Video: The Final Chapter - Pinkbike Racing S2E5

Dec 11, 2023 at 15:51
by Pinkbike Originals  

Ben Cathro: The Final Chapter
Pinkbike Racing Season 2 Episode 5

Pinkbike Racing is synonymous with Ben Cathro. The team seemed like a natural evolution of his Privateer efforts and has managed to encapsulate so many of the good things about World Cup racing - the camaraderie, the dedication, the love for the sport and the willingness to push past comfort and safety in the hope of achieving a lifelong goal. Sometimes we forget that underneath the helmet is a human, with a full complement of emotions. Here Ben takes us through a season that has challenged him in every way possible, and he does so with incredible bravery and candor.

Cathro making it look effortless.

Just because the racing stops doesn't mean the work stops.

The full package, ladies and gentlemen.


We're incredibly grateful to these sponsors who have embraced this project and the goal of the team. Pinkbike Racing's 2023 partners are:

Continental - Tires
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Shimano - Drivetrain & brakes
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Reserve - Wheels
Manitou - Suspension
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Pinkbike Racing 2023

Photography: Jack Tennyson
Video: Sleeper Co

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 This is the end of the pinkbike racing series and of my racing career in its current form. I don’t actually know what the future holds for me racing wise as I work through solving my problems.

I’m hoping I come out the other side of my treatment with the ability to plan, organise and commit on my plans to a satisfactory level while putting minimal stress on the lives of everyone around me.

Thank you for supporting me through the past few years and I look forward to making loads more videos here on Pinkbike in the future. 3
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 We Love Ya Man! Thanks for being real and being an inspiration to all MTBer's
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 Thanks for showing up for young riders, and thanks for being real!
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 You are an inspiration to us all and thank you for bring us this amazing insight to racing. Take all the help you can get - it can only be good for you and everyone around you. Hope to see you again on the trails sometime soon.
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 Amazing for you to share this. Thanks Ben. All the love to you. ❤️
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 f*ck racing, just ride your bike! Maybe you need to discover the true essence of Freeriding? Hint, it's not Rampage, haha!
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 I Wish you nothing but the best!
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 @ben-cathro you and your series has been on of the best things on Pinkbike for a few years now. Almost all of PB'ers are on wishing you nothing but the best results on your struggles and look forward to seeing you on two wheels in some form long into the future. Rubber side down!
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 First: Thank you! Thank you for your honestly, your amazing work, and the incredible joy and fun you've brought to the world by documenting this endeavor. It's really special.

Second: ADHD is rough but there is an amazing community out there that can help!

If you haven't listened to this I'd highly recommend it:

It's a podcast called Ologies and this specific one is with one of the leading ADHD docs. It's also really entertaining (and therefore easy to listen to!) It's a great thing to send to friends and family as well if they have questions or need some education.

Can't wait to see what you get up to next!
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 Absolutely love you Ben and everything you do. Your journey has been inspirational. Your how to ride series has helped me and so many others learn the pure joy of riding a bike and I will be forever greatful to you for it! Thank you so so much and I can't wait to see what you do next!
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 Thank you Ben. Your content is excellent. You set a new benchmark with PBR. 3
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 The whole mtb community loves you big man. The various content (hate that word) you’ve made over the last few years has been amazing. You have a real gift for explaining complex race craft and techniques and making them understandable. You’re a legend to us all, whether this year didn’t go ‘to plan’ or you’d top 10ed every race. Doesn’t matter to us. Excited for what you do next when you’re ready…
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 Hey Ben, just wanted to thank you, and tell you that what you feel and think is valid and important and as you can see from the feedback here, you brought a lot not only to the persons involved in PB racing but also for us, your anonymous internet supporters.
I've fortunately been diagnosed with uncured adhd this year (38yo), after quite a big head accident I finally surrended to what i feel..
and living with undiagnosed adhd brings a lot of coping mechanisms, some better some worse but usually end up with depression and immense frustration. The diagnosis feel strange because all the 'what if's come to your mind, and you beautifully described it in this episode. We love you, and you're good, I suppose for half of mtb'ers population, biking is a theraphy form, where they can find flow and state of peace Wink
Take your meds, and keep going, at your own pace. You've already achieved man.
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 I think it's easy to be at a world-level competitive event, see these people who are putting it together to compete at the highest level and think "I have the skills, I just need to train harder". And while I agree that Ben has the skill on a bike, I think it's important to remind yourself that these people are not the norm, and that not being able to drive yourself to train at that level isn't necessarily a sign of failure.

