Inside The Tape: Andorra DH World Cup 2018

Jul 13, 2018 at 22:49
by Pinkbike Originals  

Ben Cathro is back breaking down all the lines of the Andorra world cup - especially for you! Aren't you lucky. Who is going to take the top honor today?

MENTIONS: @pinkbikeoriginals


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 Top quality. That outside line Finn was hitting looks so slow until you compare it with the other racers side-by-side. PB, this is about the best video series going on any MTB site- please keep Cathro on as a regular.
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 Definitely the best video series to date. Keep them coming.
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 Great work again! “He talks like a primary school teacher but in a Scottish accent you can actually understand” (my Mrs) I think that’s a compliment.
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 *but in a sexy Scottish accent

I got your back Giraffe Man
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 Love it. Coverage of the world cups just gets better and better with Cathros knowledge and Eliot’s nerdery.
I find it quite hard to make much of it when there’s 4 screens (and I’m not a newb to wc world) but maybe it’s just my poor brain struggling to compute. Thought the line explanation with the arrows worked well. Looking forward to more of this stuff!
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 Maybe some heavy black outlines would help visually divide those 4screens into 4 separate objects for our brains to comprehend easier :idea:

Two clicks in AE or Premiere, if Catro dude is using something similar for his edits, and reads this comment Wink
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 @tuberkulozis: He uses Final Cut Pro
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 @tuberkulozis: On it! Just spaced out the cropped frames by 4 pixels to give a black bar effect. Easier than trying to add a black bar for each clip. Can just copy attributes for each comparison. Gone for double comparisons instead of 4 for future vids.

Thanks for the feedback!
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 Great work!
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 that cathrovision and inside the tape is pure gold!

red bull listen ............ hire this man :-)
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 Make this permanent pleas pb!
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 The next generation of DH riders is going to be different because of these videos. I always knew there were line choices and some of the general principles, but hearing it dissected has given me more concepts to work with. Thoughts that would never have come to mind are becoming known to the general public. Sure, we can't apply the concepts perfectly but they're now part of the equation in our brains. I can only imagine what that would have done to my riding I had been exposure earlier in life.
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 I'm scurrred to see the finals. Let's keep it clean, no injuries.
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 Just don't shit yourself
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 @colincolin: Too late but it was extreme at least.
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 Fair play! He's washed his hair again,for Pinkbike. Compulsive viewing!
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 Wow half a second on one tiny section!!! How are the end results so damn close!?
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 I assume they all sit down for a good session of Cathrovision and check the gospel!
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 I love this stuff!!! These just keep getting better! Keep it up, Ben/PB!!!
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 This is great, please keep it up!
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 Nice video. I had a good look at this section today for masters. I settled on Finn line as it is much smoother from the middle of the line and carries more exit speed. Shame we are not turning right but going straight on onto all the permanently slippery rock to avoid the fun part of the WC track.
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 Excellent work Ben. This needs to be at least 60 minutes long. Or at least have this as part of the pre race coverage leading into the main event.
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 Another great video. These make the racing even more enjoyable, as you can recognise sections and appreciate the speed and line choice in final runs.
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 I'd like to see Cathro and/or Eliot come on as a second color commentator (with Rob still doing the play-by-play). As good as Claudio has been, both in previews and in the commentators' box, I certainly feel that someone a bit more nerdy with the details can certainly contribute.
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 Good work Cathro, even shows a nice clip of 2 riders standing in the middle of the trail at 4.44 right in line of the gap line through the trees!!
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 I would bet that alot of the riders would benefit from watching this, but not on race day
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 This breakdown and comparison of line choice is fantastic, more of this please!!
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 Great work Ben, keep it regular PB!
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 Love Ben's vids, and a great guy to get coaching from as well!
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 love Cathro's video on WC!
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 Great coverage! I can however see riders clocking him and possibly keeping their lines to themselves?
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 Wow great work thanks PB!
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 Yeah, love these. Keep it up Ben!
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 Pinkbike got both ends of the spectrum covers with Wyn and Cathro
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 these are the best
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 thanks ben
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 More Please!
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 Keep them coming!
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 Interesting Ben...
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