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Video: Canadian Open Finals Highlights in Slow Motion

Jul 24, 2023 at 9:04
by Pinkbike Originals  

The big day is here and racers are giving it their all on Whistler's 1199 DH race track. With loads of loose dirt, big rocks and steep chutes no bike is safe. We captured all the hard hitting action in slow motion.

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 Jakob Jewett fellow with the sick rock transfer gap... was anyone else hitting that?
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 that was sick!
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 nope. this is why I watched this clip. it was a difference maker
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 I think Mark Wallace (2nd place) took the same line, but just stayed low and didn't jump as far
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 Not that I saw. That was so unreal.
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 @snomaster: crazy! I wish they had it in even-slower motion here. First time that’s ever been said on pb.
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 @vesania: Wallace’s line on this section is one of the last clips in the video. Skipped across below the big rock and had to square off the end of that right hander as a result. Jewett popping up and over that rock allowed him to open the corner way more and carry way more exit speed. He was still like a second back at this point and clawed back some time here!
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 Listening to Rob and Elliot just makes me so gutted they're not on worlds. Can't we vote or something to bring them back.
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 Uuugh I forgot. In the US I think I need to watch it on flobikes or something? Last time the commentator left his mic on, complained about being there, and just wanted them to send the fastest riders first so he could go home.
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 This was a good reminder that the gcn+ finals broadcast is actually pretty good content, but Rob is a treasure.

A true gem for that super loose Canadian racer in the t-shirt
“What the hell is he doing?! Someone get this man down the mountain in one piece!”
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 I could've easily provided a full run pov in slow-mo. What a track!
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 OMG the Loam looks fantastic!!! Can anyone imagine the this track in the spring or fall? In the wet! Whole different ballgame. Well done all the builders over the years. My question is, should track continue to the base at creekside? As long as a minute could be added, make it all fast sweepers in full view of the bottom.
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 Track would likely be too long then, would add another ~30s maybe a minute to an already demanding track. Feel like most the UCI tracks are around the 3 minute mark
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 where the finish is there, they already have the timing system built into the ground from the Olympics.
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 @cmartin575: Fort Bill is over 4 and half mins so def wouldn't be a first.
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 @cmartin575: Mont St Anne is longer and some would say the most demanding of all courses. IMO Whistler has the vertical and terrain to test the best.
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 What happened to Finn Iles??
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 Crashed in practice and hurt his hand according to a comment elsewhere.
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 @pisgahgnar: Ooof, hope he's OK for world champs.
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 The speed they carry into an through the tech sections on this course is nuts.
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 Would have loved to see the end of that case at 1:38
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 does anyone know why the junior races were not shown and why the juniors were not allowed to ride the big drop or drops? the junior runs are shown on the wc and as far as i understand the juniors race the same track on the wc.
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 U19 did the full course. U17 & u15 did the ride arounds. And different broadcasters for World Cup. Red Bull has never shown the juniors
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 Great video. Could have done without the hideous sound track. Mute is your friend.
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