That said, if you WANT that, and you've identified things you can do to move in that direction while still feeling happy and motivated with the process, then by all means.

From a fan's perspective, I feel like Ben has brought as much to world cup racing as some of the top podium contenders over the past few years - if not more. That requires a certain kind of talent of its own.
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 Ben, mate! You are an absolute legend...... You are loved and so respected, on and off the bike. Thanks for being you, and thanks for being real. You are an inspiration to so many. You'll be back, this I know for sure. Take your time, it's not a race, save that for between the tape!
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 Pinkbike Racing has been (by a long way) the most enjoyable thing that Pinkbike has produced. Thank you, and massive respect to all involved.
Really looking forward to seeing your next project(s) Ben (and, whatever you do I hope that will involve more World Cup trackside analysis).
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 You give it all you got and thats enough. I've had ADHD my whole life and it prevents me from doing many basic tasks. But it can also be a gift, especially seen in your great analysis videos. Keep it fun!
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 I don't want to say that it was obvious all along that you had ADHD, but I was kind of suspicious. It's what makes you genuine and interesting to watch. You just have too much passion for everything you do and at some point, you begin to get spread too thin. Personally though, even though I'm sure you're struggling, I hope you don't change a bit. Maybe just learn to manage things a bit better and please for the love of god don't start taking medication. Keep being the Ben we all love and know, ADHD and all.
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 @ben-cathro Thanks for a being a genuine inspiration to all MTBers around the globe. For all you've done for the MTB & Pinkbike community I think I'm safe to say....

Ben Cathro... We salute you.

Now go ride your damm bike!

p.s.... then again... there's also the e-mtb enduro series .... you know... just saying Wink 3
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 Thank you for sharing this with us. I think one thing that is incredibly obvious is that you are a kind and genuine human being. Never lose sight of that. We all have our things we need to work on and things we feel like we fell short of. Just don't beat yourself up about it. Not worth your time and the things you think of as your weaknesses are a pale comparison to your innate ability to connect with people through your personality. You all have done something remarkable with this series - you've shown the humans behind the amazing riding that happens at the World Cup level. Even though the vast majority of us who comment here will never ride like you, you've made this relatable while also illustrating just how incredibly difficult it is. Thank you and all who worked on this series for genuine, amazing, and inspiring content.
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flag cgorman208 (Dec 13, 2023 at 17:45) (Below Threshold)
 you're over stimulated. don't drink caffeine and see how things go. the first action you do for the day sets the tone. so stay away from all electronics.
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 Wishing you a healthy and fun future! It’s been a pleasure watching your videos and even tho there’s no team, I look forward to seeing your content when you return and feel better! Thanks Ben!
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 Love your work and watching you ride. You have been an inspiration for me. Thank you!
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 You’ve been inspiring me since I saw photos of you on a pink Orange in like 2007. So sick! Excited to keep tuning in to your work. You’re still hot shit on a bike. Much love!
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 Thank you for being so open and vulnerable and expressing what you experience. So much of what you said in the last bit mirrors my own experience so closely. I'm going to seek out some resources and get some testing done, and I really thank you for speaking about this, you will have helped at least one person, and I'm certain there's many many more.
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 You're an inspiration to so many and it's really admirable what you have done for the young riders of PBR. I think it's safe the say the whole MTB community appreciates what you do and through your videos you have mentored more people than you could probably ever realise. All the best in your recovery and I look forward to seeing more videos from yourself in 2024!
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 All the best Ben, actually got a bit dusty watching that. Looking forward to all the 2024 videos already.
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 @ben-cathro you seem to be the nicest bloke in the MTB media, and my woulddrinkabeerwithhim-meter is out of scale. Never underestimate what you've achieved, regardless the actual racing results. You've helped and influenced so many, that you should always be proud of yourself.

