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Video: The Corner That Decided Lourdes (Maybe) - Story of the Race with Ben Cathro

Mar 28, 2022 at 4:35
by Pinkbike Originals  

Ben recaps an incredible 1st round of racing in France, giving you a little insight into some details you may have missed from the weekend.

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 It’s almost hard to understand how rad this racing is! The drama! The build up! It’s absolutely amazing! And I unfortunately fear when it isn’t in Red Bull’s hands anymore.
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 Definitely WELL into the DH Cup this year, agreed its got real energy and a vast array of names new and old of which we can see behind the scenes from their own Vlogs etc, long may it continue!
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 Still scratched my head HTH they were completely missing the scale and spectacularly with some unfortunate camera points they chosed....
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 @PauRexs: they always do miss the best camera locations.
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 @ColquhounerHooner: wondering if on purpose for leaving some studf for independent filmakers...
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 Amaury is ragged and raw power, Loris is more calculated. Both insanely fast. Not sure it makes sense to say Loris could have won without that crash.... I mean... he crashed right ? Anyway, I don't care these french riders are peaked right now and it is bloody amazing ! Fin for the win though, this kid has paid his dues and is riding within himself and absurdly fast. Jackson ?!??!?!?! wtf speed. imagine another year under his belt, body continues to grow and get stronger, another off season training with Fin in the sea to sky. A whole other host of fast canadian juniors on the rise... me thinking France vs Canada for the DH of nations title in 2023 ! lezzz go !!!
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 You could make the same argument in Amaury's favour that he would've won by a bigger margin if he hadn't had that moment at the top.
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You could argue if postman pat wasn’t delivering letter he would have won
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 @Swr1737: I'm not sure if he'd have got the outright win, but for sure he would've posted the fastest time in the elite mails category.
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 @commental: unless his cat got in the way. Then the summary would be Jess blew it.
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 Pierron was above everyone, he won while he made a mistake and lost something like 3 seconds, and the mistake was at the top, meaning he managed to re focus and find his rythm back!
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 @andrewbmxmtb: Postman pat, Postman pat,
Postman pat ran over his cat,
All its guts went flying,
Pat was really crying,
Pat will never drink and drive again.
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 @andrewbmxmtb: underrated comment.
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 You need to apply to take over Rob Warners job!
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 I think the biggest story is that Amaury almost wrecked and nearly stopped about 1/3 of the way into his run and still won by a second.
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 Wrecked the day before... also he couldn't even walk he said.
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 @PauRexs: This winning run is brought to you by loads of pain killers! Wink
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 Cathro analysis is so calming. Love it !
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 Timestamp on the RedBull Replay for this slide-out is 1:33:25 for anyone wanting to relive it.
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 Thanks! It's so unfortunate that they have to talk about a race moment without ever showing it because rights for the race footage is so unnecessarily strict.
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 @Rudy2455: Yeah it's weird - YouTubers are allowed to clip bits of movies for reviews as it's 'fair use', but this? Crazy.
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 Nice to see Jackson's race run going down better with the fans than his run with the vomit cam.
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 Jackson Goldstone is just crushing it. The elites have to be a little nervous witnessing his dominance.
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 He's still small too. I think he'll be even faster in a few years once he packs on some muscle.
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 I thought it looked like Greg Minnaar punctured in the rocks up top. Front wheel went into a compression and a puff of dust or sealant (?) appeared where the tyre touched down. Must have sealed up alright, though.
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 Yep noticed that as well... but even if it sealed (which I think it did), you lose a good amount of pressure when you burp like that. At this level, he definitely would have noticed the difference in support and traction... then it's in your head... confidence goes down as well.
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 If pink bike isn't already doing it, they need to do a piece on how/why France is absolutely crushing the scene right now. From the ground up - what have they done to support the sport
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 Maybe just a series on the countries that are dominating the sport and why, and the upcoming countries (if any)?
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 Ben is the king
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 Surprised he didn’t talk about Kade Edwards making a double out of finish berms, what a boy, didn’t see any other rider doing that one? Legend
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 Anyone know who #156 is at 4:33? Dude looks full old school. Would love to know how hes making it happen
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 according to 'roots and rain' its Lithuania's own Albertas Turba. DNS
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 @fingerbangextreme: that website is a trip and a half. The sheer volume of shit on there blows me away lol
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 @fingerbangextreme: how did he get the points though? who knows though he might be real fast
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 i meant no insult. i dig what that guy is about and his old school set up! lots of respect for it
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 Well Ben, I’ll oppose your theory. The easiest comparison is with Finn because they were pretty much dead even at split 2. After the fall, Finn was up by 3.988 (int 3), up by 4.352 at int 4 and up by 4.567 at the finish. So dead even at int 2 and Finn was faster in int 4 and 5. Amaury was ahead of Finn by only 6/100’s at split 4 but 8/10ths at the finish. The race was won in interval 5. What happened there? See you in Fort William!!
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 Q - When was the last time the top 4 didn't ride Maxxis (in the mens) or didn't win either elite mens or womens? Epic race, bring on Fort William.
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 Go Jackson G. Huge Props from Cathro.
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 would have been interested to see what rag dolled Gwin face first into the dirt...
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 Pierron is first, despite a hudge mistake that can be seen on his Gopro footage. He was on a different pace, no question of line choice.
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 Ben, Nice sweater.
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 A month and a half until the next WC! So stupid just add some more races for a change!!
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 I am still fairly new to watching racing and I great appreciate Ben's breakdowns.
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 Always a great breakdown from Ben!!

Although, I do have to ask, why is Ben wearing a cardigan around his neck?
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 danny hart, just sayin, he's the man
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 @dbonline Without a doubt, he is a spectacular Pilot, and you always have to take him into account. Greetings.
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 Fix that shoulder Benny! Try you again next race!
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 I'm sure I saw Cathro riding his bike at some point ?
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 Gutted Cathro missed out but won with the great beakdown as always
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 Loris is gotta be the number one pic this year, if he can stay on his bike he’ll beat Amaury and Loic.

So happy down hill racing is back
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 I was thinking the same about Daprela... but maybe not. I got up early to watch the live stream and am glad I did. Great racing
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 A Cathrostophic outcome
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