minutes boys, I'm breathing out my f***in arse.

(just for PB's non-English/Mancunian speakers)
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 Classic Ratboy
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flag blowmyfuse (Sep 19, 2018 at 10:33) (Below Threshold)
 Geez. Didn't hold back on swear words for the kiddies. Big Grin
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 @bizutch: the nippers have to learn from somewhere, might as well be there
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flag jaame (Sep 19, 2018 at 21:32) (Below Threshold)
 @bizutch: Exactly my thoughts. Is f*ck one of the only words he knows do you reckon?
My six year old son isn't going to grow up a ratboy fan, that's for sure. Gee is much more wholesome. Remember that time at the worlds when he hit that stump with a pedal and went down hard? He either did not swear, or edited it out. Both of which are preferable to this style of "No fooking waaaaay!"
That kind of language use reminds me of myself when I was about twelve to be honest. Maybe that's who this video is aimed at, the 11-15 year olds that know swear words bug haven't managed to figure out the time and the place just yet.
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 Interesting to see how each gains and looses so much time so quick. You can look at one camera and a second later the other is suddenly ahead or behind again. Hard to understand how it changes so fast. I guess just confidence in a certain section.
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 Dont forget ratboy is 2014 world cup champion. People usually forget that apart from being generally relaxed Josh is insanely fast on the bike. The man beat Gwin in Windham he is a beast on the bike.
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 @petrospit: The Rat has him on pretty much all of the tech sections, the time he drags back on the section before the road gap is insane- but certainly looks like his fitness might not have been up to scratch against a guy who's been grinding hard on the WC circuit for the last few years.
Really interesting, especially just how fast Ratty is through those tech sections, compared to a guy who is seriously fast through tech in his own regard.
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 @bluumax: not sure, was this practice or qualifing ? Neither raced so i doubt they were full tilt.
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 @bluumax: Craig didn't racing any world cup since lenzerheide round 5 2016, Rat last world cup : vallnord round 7 2016. And rat fitness is not that bad, even if you have rat skills, you can't score a top 20 at EWS without fitness.. And craig have a job beside biking

I was impress by Craig's perfomance at hardline, every year. He didn't perform really well at world cup, any top 60 in his career .. lot of non qualy party ..But on this such gnarly track, it seem he can catch up every top wc rider, quite impressive. His win last year was crazy

It's great cause their both really good friends.. 2 really stylish guys
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 Yeah! Would love to see Eliot Jackson put this event (and others) into his visualization site --
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 @bluumax: Ratboy puts a good second down on the rock chute right before the roadgap. He rode that far cleaner than Evans. That being said, Evans rode the rocks after the cannon and the second jump way quicker.
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 @petrospit: and...a Silver Medalist in the 2014 overjumping the last jump...ending in a broken foot Frown

Really wish that Josh (always forget his real name lol) would return to the WCs.
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 @mrkamot: Josh is his real name!
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 It’s great how all the kids just gravitate towards Ratboy at the end. Im approaching 40 and would probably do the same haha
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 I feel this needs some Cathro commentary.
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 A mistake early on by Craig puts Rat up by 5s then Craig pulls it back over ~2m then they go back and forth. Awesome side by side.

I'd like to see videogameesk 'rider vs ghosts' footage....
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 Gee was 30 seconds faster.
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 Gee had a major point to prove. Fucked it every other time he raced Hardline and wasn't chosen for Worlds. He put everything into this one!
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 @glasvagas: would have to imagine he has the home advantage too?
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 @glasvagas: major respect, stoked for G man!
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 @nvranka: you would think so but that hasn't helped him all the other years lol
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 Gee quite possibly would be world champion at this moment if he had been in the race.
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 @jaame: yep. Should been there on respect alone...brush aside missed races due to injury. One or more Thankless countrymen screwed him there.
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 It's fantastic to see the difference in styles where one gains time on the other. Craig made up tons of time in the first tech section after the big step up but after the double hip step ups, Rat, made up time in the woods and the technical bit before the road gap. And on the last part, despite running on fumes, he carried so much speed in the final jumps he left Craig for good.

At this level, it's about squeezing every bit of speed.

I miss Ratboy Frown
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 I love the video game split screen concept brought to this level. Really shows how the riders attack different sections. Great idea from PB idealand
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 Ratty had a cleaner run - barely any mud on his cam...
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 most likely rat had better conditions, i was there and it was on and off raining all day
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 Ol Ratty was super cautious and chillin in some of the wet rocks. Me thinks he coulda cranked er up if he wanted no sweat on dem batty boys.
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flag everythingscomingupmilhouse (Sep 19, 2018 at 9:14) (Below Threshold)
 Can you take your homophobic slur elsewhere please
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 @blahblahbikes: sorry mate. Learned all my english from Ali G
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 @blahblahbikes: Triggered pansy...
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 @Grosey: Respect. Who doesn't love Ali G.
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 @trails801: R - E - S - T - E - C - P

(Ali G grammar nazi)
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 Has anyone come up short on the big ass drop yet?
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 Did you guys see all those riders on Jamis Hardline's riding the Hardline...? Sweet...
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 I miss seing ratboy at worlcups
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 Funny how all the kids came up to Ratboy for and autograph but no one even looked the other guys way.
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 Anyone know why Josh decided not to race the final?
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 He deemed it too risky (which is fair enough)
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got the answer from @jack-cornelius in the post above.
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 Why didn't Rat actually race?
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 That was rad. Seeing who was faster ware. Sick!
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 Rat Rules!!
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 #drinkwater #neverforget
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 awesome track!

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