Love 3
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flag PauRexs (Dec 14, 2023 at 2:55) (Below Threshold)
 Honestly Ben many of these diagnoses for ADHD are BS really... You don't have a problem... you're just superhuman for everything you achieved and accomplished all at once and it was unreal and too hard on you and you simply burn out a bit which is too super human... please don't fall into the trap of this pharmaceutical evil industry... just rest priorize your health and being, being keeping you with all your flaws and highs, we love you as you are and everything you brought to the table is already far beyond our expectations so no rush on you. truly recommend you mindfulness experiences and therapies aside from industry drugs... you are an alien a good one an they don't have the protocols or labels to recognize you... just shit drugs to standerize every one to the rat race... keep being YOU!
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 Having raced with Ben for a few years doing the Scottish Enduro Series, I can honestly say he is one of the nicest guys going. Always a simile, always time for others and an absolute wizard on a bicycle. It was always a pleasure to share a fireroad with him. I have enjoyed watching the PinkBike racing team journey but I did feel sad watching Ben come to terms with his ADHD diagnosis. Ben is a legend and what he has done on here has been amazing to see. Looking forward to seeing what's next for the big fella.
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 Good luck Ben and thank you for being you. What you and whole PBR delivered was just amazing.
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 Thanks for so much meaningful content. I really learnt a lot with your stuff.
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 Its been a fun series to watch. You're honesty and candor with your audience cannot have been easy but it was appreciated. While its hard to see something you have worked so hard for slip out of your grasp, its something that so many of us have to deal with as we get older, gain more commitments outside of bikes and have injuries stack up against us and I suspect you'll be able to grow from this. I wish you all the best in you upcoming treatments to try to take ahold of your own mind, and look forward to any content you see fit to make (its always good stuff coming from you). Thank you for giving us all such an honest look into racing, riding, injury and recovery, and balancing our passions with our lives. Ride on, but lets keep the rubber side down for a while Wink
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 @PauRexs: FYI telling someone their clinical diagnosis is fake is not cool... just in case you wanted to try and be a better human.
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 What you have, had and will have is part of your life. It makes you who you are. And that's quite something! Everything bad also has something good. Who knows what it is. But it's fun to make something out of everything that comes your way - preferably something beautiful.
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 You had the courage to follow your dreams no matter the results. Most people don't even try because they're too afraid. The important things were the journey, experiences, memories, lessons learned ,and all the people you influenced. I am grateful for your tutorials, which made me a better rider. You touched more people than you will ever know.
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 Hey Ben, long time fan here (pre Pinkbike), big thanks for making the Pinkbike Racing vibes so epic! Your passion and skills make every episode super rad. The final chapter was pure courage and openness. This is bigger inspiration than any rad MTB vid, this is life inspiration!
Can't wait for whatever you share with the MTB community next! But, take the time to do you and your family first.
Keep shredding dude!
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 All the best to you, Ben! This has been thoroughly enjoyable.
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 Hi Ben so much respect to you and how hard you work for what you want! I feel your pain! The work you do for this team is very admirable. I recently watched a Youtube video about brain health on this subject plus others and how there is the help out there to help get your mind in check! Have a look at Dr Daniel Amen and the work he does on this subject, it might just change your whole way of life! I wish the all the best in your future! Keep shredding
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flag PauRexs (Dec 14, 2023 at 9:23) (Below Threshold)
 @ridedigrepeat: it's long been known that the diagnosis of ADHD is very controversial... it's so clear with Ben cause it's impossible he would manage to do so many things if he truly would have significant ADHD... he is even beyond the average on focusing and achieving... he just proved in front of many eyes... but of course we always want more and we all got distracted bu the addicting algorithms from the social networks...
who wouldn't get a burn out dealing with all he thrown on his shoulders?
To hear he might under go to some drugs for 'treatment' it's scary knowing what this drugs can unbalance your natural chemistry forever... and we do really appreciate this guy right?
Many of the doctors and academical nowadays are just indoctrinated puppets from this evil industry which is looking only for sick ppl/customers not 'healthy never take pills' ones...
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 Cathro, I have watched your videos for years now, I have followed your career for years, and due to your openness and authenticity, I've followed pieces of your life for years. I've never met you, you have no clue who I am, but I gotta tell you, I'm rooting for you. From one dad who barely races bikes in a mediocre way in California, I truly wish the best for you and your family. I'm selfishly wanting you to continue on this journey, but in reality you've opened yourself up to us so much, it's unreasonable to expect more. From the bottom of my heart, I wish you all the good things. If you're ever in my neighborhood, I will 100% buy you a beer (or your beverage of choice). Good on you for opening yourself up to the mountain bike world for the last two years (and really years before that too).
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 Anyone with ADHD (Like myself) could tell you likely had it from watching you. It is frustrating to feel all those feelings you expressed in the video. I and two of my daughters know how you feel. But it does not define you and should not be the end of anything. Life is a journey, you take different paths than others because you are neurodivergent. You have probably been able to accomplish many things BECAUSE you had ADHD and thought of things others didn't. Don't give up, figure out a regime of meds and/or exercise or whatever that works for you and keep on shredding and making awesome content for us slow pokes.

