Video: Ben Cathro's Snowshoe World Cup DH Course Preview

Sep 13, 2021 at 12:56
by Pinkbike Originals  

The Snowshoe World Cup DH track is filled with huge gaps and gnarly rock gardens that are waiting to make or break a race run. Join Ben Cathro as he takes a run down and tries to make sense of it all.

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 "I'm not a jumper" - you seemed to do an above-average job of steezily landing those massive jumps!
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 Impressive stuff - talking through the lines whilst maintaining light speed in those punishing, bike eating rock gardens ... ... R E S P E C T .... Very best wishes for qualifying ...
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 Hot damn that looks gnarly
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 Don't worry, only half the track is rock garden....the other half is off the ground.
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 Come on Ben you've two goes at this, you were bloody close last time lets see you qualify for both of these!

No pressure by the way Smile
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 I love these...Cathro has the right mix of down to earth explanations with elite level makes it seem like you could do it and then you snap out of your head and gaps, those rocks...maybe not
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 I see parallels with Cathro and Chris Harris from Top Gear. Harris was a charismatic car magazine journalist for many years. His popularity grew when he increasingly appeared on Youtube. As his fan base grew he caught the attention of the BBC. This culminated in him being thrust into the Top Gear lime light and he's practically a house hold name now. I reckon that Cathro will follow a smilier trajectory. He's easy on the ear with a clear (universally appealing) accent, annoyingly likeable and is incredibly passionate about the sport. His knowledge around biking and the culture is immense too. Watch this man soar like an eagle .....
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 Where does he go from here? Tour de France coverage on Eurosport? Because the only rung I can see being higher on the DH ladder is Rob Warner's role.
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 Couldn't agree more. I think he may have found his career calling late too. We all hope that he qualifies for one of these 2 races. We need a Levy meets Cathro coaching series on PB. Would be gold.
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 Cathro over Harris any day, and not just because I don't really have much interest in cars
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 Damn, the man is haulin'
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 I don’t think I’ve realised before how gnarly this track is, big jumps, long rock gardens taken at some serious speed.

Nice preview!
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 If you want to improve your breaking technique Ben Cathro has some great videos.
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 What has he broken?
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 @beermtb: our tiny, tiny hearts
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 Breaking technique?? Well he broke his neck....

But his braking technique videos ... are great.
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 Coooosh Cores
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 Salute Thanks for posting.
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flag Daniel412206 (Sep 13, 2021 at 13:34) (Below Threshold)
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 @Daniel412206: Explain yourself
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flag Daniel412206 (Sep 13, 2021 at 13:40) (Below Threshold)
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 @Daniel412206: Give it a shot
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flag Daniel412206 (Sep 13, 2021 at 13:43) (Below Threshold)
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 @Daniel412206: wHo HuRt YoU bRo
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flag Daniel412206 (Sep 13, 2021 at 13:55) (Below Threshold)
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 Daniel is not a Yes man.
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 @JungleT: I think you might be on to something
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 @bencathro: Railing serious eastern US gnar and stating so matter of factly in a Scottish accent “I don’t know I’m not from around here.” Gave me a chuckle. The locals definitely don’t sound like you Ben.
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 Cmon Pinkbike time to step up Cathro’s support! Only one set of wheels? Finn Iles has three sets, one for practice, one for qualifying and one set specially greased up for speed on the race run.
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 be sick to see ben Qualify after coming so close last time round!
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 Man, that's some fun, it's times like this I miss living out there, trees changing, lots of rocks and roots, so beautiful.
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 Thought Wyn was taking the piss about the tree jump, but it's actually on the course. Superb.
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 "not too difficult ... it's just really, REALLY rough on the hands" - classic Hair Ball comment !
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 Having Cathro and (EWS's) Dan Wolfe actually in the races they're covering is just really cool. You can see the level of insight that Cathro is giving now has just stepped up that much more. It's great.
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 Those rock gardens look ganky to say least so Yes you can pick a line in the dry,
But for second race looks like it will be wet & slimy
HOW can anyone predict what rock will send you off line?
MUCH respect to any one able to get though that stuff !
Cathro top 60!
Cathro top 60!
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 Congratulations Ben - 44th and qualified. Stoked.
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 He is really riding at WC level. These reviews have so much quality compared previous years "käääk, öööhh, there is a cat,..." reviews.
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 Jesus and I though Fort William was rocky
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 My wife and I too thought Ft William was very rocky Smile
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 Rooting for you Ben!
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 The soothing sound of Cathro's voice always makes me want to go shower using Irish Spring for some reason
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 Or eat haggis? He’s Scottish.
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 @id-w: I wouldn't shower using haggis. While slightly abrasive and moisturising it would cling to the armpits like a pig in shit
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 @id-w: Well I can't rename the soap Scottish Spring so it's going to have to be Irish
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 Love Ben's previews on track and still talking us thru it while ridng! Mint... Also, please thank your wheels for taking one for the team on this course preview.
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 Good luck Cathro! First thing i check when the qual results are up is where you finished. Always with fingers crossed that you crushed it. Go hard big fella
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44th - 10 seconds down on no1.

That’s a half a second a corner to reel in ... it’s the lines Ben, the L I N E S .... and you know them better than most ....
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 Very impressive to walk us through that in real time first go. Find every inch of speed and you'll be in the show this go!
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 I've ridden the lower half of the course (although it's been a few years) and the speed is unreal Ben. You're a monster.
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 @bencathro: Loving the commentary during your course preview. I noticed you went back to the reserve wheels from the atlas you had I believe last season or early this season. Any particular reason?
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 Awesome commentary as always. The rock drops had me puckering...
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 Good God. How do you sound so calm and collected haha?
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 I would hate to think what it would be like to crash heavily in that rock garden. I look forward to racing.
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 Mans actually so speedy
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 Cathro is on pace even in his course preview
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 He's such a fun to listen and watch. Very good preview from Mr. Cathro again! Love this content!
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 Im jealous of how quiet his bike is
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 so odd to not see the Road Gap there in the first 500 yards...
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 When buying a round Cathro gets the whiskey, and I'm sure not a shit one. Levy and Kaz would go seltzer/cider...
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 Only 3 sections of true east coast chunk AND they removed the whale tail?! This is not a true representation of the Appalachians.
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 Agreed. I didn't see a pain pill mill anywhere in sight.
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 Awesome Ben! Sick ripping bud!
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 Great review big man, can't wait for racing!
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 The "silly steep" @ 2:48 made me chuckle
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 Bonanza Ben! You got this.
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 Fantastic job on this Ben!
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 I like all Cathro content. Good stuff.
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 That section at 2:43 looks so gnarly in person. Camera makes it look tame
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 are those ninja turtles?
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 Good one!
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 They’re all corrupted.
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