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Jan 4, 2023 at 10:15
by Pinkbike Originals  


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 I know what my problem is, on the extension, I never actually get my hips that close to the bar and my front wheel never gets that high off the ground before my back wheel leaves the ground. Now my next problem is looking like an idiot in my apartment parking lot this spring.
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 But you'll be an idiot with a mountain bike, so it balances out.
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 @danielfloyd: We're not learning wheelies here.
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 with bunny hops and with ollies...sometimes you need to have a forced in just start barreling towards the obstacle and go for it. You'll be surprised how high you can pop.
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 If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball.
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 @lncorgnito: that is the best!
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 This method works 86% better with cameras rolling.
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 So true! I have recognized bunny hopping truly works better for me out of necessity/preservation vs. practice.
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 Even if you don't want to go full tilt towards some wheel munching sharp edge concrete lip of doom, use some bricks and a wooden cane and make a little high jump bar which you can keep adjusting upwards. Halfway house I guess. I'm sure I did this about 25 years ago learning to bunny hop out in the street and very quickly got up to clearing a wheel diameter. Time and lack of practice have not been kind, no way could I hop up that high now.
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 I can bunny hop/wheelie/manual for exactly as long as I need to on the my driveway not so much.
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 @veero: Wheelsizes got bigger...
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 @MartinKS: Haha good point, maybe I can still hop over a 26" wheel Big Grin
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 Cathro singlehandedly making PBGA. The hero we don't deserve but the one we need. Thank you for the content and hard work and all the best in 2023!
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 In episode one I was insulted as someone who rather watches tutorials than to practise.
I have changed now! I'm not watching season two :-P
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 When I was growing up, lifting the front wheel first and then the rear was called a "rocket hop" both wheels at the same time was a "bunny hop". Interesting how the lingo changes based on world regions. Great informative video as usual. I'm a NICA coach and direct our students towards your video content. Thank you!
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 We called the former a “bronco hop” when I was growing up in the late 90s-early 00s, Boston area. The latter was a “bunny hop” for us too.
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 100% - our generation definitely did not call that a "bunny hop".
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 J-hop, bronco hop I've heard over the interesting name I heard, this is probably back in the late 80's early 90's in the trials scene was "Total Unload" for a double wheel traditional bunny hop, I laughed as hard then as I do know every time I hear that
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 We called it a Bunny hop in the early seventies California. Still use that term.
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 We called it a "Pro hop" and bunny top was the two wheel cheater way.
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 early 80s we called it a bronco too. bunny hops were the equivalent of using clipless pedals today. They were for the kids that couldn't even hop a curb. Which was a very important skill.
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 I remember "J Hops" for what Cathro is teaching (though more with an emphasis on getting the front wheel over an obstacle first and then the back wheel but still all in the same movement and not necessarily for sheer height) in this video and "Bunny Hop" for both wheels hopping at the same time in early MTB but I also remember being taught to "Bunny Hop" a BMX in the way Cathro is teaching here... so sure it varied depending on where and what you learnt.
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 If you want to get the rear wheel closer to the height of the front, then there's another stage you can add onto the end of this, which is as the rear wheel rises push your bum back and claw your bars up and then push them forward. Done right you end up in a deep hip hinge with your arms almost straight ahead and your bum on the rear wheel.
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 what's stopping me? 6 feet of snow on the ground. otherwise, i'd be setting world records for sure
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 bunny hop it n00b
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 ...step 1 - have that bmx background
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 dirt jump 26, perhaps even better, 24 are the shit to learn this on. meanwhile both wheel sizes have been killed so no one could actually ride a bike
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 I’ll just give up now then
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 @baca262: Killed?
Me, my family and my friends all ride 26" bikes all the time.
Old, yes, but not dead just yet :-D
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 Gotta laugh at the Outside advert. If Cathro's two seasons of free, amazing instructional videos haven't upped your skills, nothing will.
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 Thanks for mentioning the second half with the foot scoop! I feel like that can't be understated enough - at least in my own case. It screwed me up for months trying to bend my knees more so I could scoop the pedals towards my ass (exaggerating the progression technique from almost every other video), before realizing it was more-so bringing my knees towards my chest and keeping tension with the bars and pedals. Cheers!
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 thank you and all, but when are we geeting kittens with laser shooting eyes again??
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 Thanks Ben, for making videos that explain, instead of just demonstrating. I can do some fairly poor hops but I just promised myself I will go and seriously practice this year to get that bar hump going!
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 i used to be able to to 2 feet with a hardtail, still can do foot and a half with a dh bike. coordination of the movement is crucial, worth more than muscle
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 I've always known a bunny hop as the simultaneous 2 wheel lift, while the more advanced version called a j-hop. This was eluded to with the J-shape comment. The J-hop term seems to have disappeared over the years.
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flag jdkellogg (Jan 5, 2023 at 10:33) (Below Threshold)
 this is the kind of thing that high schoolers argued about in 2007. mentioning the word J-hop is instant triggered cringe. a simultaneous 2 wheel lift is useful nowhere, in any situation. There's no name distinguishing both, there's no point. Theres the correct form for a bunny hop, and anything else (two wheel jerk up) is nothing.
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 @jdkellogg: I see I've found my highschool arguer counterpart. hahaha

In all seriousness. I wasn't suggesting once is right vs wrong, just that the term that was dominant in my time has disappeared. Nothing more, nothing less. I am curious about why the term would trigger you though?
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 We always knew it as a normal bunnyhop and, when lifting the front first, as an 'American' bunnyhop. Though we never really knew why.
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 @jdkellogg: while the debate can still be held on naming convention - 2 wheel lifts are 100% still used although in indirect ways. IME they come into play anytime you un-weight the bike, say before a jump you want to scrub or off of a steep drop you can pop off of so you don't auger your front wheel or through a nasty rock garden as you 'pump' the bike through it....go watch a guy like Chris Akrigg pump around rocks and obstacles, you are seeing a very sim technique used.

Watch this @ 2:13 (many other instances)
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 @jdkellogg: if you ever find yourself in a rut so deep and narrow you risk clipping pedals even when you have them level (think cart track) : this is where a two wheel hop is useful.
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 @jdkellogg: Yawn.
You do you, I do me. My old school two wheel bunny hop serves me just fine jumping up sidewalks and over roots and rocks on the trail, thank you very much.
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 @jdkellogg: I would agree with others here that learning to load the bike then simultaneously unweight both the wheels has a whole load of applications on the trail and is used a lot. No harm in having more skills. Be a silly argument to say of two different movements on a bike that one is wrong as every situation and application is different. Learning to do both movement patterns would seem the ideal strat.
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 We called the former a “bronco hop” when I was growing up in the late 90s-early 00s, Boston area..
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 thank you and all, but when are we geeting kittens with laser shooting eyes again??
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 Loved the historical background Prof Cathro!
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 Hilarious! You can see the influence of Monty Python!!! That's really good!
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 Ben Cathro rules! Amazing in detail with the perfect amount of humor. Brilliant !
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 Crazy how when it comes down to it the trick was just helium in the tires!!
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 All of these videos are purely entertainment.
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 I enjoyed watching that fork compress ! I wander if its a spring or air Fork??

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