Keep up the good work and cheer up. I have ADHD for 50 years and I am fully productive, but annoying adult.
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flag PauRexs (Dec 14, 2023 at 12:48) (Below Threshold)
 @MrFrumble: "Neurodivergent isn’t a medical term. Instead, it’s a way to describe people using words other than “normal” and “abnormal.” That’s important because there’s no single definition of “normal” for how the human brain works"
For me is nuts to diagnose as mentally ill and medicate one of proved most outstanding minds in DH content, hope he checks it with more specialists...
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 Much love and support! You aren't alone in this challenge. I still struggle with it at 57.
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 You will come out the other side, where that side is may just be uncertain for now but wherever it is I’m sure you’ll just be getting on with it as per usual. Much respect for your honesty and in turn openness, we all look forward for your next side
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 @ben-cathro As someone who experienced similar struggles and sought professional help at 30, I empathize with you, if not because I share a lot of similar experiences (not WC racing, feeling like you're giving as much effort as you can but wasting it spinning your wheels.... metaphorically and occasionally literally), but also because it's opened up the other side to my own consciousness. Know that it's not an anchor around your neck, nor is it your fault or a result of your failures or weakness. You've done nothing wrong, psychology is inherently personal and difficult to comprehend normality and you shouldn't reflect back poorly that you couldn't do this or that, or figure it out sooner. You figured it out at the right time for you, and that's that.

There's an old saying I tell myself when I look back at my own life wondering what could have been, which is a poisonous way of looking at life: "The best time to plant a tree is 50 years ago. The second best time is today."

You now know something to help you move forward in life. Don't wear it as an anchor around your neck. I wish you the best in life and in finding happiness. Good luck and make sure you use every resource available to you to improve in ways that are constructive to your life and goals: counseling/therapy, CBT, DBT (this is a good way of dealing with guilt/mourning of what could have been), and be honest with yourself and how you're feeling. And if you choose to use medication make sure you are honest and comprehensive with your doctors to find the right solution for you. Best of luck in your future endeavors!
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 So much to thank you for! The video series and team, all the other content, but also just your openness and honesty here. It takes a brave individual to open up and is a lot more difficult than taking the starting line of a DH race, regardless of level. Give yourself some grace. Don't be too hard on yourself. We are all imperfect. Move forward toward those goals you've expressed! You will get there! Cheers to you and to Pinkbike Racing!
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 It’s obvious that you don’t owe us Pinkers anything, as you have given us all so much over the years. It’s now time to think of yourself. If at some point you have something you want to put out we will all be here, and I’m confident all the mtb sponsors out there know this, but when it suits you; no-one else.
Cheers Ben
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 Mad respect. Love your work.
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 @PauRexs: with respect, you’ve fallen into the “the less you know the more you think you know” trap. Please educate yourself before commenting on a condition it’s quite clear you know nothing about. Just because someone looks to be successful doesn’t mean they are not struggling, it’s often a very internalised condition.

