Video: 2023 Red Bull Joyride Highlights

Jul 31, 2023 at 9:53
by Pinkbike Originals  

Also available to view on the Pinkbike YouTube channel.

The slopestyle field is STACKED with talent. Red Bull Joyride went off this weekend! With massive wind delays that resulted in a single-run contest, riders had to dig deep and put it all on the line.

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 Such a great video for what was a disappointing Joyride.
But when you break it down into 3 and a half minutes, it sure looks awesome.

re: subscriptions. Trailforks alone makes it worthwhile. The number of times I've been deep in the bush and trailforks has helped me out is countless.
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 re: your re: subscriptions comment, 100% agree, I live on the border of a state so having multiple territories download/sync'ed is critical, Trailforks is an awesome app that I don't mind supporting at all.

Just learned today that I get an Outside membership out of the deal too, but I have no idea how to watch the film on my TV? Anyone have any advice?
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 @transam711: Need the Outside Watch app.
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 I wish Trailforks subscription gets rid of ads on pinkbike too.
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 10 of us hit Whistler from the east coast a few years ago. Last day my buddy has a bad crash on Ride Don't Slide. It wasn't part of the trail system yet and was posted that we would be out of luck if we needed help. At the time he thought he'd dislocated his shoulder. Turned out he'd broken his neck in three places. My phone had no signal, but Trailforks worked and we hiked him out to an ambulance. No clue where we would've ended up if we just walked out blind.
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 I feared the Outside purchase would screw up TrailForks, but it's been a pleasure. Best investment I've made, can't recommend it enough. Still nice to have a local guide in unfamiliar areas because some of the trails can be unmaintained bushwhackers, but the heat maps help a ton when planning in advance.
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 The irony of the 'Nothings for Free' post being linked to Outside+ requiring a subscription to watch. And the coincidence there's no way to comment (make fun of this) on the other post itself.

This reminds me of the Chevy Nova.
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 Is that actually ironic? Seems more like truth in advertising to me.
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 Hoped i'd see a comment like this here
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 I drafted a bunch of snarky replies and then thought better of it. We're proud of the film, spent a lot of time and money to make it happen, and the subscription is stupid cheap right now. I'm obviously biased but $24 is genuinely amazing value for Nothing's For Free, Trailforks, Gaia, etc., and people will either watch it or not.

All that said, there will also be a limited free stream at some point in the near future thanks to GT Bicycles, and eventually other ways to purchase/view the film. Oh and a world tour of in-person events will be announced soon.
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 @brianpark: I just want my own copy..
Subscriptions, always feel like they hope you'll not notice auto-renewal and price hikes.
I also don't care to add more Gig's of useless app's to my phone.
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 @brianpark: It is amazing value and it's kind of wild you even need to communicate this. It just goes to show how people have become entitled to free, quality content. I remember being a grom 20 years ago and dropping this much $ on a single DVD hahaha
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 @mmatthews: Shock, I want to pay for a copy. I don't want to pay for a subscription. If Outside believed their awesome deal was so awesome, why not release it for purchase at the same time? See how many of each they sell. First thing I did was go to Apple Store to see if it was there...Last thing I'll do I pay Outside monthly.
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 @draggingbrake: you do realize with modern technology you can have your own copy, that you can then make into DVDs and sell at your local trailhead. This will allow you to avoid those heavy gigabits and replace them with lightweight DVDs and cash money from sells of those pirate copies
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 Thing is - it's a tremendous value, but when folks are used to stuff being free and you take it away and charge for it they don't like that. As we all know Smile
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 @draggingbrake: It's a product with a finite and relatively small customer base - once everyone who wants it buys it, there's no new customers and zero money for support and improvement. Pay yearly, you'll get over it.

And FYI all - if a product is free, then you're the product.
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 That shot at 1:32 of Tom Isted's double backflip against the hazy mountains is art and should be framed on a wall somewhere.
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 First Joyride I have missed in quite a few years. With the weather hold and one run it was a good one to miss. Although I still miss the people watching in the crowd while waiting for the event to start. Lots of ladies in very inappropriate shoes trying to walk up the trails and through the bush. Just that provides a lot of entertainment.
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 It is a joke to only feature one trick from Emil's run?!
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 the cash roll is as always, mind boggling to watch in slow-mo
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 These camera angles actually seem to bring out the size of these features much better.
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 It’s crazy that we only got like 3 runs, everyone else was so unlucky.
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 Isteds corked out flat drop flip was my favorite moment! Just love this trick!
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 I like that even that one almost unknown rider Dawid Godziek from who-knows-where got one clip, a no-hander. If only he could do some more tricks in his runs...
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 Damn, pinkbike got that outside+ money with that booth and banners. Bet the views were nice there.
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 Honestly we were a little annoyed to have to move up the mountain from our usual spot at the base (due to the construction of the new lift), but then the view was so insane that I think we're going to lock in the same location for next year too.
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 @brianpark: I'd say you'd be foolish not to. KIller spot.

Hopefully next year they'll start on time so we can get 2 full runs. I never consider a single run contest a real contest. And hopefully they figure out how to set up those last 2 hits so riders can carry a safe amount of speed into them.
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 Odd highlights vid when there are no clips from the winning run
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