Video: 2013 Bearclaw Invitational - Day 2

Aug 24, 2013 at 0:28
by Pinkbike Originals  
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 i feel like logan peat should already be in pm not am.
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 maybe he's not invited by the claw?
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flag stumper21 (Aug 24, 2013 at 4:57) (Below Threshold)
 Sorry but is logan peat the son of steve peat. They have the same last name and both ride santacruz
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 One, they aren't from the same country. Two, Steve Peat didn't have kids when he was like 14. What Santa Cruz was he using though?? Wasn't it just last year Jamie Goldman rode a v10 here?
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 He's probably on the same idea as Kurt Sorge last week at Joyride, using a trail bike frame, possibly a Blur or a Solo, I personally think it could be a Blur. Either that or Santa Cruz are making a Slopestyle bike. I sat for like at least ten minutes comparing his bike to ALL of SC's full sus frames haha.
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 Ya I figured it was a blur. I think a small Juliana wouldn't even be a bad SS bike - if it can handle the abuse.
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 Apparently Juliana is its own brand of bikes now actually. An XS Juliana Primero Origin would probably be the best slope bike santa cruz could make right now - unless their other suspension system has benefits.
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 Kieran-young Logan peat is riding a custom blur.
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 thank you sire. By the way, I was curious too which you might have noticed from the previous 3 comments.
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 they are actually basing their slope bike on a blur. started with a trail frame but shortened up the chainstays, steepened the headtube angle and raised the bottom bracket
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 Sounds really nice, knowing Santa Cruz it'll be hella expensive though, nice to see Slope bikes are becoming more popular. Wonder if Giant will make a Slope bike out of the Trance or not, I think they should.
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 For the lulz...
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 yee wallace
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 i'm like 55-95% sure he was kidding...
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 Who the f*ck has gone through this page and neg propped everyone? My comment went from like +5 to like -0?
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 I'm not sure but it sure is hurting my self-esteem Wink
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 Not one to normally comment on these events but I really feel that the music and footage went well together here.. Congrat's for a good edit
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 Berrecloth should put on a program called "Pimp My Mountain", and make parks like this for people... That would be rad.
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 Except, that part of the bike park isn't open to the public. But that is kind of a mute point, this year the entire mount washington bike park didn't open.
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 Not trying to be a dick but its "moot" point. Ahhhhh I hate people that correct spelling. I AM A DICK!!! Sad face......
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 Well, at least I didn't bust out a non word like irregardless.
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 Logan Peat has a really long neck.
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 Love a good dirt lip
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 fuck yea logan peat.
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 there is a livecast On red bull/bike or red bull tv claw said it in the course preview
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 U sure, don't see anythin about it anywhere...
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 RedBull website says: Due to recent technical complications experienced onsite, we are unable to provide a high-quality live web stream of this event, as planned. Instead, we'll be bringing you photo and video coverage.
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 AKA, The mountain is not open for riding so we expect crowds to be much smaller than past events. Not worth the expense of satellite time.
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 Probably my favourite part of most mtb videos is watching the suspension work when the riders land, i think its brilliant :')
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 Weird but true haha
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 livecast? yes/no/where Big Grin ?
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 This might sound like a stupid question but why aren't there any woman in slope style riding? Maybe there are but I never see any coverage of it.
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 its not a stupid question, but dude, you know the reason................
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 I was actually commenting on the fact there's no women in slopestyle the other day and was saying i'd love to start something up. It's such a shame that women don't do it, kinda lets the team down a bit
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 yes, there should be slopestyle for all. i don't know what above referenced reason would be.
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 Can't believe this was the am comp! So sick! I'd be pissed if I could throw down tricks like that and then be called an amateur haha. Guess that many riders are getting really good though, pretty awesome.
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 When I hear Logan's or Carson's name, Am doesn't come to mind. But I'm glad their both in the big show, they deserve to be.
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 How awesome would it be if Logan were to win the pro event too?! I think that would be sick!!
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 that course looks so amazing!!!!
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 Tiny cookies exist, even so you have to be crazy to jump so
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 what about the Livestream ? I checked Redbulltv but cannot find something about Bearclaw Invitational
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 Where is the full AM placement list?
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 oh and bar spins!
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 Is pilgrim there? Couldn't see him in the vid.
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 it was the AM contest.
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 the kid in the purple is my lil bro
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 Today, I was expecting another BJ.
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