Also, Medication is a personal choice and no one should ever try to convince someone either way (especially a stranger on the internet).
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 @mattyb84: yeah I understand your position and I understand my arrogance... just for your knowing I did the tests si I know something about I dived deep into the question to realize the bullshit and opportunism around it...

of course I am an stranger arrogant on internet that prefers to be arrogant and un polite with my strong opinions if those can open a chance to reconsider for those who are on taking a medication that can change you and unbalance your natural chemistry forever
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 Thanks for all the entertainment, information and inspiration... You big tall beauty!
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 @ben-cathro late reply but almost every other racer only has one job to focus on... racing their bike and training/practice so they can get faster. You've had so many other responsibilities and pressures, it's amazing you even have time to race, let alone do all the prep stuff to be able to race competitively. So don't beat yourself up. :-) I hope you have the opportunity and support to just focus on racing, if you still want to give it a shot. Otherwise I hope you find joy and satisfaction in whatever else you do. I've loved your How to Bike vids btw, you're great at explaining how to ride a bike better and faster, without the misdirection of some other teachers.
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 @PauRexs: @PauRexs: With all due respect, go F*&k yourself, Paul. Yes, we are all special snowflakes that are completely unique. However, neurodivergent is a term that lets all of us that are on the opposite ends of the bell curve feel heard and seen. If you don't fit into the skinny bits at either end of that curve your opinion doesn't mean much to the rest of us. Telling @ben-cathro to keep searching for a diagnosis that isn't the one he has already received is misplaced and damaging.. Feel free to keep your opinions to yourself in the future.
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 Ben, it’s got a bit dusty in here.

I really want to say just stay positive. You’ve given so much more than an average racer does to the MTB community.

Try to focus on all the good things you’ve achieved without knowing about your ADHD - set up your own coaching business, started a WC video series, got picked up by Pinkbike to take that to another level, Pinkbike Racing, cool How To Bike videos.
And then there’s the even better things; getting married, becoming a Dad and learning more about yourself as you’ve grown.

It may not feel like it now but you’ve been living the dream. Just not the one you thought you would.

Give yourself a high five big fella, you’ve earned it.
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 This^^^^^ as someone living with ADHD I can tell you, you are most certainly your biggest critic. You have accomplished so much and doing all while just being you! I hope you find this diagnosis isn’t as bad as you think and can fond some positives as well. You’re an intelligent, well spoken and driven person, unfortunately if you can retain that drive ( which I fear you won’t on medication) you never fell satisfied because you always want more! At least that’s how it is in my case, I just have to remember to take time to live in the present & appreciate things properly. Good luck, Lad. You got this!
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 Was an honour and a privilege to make two series of Pinkbike Racing. Cheers for watching everyone. Also I have Ben a big hug after that interview.
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 Amazing job, well done
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 Personally- i love how real all the vid/racers are- too often in the media life looks so easy, and you just try and you'll get what you want... Results are not a reflection of effort. Thanks for showing the real side of racing. I'd bet most of us on here who keep up with races/events WERE at one time hopping to be the next big thing. The hardest part is accepting the reality we are not going to crack the top 10 this year, or maybe ever. Thank you for showing all your dreams and imperfections- Big Respect!
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 I also feel that Ben having produced and delivered such great content over the past couple years sets the expectation that everything going forward will be a home run. The pressure of racing by itself can be intense, adding race team management and content creation is enough to burn anybody out. There is a lot self imposed pressure to be perfect and the quest for perfection can take the fun out of it. That's when you need to take a step back and look at the big picture... It is okay just to be yourself and focus on the things that you enjoy and make you happy, that is when you perform your best.
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 After struggling through high school, I was diagnosed with ADHD my freshman year of college (nearly 20 years ago). After starting the prescribed medication, I had a terrible time trying to sleep, and ditched it after a few weeks.

While I've been lucky enough to lead a happy, fulfilling life since then, my professional aspirations have absolutely been curtailed by my ADHD symptoms, and I'm constantly plagued with a feeling that I've never lived up to my potential.

