Video: The Coastal Crew's Perfect eMTB 1-Shot

Jul 7, 2018 at 10:15
by Pinkbike Staff  

The Coastal Crew's newest project for Specialized's Turbo Kenevo eMTB includes a stunning one-shot on a perfect piece of trail.

Mentions: @Specialized


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 E-MTB's have their place, on climbs I'm very jealous of my dad on his e-bike! For my retired parents (yes, they both still MTB), it's perfect as it means they can go out for a long ride without it hurting their knees on climbs etc. It's allowed my mum to ride a bike again after years of bad knees.

They don't tear up the trail anymore than a regular MTB.
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 being ebike user i must say that more power equals more runs and that equals more damage
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 @nikifor88: Working four days a week, that also equates to more riding even without motor.

So yeah.
1. Work four days, ride more.
2. Work five days and make more money to buy a lightweight XC bike (or whatever they call bikes these day) and ride more distance in limited time.
3. Work five days and make more money to buy a mountainbike with pedal assist and ride more distance in limited time.

I chose option 1 though it doesn't make me feel superior to those who chose option 2 or 3. Whatever works for you. If you like riding, you're going to ride as much as you can one way or another.
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 @vinay: wow thats some solid thinking
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 For now they don't, but give it 10 years as the automotive industry builds lighter longer lasting battery's far more powerful engines, that will trickle down to E-bikes.
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 Nobody is arguing with the fact that real fast dudes can still shred on e-bikes...
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 Nobody? There's a clear stigma that the extra weight makes them bad at jumping and other "nimble" stuff.
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 Unless you're REAL fast. Y'know, coastal crew fast...
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 @sam264: I was able to crush the Strava downhill times from my Slash 29" with my Powerfly 9 LT+ EMTB. They are not bad at jumping or nimble stuff. But I was thinking that too. So I learned a lot new since I got the Powerfly.
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 If you're using strava then you're definitely cheating...
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 and in 20years some bearded hipsters (or however they may look like then) rediscover the old non-motor mountainbikes, that were used back in the days, cheering the simplicity and how connected to nature and yourself you are without a motor, and so on....
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 Perfect e-MTB movie = a movie with no e-MTB

This is not it.
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 That video was more than one shot...
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 Saw these when Specialized were doing a demo on some local trails.
"It's you, only faster" seems to be a cop-out slogan directed at the people they know will object to eBikes because it's "cheating". Which is OK, whatever, marketing. But give my intelligence some credit and don't tell me it's just as much effort/exertion to climb. My friends had a lot of fun on them though, and I think I had even more fun on my solo me-powered ride, because I'm OK with not being faster than me.
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 Nobody has ever said that it was as much effort to climb on an e-bike, it wouldn't be great for their marketing campaign... I think most people's concerns are that e-bikes will tear up the trails moto-style. Which isn't true either.
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 @sam264: Well, yes they did - I was there, in person, with the reps. It was in response to someone saying it was "cheating", and I think the rep was trying to convince them that it's not - badly.
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 @pretzelgirl: "Cheating" is when you're playing/competing in a game with preset rules and you take advantage by not playing by these rules.

If people are not playing the same game, well this may be the point some may find hard to accept. Imagine trials riders going mental when you cross an obstacle on the trail and put your foot down. Or road cyclists being overtaken in regular traffic by someone on a recumbent. "Hey, that's not according to the regulations!"
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 I don't quite understand how a film with park style riding is promoting an eMTB?

Yeah it makes it look fun, but surely they should be filming people shredding AM type riding? An eMTB will never replace a regular bike for freeride, will it?!
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 brrrrmmm, brrrmmm...
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 Cool video, not that I expected anything less from the Coastal Crew.

As for eBikes, that Croatia DH track preview from Sam Pilgrim always reminds me how much 'fun' it is riding one down Big Grin
Watch it with sound, you can feel how much 'fun' it is, it's a lot of 'fun'.

(yes, I've tried, no I don't like them)
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 PinkBike readers are not ebike riders, why we are continually pushed this nonsense is beyond me. People selling ebikes need to find a community that are actually interested in them rather than flogging this dead horse
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 "It's you, only faster."--me when I take Adderall
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 "It's you, only lazier"
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 @Milko3D: yeah scotty - you is lazy .. right, now where is my lift pass ? ...
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 @makdthed: it was just a snarky comment, I don't want to argue, I've lost already - it's a booming sector. ebikes are evil though.
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 "It's you, only faster."

This is often the real reason why most people upgrade their tools/vehicles. The problem is coming up with the other justifications... does it help you progress your goals? Does it save/earn you enough money to justify the expense? Do you even need it?

If the product doesn't fulfil these other reasons, you better be worried about what will others think. If one of your priority goals is to look cool...
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 @Milko3D: fair enough, but mine was a cheeky comment too- its a go-to argument, but the lift pass thing still stands, people shout lazy while uplifting at bike parks ...... odd world
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 Looking forward to Rampage when riders can power up the steeps to gets some extra features in on the way down.... or maybe not!
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 Pick the right tool for the job.
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 I had the opportunity to ride the Levo earlier this year and took it so as to better understand what they are about and to be able to make an informed opinion. I must say i had a blast and no it didn't dig up the trail at all. It was amazing to see how it evened up the 3 of us given our very different different climbing abilities. However i will not be giving up my ride or buy one of these Ebikes.
Sadly i feel the approach taken by the bike manufacturers has been very dirty/sly as they try to come in on the back of all the good work done by trail advocates around the world. I think a different approach may have had more support from the hard core cycling community.
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 No pinkbike. We’ve made it clear via the comments section time and time again that ebikes will not be tolerated. Sort it out.
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 Ebikes = Obesity. 650 million in 2017 stats. Enough said
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 whats your point - surely its the opposite, if e-bikes allow those that are obese to get out then surely its a good thing, because, and here is the kicker, you still gotta pedal, still get a workout, still gets the heart pumping, - we have an obese society because of crappy food, over populations, TV, computers, lack of physical jobs, e-bikes are exercise - jeez, cant believe still have to point this out after all this time
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 that trail looks so fun
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 Awesome one-shot but NO NEED FOR EBIKES
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 No wonder Norbs left them.
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 Get a KTM,with same price,you can get 100 time power,and it's real fast.Then keep use your leg,get back your bike
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 erm . you do use your legs ... you push the pedal things with them ... they don't go by themselves .. silly fella tsk
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 If I was paid to ride one I would but I’m not so I won’t

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