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Video: The Line That Won The Men's Race At Maribor World Cup DH 2021

Aug 15, 2021 at 20:45
by Pinkbike Originals  

How did he do it? Ben Cathro breaks down how the men's winner at Maribor managed to find a couple of extra seconds on track.

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 Loris tried to tell everyone Gregs secrets line however, "drrrrep berffff derjunk derdunk guggger gug er gug er onunfff" got lost in translation.
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 Thats totally effed but am laughing so good
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 Lol as soon as he finished green I turned to my wife and said "this post-race interview is gonna be awesome... bap! bap! gugugugugupop!"

But then the interviewer decided to just be a massive downer the whole time Frown
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 @bkm303: The interviewer was terrible!

Interviewer: "Hey I know you just won but just a reminder you can't win the overall title. How does that make you feel?"
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 Would love to see a video of the "theoretical fastest line" for the race. What *could* the theoretical fastest time have been given the fastest segments of the track. Seems feasible. Also a video where Cathro talks about what he thought the fastest line was and what it turned out to be... right or wrong. What was Cathro's theoretical best time versus the green sectors from Red Bull's live feed? Let's nerd out!
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 An edit of each of the fastest sections into one 'super run'
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 That would be interesting. Kinda difficult without footage of the full track / run though. Coulanges did something in that unbroadcasted section that most of the others weren't able to do. It would have been great to see that section.
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 The Nerding Out articles kind of does that but not with video. The best split times get added up to give an idea of what the fastest time could have been if someone hit every section green. They call it the Perfect Lap
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 Impossible to do it if you don't know the lines speed entrance. Comparing 2 lines in a section can be interesting but from one rider to an other the speed will never be the same
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 @pasteque51: good call, one sections fastest maybe leading into the next 'wrong' making not the fastest. A perfect run (of combined best sections) probably isn't possible....
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 @AntN: yes it is, watch Pierron in les Gets Wink
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 @Jacquers: Agreed, I was watching it on replay but basically until Loic came down he found about 1 second on everyone in the bottom sections. It was unreal.
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 Emtb racing should just be trials guy racing up wc courses
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 Absolutely haha!
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 Cool on a closed course and at the same time a nightmare on your local trail.

Ebikers riding up the downhill line ("impossible climb!") is already a problem on my local trail.
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 My daughter races in canoe slalom (20-23 gates) and she says she has to remember the course 100% (including all the waves, currents, rocks etc) to succeed. She can remember even the courses that she raced a year ago.

I imagine that the PRO DH racers can do the same - they can remember all the features of the track, all the rocks, possible lines etc and process everything in a real time in insane speed. I am pretty sure this is impressive.
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 I can remember every root of a jump line we built as kids when I was 13 - all bikers have this to some extent
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 Listen to Sam Hill on Gypsy podcast, he talks about how he used to be able to set a stop watch and go through a run in his head and get the same times he was getting on the course.
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 Then for racing add in the changing light conditions. With the light at the weekend, imagine having to rely on your memory entering dark woods from bright sunshine at flat out speed, the dappled light is probably even worse as nothing looks like it is. That is some commitment. I don't know how they do it!
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 @TobiasHandcock: that's wild
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 Definitely the difference between Pros and schmos like me. Even when on a track I've ridden dozens of times, I still forget where I am during a run. How Pros can walk and ride a track a few times and remember it is amazing to me.
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 Rode with a DH guy a few years back on trails he did not know, but I did. His knowledge of the trails from just one run was unbelievable. He told me about rocks and roots in detail that I did not even see.
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 Would also like to know what did Coulanges do in sectors 9-10. That seemed to defeat 90% of other racers.
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 I kept trying to figure out if that was the part with the left hander with the giant bombhole, or farther down. But yeah, I too would like to know where he made this time, and if it was track conditions deteriorating or that he's just a wild man.
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 @Jvhowube: Was it wild or on the contrary "just" a 100% composed run from top to bottom ?
Maybe he saved some stamina on the 1st half (while still going pretty fast) and had enough left at the bottom ?
But yeah that would be interesting.

Also I think the title of this article is incorrect. Vergier had 1,5 second over everybody else, so he may still have won even with a different line in the rock garden.
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 If you go tho the replay on red bull, at 1:00.15 they have the virtual gap up to Wilson, and suddenly it jumps by 12m advantage to Coulanges. I know the virtual gap thing is not very good, but it seems that coming out of that corner, and maybe the off-camber before is we’re he made out the time, all riders lost to him there.
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 @mitochris: Ah yeah indeed, as per the nerding out article, him and Suarez did something special there.
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 Great to see Greg looking so stoked after his result, well done. He had a really nice line inside that huge bomb hole on the left hander in the live feed, surfing on the deep dust faster than most could rail the turn.
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 I noticed that, and Loris took a similar line (although not quite as inside as Greg IIRC);
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 Riding an e bike UP the track,like pretty much everywhere in the UK.
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 Nice analysis ! Its interesting to see that Minaar's huge experience is actually giving him an edge over the other less experimented racers. That being said, the young guns are rising fast these years
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 Great to see Minaar pull that off. Never underestimate experience and hard work. "Hard work is what makes risk-taking possible. You cant do one without the other" Malcolm Gladwell. Young guns take note!
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 A few years ago when I was road racing mc’s, I could close my eyes and ‘ride’ through a circuit and get within 3-5 seconds of my laptime, can I do it on 100m of trail I’ve ridden 70+ times, can I fcuk, amazed by these riders
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 Anyone else think this was gonna be about the inside line Wyn mentioned to Vergier?
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 I would send it all the way down Big Grin
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 Even if you'd have had the guts and the precision, you likely wouldn't have had the speed entering the section.Yes I see the emoji, just meant to say that if the rubble can be gapped, you'll indeed have riders who are actually going to try that. Gee Atherton comes to mind. Would actually be interesting to, once the race is done, have a guy like Akrigg have a go. He may not necessarily be the quickest but he may have help Cathro with the definition of "creative line choice".
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 Thank you guys so much for not spoiling the results. That was such a nail biting race to watch
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 The Number plate is why he won..... #crujones33 #Rad
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 I'd be a WC DH racer if it weren't for my shit memory...
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 Really enjoyed the detail, great presenting and explanations
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 That's not what won the race. One, and two had their shirts pinned tighter than anyone else, and tucked in. Thats what won the race.
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 Came for some French Line comments......they must be behind the paywall.
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 How did you get around it?
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 3 french guys who cant take a joke have read this comment.
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