Watching this has reminded me that there is potential help out there, and I think I'm going to talk to my doctor and see what's available these days. Thanks for being so honest and vulnerable, @ben-cathro, and I'll be cheering hard for you.
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 The meds available today are pretty dang good. As someone who was diagnosed in his 30's I have been on and off the meds and I can say its better on, and I get plenty of sleep and eat lunch every day. Talk to your Dr. its worth a chat. I have the same feelings of not living up to my potential but try to let go of that and do the best I can and accept what isn't going to work for me.
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 @Kiltymac: Having gone through this with a child and watching many go through this as an educator, getting the correct meds at the correct dose is worth pursuing. Unfortunately, there is some trial and error though.
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 That's it, that is what matters. Note to myself, and possibly for everyone out there who is ashamed of showing feelings, of how you think others look at you when you have a down time.. I don't think it can go wrong if you do open up. Well done, Ben and the whole team!
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 Good god why did nobody give you a hug at 23:30? I just want you to know that I immensely appreciate your honesty that you always show, ever since I first stumbled upon you in the early days of Inside the Tape. In todays world of so much fake bling and show I really cherish people like you. Feel yourself hugged and I am patiently waiting for your return, however that may look like, and wont be upset if you leave it here - you and your crew blessed us till this day with more than I could ask for!
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 What the whole Pinkbike Racing crew have accomplished here is phenomenal. I've been pretty checked out of the DH scene for the past few years and this series sucked me right back in. All the best to you Ben - can't wait to see what you bring us next.
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 Ben, a big thanks goes to you and the entire PinkBike Racing team. This year's series captures the essence of racing in a genuine and candid manor, which is something we typically don't get to see. Thank you so much for sharing this, truly inspiring stuff.
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54 y/o dad here who started riding a little over a year ago. I can not tell you how much your videos and this series has inspired me.

Prayed for you and your family as I rode my stationary bike watching tonight.

Trying to get better myself and ride more like you!

Kindest regards.
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 is Pinkbike Racing not coming back next year?!?!?!?
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 I've heard Levy and Henry are looking to take down Nino...
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 Huge props to all the sponsors that made this series happen. I bet for some of them it was a real gamble. If I were a sponsor, I'd be chomping at the bit to be a part of this team if it happens in some form or another in the future.
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 This series was so good. Well done Ben and everyone involved. I hope Pinkbike brings you all back for another season. Thanks!
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 Great series Ben. I think many who have seen you at the races for a long time would recognise the ADHD and Asperger's too in you.
It's what makes your content different, more fun, more analytical and makes you laugh and smile. Embrace it, it's not a disease that can be cured it's just who you are and it's what makes you, you .
Being married to someone on the spectrum (not like I am normal, way worse, but all engineers are) who has ADHD, teaches nursery kids and is a fitness instructor, life is amazing, I wouldn't change 1 thing about her, hyper focused on some things to scatter and disorganised on others, it's what makes her, her and without that she would just be another clone of what we are told is normal. Everyone says she should never change, and she should never change.
The Ben Cathro of prior to diagnosis is the same Ben Cathro afterwards, maybe they will dose you with caffeine and some legalised speed (if you remember Ally Simpson that raced for the Steve Peat syndicate buy in team, amazing physio and his brain was aligned with both).
Keep up the good work and being real.
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 Best dude in MTB. Wishing you all the best going forward with your ADHD diagnosis @ben-cathro. I've been going through the same thing at 37 and although a total clusterf*ck to wrap my head around, ultimately (I think) it's better knowing than not.
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 Stuck in the mud. Especially after injuries. Mountain biking is a sport where passion is shelved when injuries happen. We change, we age, we ache, but the passion doesn't. Ben, your passion is still very much alive and it's infectious! Thank you for sharing it.
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 So brave of you to talk about neurodivergence in such a vulnerable way! Best of luck on your journey and I look forward to continuing to see you on PB. Thanks for creating some of the cooler content on the MTB internet.
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 Thanks @ben-cathro & thanks all you pbers giving tips on adhd. I'm 48 now and got to realize i got adhd this year. Feels good to know it is not "my fault" and that there is an explanation for so much. But feels horrible on the other side, that it's me beeing "just not normal".
Even dunno if it would be cool, to wish ben to keep up the good work, because even if the results of his efforts are magnificent (what we see), it may be horrible for him to do all the brillant stuff. I wish the best progress to understanding himself and dealing with adhd.
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 Kudos to Ben and the whole PBR team. It was such an amazing window into the world cup world that I don't think we would have gotten any other way. The project was a huge success on so many fronts and I have enjoyed cheering you folks on each weekend even if you weren't all always in the big show. Ben, despite not realizing your ultimate dream, you have accomplished so much and been able to make a living out of racing bikes which was no doubt a dream once too. If there is a lesson in the PBR story its that even if you won't be between the tapes your experience and knowledge can have a tremendous impact on young racers. I look forward to seeing you in videos on PB in the future and a PB racing podcast should be in your future even if its not recorded in a van.
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 Loved the honesty of this whole series, told through excellent production quality, following a crew of really likeable hard-working people! PB Racing for the win!
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 @ben-cathro you've accomplished so much. So much more than you think. Maybe you did not get the results you wanted in WC, but what everybody is talking about here in the comment section (how cool the insights you give are, how great the videos are, how inspiring...) this is what you've done, you've done it without knowing just being you, doing you.

