Video: Aimi Kenyon's Course Preview from Les Gets DH World Champs 2022

Aug 24, 2022 at 9:54
by Pinkbike Originals  

Aimi Kenyon fills in for Ben Cathro to take you down this years World Championship course in Les Gets.

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 Great job Aimi. I dig it, hell even Laurie had to pull over a couple of times on his preview.
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 Yes, finally a preview with commentary that resembles the inner monologue the rest of us mere mortals have while riding bikes: "cased that ... off-line again ... that was awkward." I've been riding dirt at least twice as long as you've been alive, and admire your bravery for facing a World's DH course and a POV commentary-cam at the same time!
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 @powturn: I cannot upvote this enough. Long time mountain biker here but a mere mortal at the same time. A slope like that at a speed like that is not where I would choose to multi-task....
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 I vote we sack Ben and keep Aimi on the previews!
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 Hi Ben, we've finally found your burner account. It will be deleted. Get back to work! -Outside CEO
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flag BennetgapBen (Aug 24, 2022 at 16:23) (Below Threshold)
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 @BennetgapBen: Please see a doctor.
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 She's got some pretty big shoes to fill. I mean, I assume Ben's has large feet cause he's tall.
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 You are technically correct, the best kind of correct
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 @sudochuckwalla: noodle toes
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 Great work Aimi!

Would love to know what Aimi thinks her reaction would have been in July 2021 if someone told her she would have an all expenses paid trip for World Champs?
And she would be doing a track preview.
And she would be racing.

What a year!
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 and do the scary big roadgap to berm
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 @skintightleather: She flippin' sent all those gaps!! So impressive.
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 So odd to hear that girlish giggle right after a huge high speed stunt, good luck Aimi!
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 Claudio did that too.
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 Wow, she's flying! Good job Aimi!
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 Very good attempt, love that you didnt cut out any of the mishaps, gives us a much better understanding of how steep some of that track is. Wouldnt know otherwise!
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 And the fact that it takes a WC-Rider some time too reset and pull the bike back out just shows how demanding it is to ride this track…
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 Good job, smash it in finals!!!
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 I wish i cold ride as fast as Aimi!
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 Nice view! Some giggling. Human errors - i feel good after this one. Thanks! Smile
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 Can Ami do every track preview? Asking for a friend.

So refreshing to see someone with such positivity and truly enjoying her riding. Really really good, congrats!
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 Great Job!!!!
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 Those last few jumps seem like they would need warming up to by just about anyone, but it is great to see how comfortable she has gotten with her jumping!
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 Even Bruni cased them all on his gopro track preview. Looks like you need race speed to clear them properly. Great watching Aimi clearing the road gap without even hesitating
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 Most relatable course preview ever.
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 It's refreshing to see this perspective: scary first full run down a track with intimidating JUMPS, the off-track moments in steep sections or tech bits with unclear lines, hyper focused and can't talk much... I could narrate my usual downhill run that I've had 40+ laps on, but a World Champs track without much practice? Probably NOT. Great work Aimi. Let's see track video #2 after more practice runs and see how much faster it is.
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 I preferred this, good job Aimi! It was nice to hear someone different talk about the track
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 Awesome job Aimi, we are all pulling for you!!!
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 Nice to see that they have actually blocked off the road at the bottom this year.
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 I hope you know Aimi that you have a whole inter web of fans that are now with you for life. You’re awesome. Keep up the good work.
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 That question should not be in the thumbnail.
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 @Dogl0rd: So is he or not.......
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 @watchmen: Schrödinger's Cathro...
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 This was so good, love it
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 Image seemed much clearer and easier to visualize than Cathro's track previews, was it because of the lower camera angle?

Anyways, nice work looking forward to the race run.
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 Great to see Aimi bring her own style to these. So good! More!
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 Aimi well done. Smile
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 great job ! I actually enjoy it better with you Amy. thanks!
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 Great Job Aimi! Watch out Ben, she’s usurped you here and she’ll be coming for Team Manager next!
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 Don't be hard on yourself Ami. You're representing your country at the World Champs! Great and very honest preview.
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 Excellent job Amy!
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 Nice to see someone on a DH bike doing a DH track review. Not sure the point of the two guys on enduro bikes was
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 Nice work, Aimi! And good luck! Crush it!
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 Exact amount of giggles needed, Ben better deliver
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 Awesome! I liked the authentic preview of a hard track...
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 This was great - a few mistakes makes us mortals all feel a bit better about ourselves. Mix it up more with track previews in the future.
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 She is showing us not only whats inside the tape. But also whats outside the tape. Ben, take notes!
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 looks like a completely different course in the dry... you go aimi!
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 Look at the time Big Grin
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 Let the girl ride! Good job, Aimi "Send it!" Kenyon!
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 Amazing to see, well done Aimi!
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 You where great girl! Keep doing it.
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 That was awesome! Thanks Aimi!
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 Awesome track preview.. Good work Aimi!! It looks pretty sick track..
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 Skillz, go girl.
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 Nicely done Aimi!
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 Looks like this track was built for Amaury he will assimilate And take the overall in Italy
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 I liked it! nice job
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 man that track looks steep! I can't imagine it at race speed, terrifying.
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 Love the Huck noises 3 it's a beaut!
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 Good work! You got it, good luck!
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 That was an awesome preview, step aside Ben. And great run AK!!
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 Sent the road gap like a boss!
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 Way to go....fine work on the preview!
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 I'm humbled.
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 Great work!
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 The track is tape only.
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