ADHD is shit, yeah. You said "people got bigger problem and get around", that's backlashing and it's never a good idea to compare. Neuroatypical people are just so much more interesting, passionate, geeky, yeah sometimes it's a flaw, but once you understand thanks to psychologists, other neuroatypical person experience, you find your recipe and your way to make things works for you. You'll learn our boundaries. You'll learn so speak up for yourself.

It takes time.
I'm was born deaf, growing up in a hearing environment, I hear with hearing aids and cochlear most recently, I use Cued Speech. I knew from day 1 I was deaf, took me more than 15 years to be assertive, to understand my boundaries, to realize all the shit from valid people. It's a though journey but you'll learn so much.

Big love Ben, you're the hero MTB want. Mad props on these two years of PB racing and showing all the emotions. Not a lot of people do it.
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 The mountain bike community worldwide is lucky to have a bloke like you being part of it Ben. Thank you mate
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 You are an inspiration Ben! thank you for all you have done for mtb DH racing. You can be very very proud of what you have achieved. Few people get to do in their life what you have done so far. you lived the dream and it was your path to live it the way you did. All the best going forward, but if what you have achieved is any indication, the future looks even more promising!!
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 Ben thank you for delivering amazing content, Cathrovision to this, it's amazing. I struggle to get things done everyday, what you have achieved is nothing short of remarkable.
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 Thank you Ben, you're a hero, both for the joy and enrichment of mtbing you bring with your videos, incite and commentary, and for being such a brilliant, brave and honest bloke.

We're all lucky to have you making videos for us. Just be kind and patient with yourself. You've had a herculean task managing a team, making content, racing, recovering, dadding. All a bit much maybe? Go easy and do what you do best, enjoy riding!
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 This serise was the highlight of this years racing season. Approaching Earthed levels of excitement to watch each new video. The adhd stuff also happens to hit close to home. Should probably talk to my doctor..
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 Ben, I have full confidence you'll get this sorted out. Look at all you've contributed and accomplished in spite of what has been holding you back. Pretty phucking impressive if you ask me. Going forward - keep it simple. Don't multi-task yourself all over the place. Respect your limits and minimize distractions.

Just pick one and ONLY one thing to focus on. Set a goal for that thing. What are the steps you need to take to achieve that goal? Who do you need to enlist help from? Execute.

In the meantime, exercise, ride, and create a daily routine. Follow it, practice it.

Hope this helps!
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 You have been an inspiration good sir. Ride your bike if it makes you feel good, take a rest if it doesn't.. but above all it is time to focus on you and your family. The little ones grow up so fast, you don't want to miss a minute of it.
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 Ben you are an absolute legend. Racing world cup, managing a race team and crew, directing a film series, mentoring the riders and so much more. One of a kind guy. Wish you all the best.
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 Ben - be proud man, you are a true winner of your own race! A special one, but you are doing pretty damn amazing and being just as inspirational as any other idol. World is a lot better with you in it - just the way you are!
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Aside from all of the coaching/mentoring, thoughtful content, and ripping yourself, this may be your most important work. When you open up, especially as publicly as you have, you never know who you may reach and who may need to hear that. I commend your courage in doing that. Get the help you need, but please don't think that you are somehow a failure for not fitting the mold, and don't let the "help" that you get unintentionally take away from the many gifts and talents that you do have.
On a personal note, while I do not suffer from ADHD, I can say that I am very one sided and am really only good at one or two things. My wife, however very much suffers from ADHD and did not really discover it until she was an adult like yourself. She had a similar reckoning, which involved a lot of "what ifs". I will say that while she cannot focus on one very specific thing at a time as I do, she is able to have twenty metaphorical windows open at the same time (computer windows). She has found many ways to flourish in this way, as she can do so many things well. She has found a way to structure her day to day life in a way that plays to her strengths. She is also much more fun and uplifiting to be around and infinitely more creative and relates to people so much better than I. I definitely wouldn't look at yourself as having a weakness or a deficit. It's just a different hand of cards than some folks have been dealt and you can still succeed with that hand.
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 I was diagnosed this year after struggling so much after the birth of my daughter. I was very average at school and university, so wasn’t struggling, and just got missed. Everyone thinks ADHD is naughty boys at school, but it’s not. It’s literally as you describe it, inability to plan, inability to choose what stimulates you at any one moment, inability to remember what someone said to you 30 seconds ago. It’s why so many adults are realising thanks to the current awareness.

I will say this though. It’s one thing to think what could have been, but as someone diagnosed at 39, it’s better late then never. You can’t change it being missed for 35 years, but you can make the next 35 years so much better now.
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 Ben, the PB Racing series was awesome. The way you managed to bounce back from all the challenges and help some youg talent along the way was some of the best MTB content. I hope we'll see more of you soon. Have a great christmas with your family
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 Ben, you've accomplished an incredible amount despite your ADHD - I know you feel like you haven't met your own standards but the impact you've had on the sport has been massive. Looking forward to whatever is next for you! We'll all be here with you!
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 Cheers Pinkbike for letting Ben do this series. Cheers Ben, keep your wheels beneath you. Love your work.
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 Really felt this one - thanks for opening up Ben and PB for the wonderful series!
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 Ben, never stop being Ben, you are one of a kind and community needs you!
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 It's been a blast watching these videos (not to mention all your previous stuff!). And dude, Cathro, no matter what, you've cemented yourself as a mtb allstar!
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 Pink Bike Racing was by far the best biking content on the internet. It engaged me, who I'm ashamed to say was checked out of the DH scene for many years, and my whole family. Even those who could care less about bikes or racing were rooting for Ben and Aimi. I know 2024 will be a challenging year for all involved, and I understand the decision to cut the program. This is the one piece of biking content I would pay for. I'd gladly trade my Discovery subscription for an Outside+ to watch another season of PBR. Please bring it back as premium content and watch the subscribers roll in. My kids need to see there is hope for junior privateers at the World Cup level!
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 @ben-cathro Ben, thanks so much for sharing your experiences and making this team happen for the last 2 years. Its really easy to root for you, Aimi, Thibault, Wyatt, Jackson. I think PBR existing has been good for racing and really for the whole mtb community. The videos are by far the best world cup race coverage as well, i just love all the little things that you pick up on that everyone else misses or doesnt care about. Best wishes to you!
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 best wishes for the future Ben. Your content is my favorite thing on pinkbike, Think i might look into ADHD also as how you were describing the way you have struggled with different distractions when trying to focus on a single purpose was surprisingly similar to how i bimble through life, i too always prefer the underdog situation and would reference this often in a competitive situation. I am 45 now and have always found it difficult staying focused on anything and even when i have very clear tasks that need to be my focus such as a dentist appointment i always end up rushing as with the best will in the world i always get distracted. Thank you for being so candid about your situation and i will definitely look into this myself. Still when all's said and done i think the most important thing in life is just being there for the people you love and enjoy being around and doing the things what you enjoy. i would gladly watch your content regardless of you racing or not as i just enjoy how you do what you do.
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 Thank you Ben and the whole pbr team!
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 You're the man, Ben. Best of luck and I know you will continue to do amazing things on and off the bike. Cheers!
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 Ben, You're an inspiration. Big love and good luck !
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 This series has been gripping. Thanks for all the work you and the team put in Ben!
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 Thanks for all you do Ben. So many enjoy your content, persective and yes, wisdom. Hope to at least see you track side next season for your informative track walks.
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 Hey Ben, you're not alone. The struggle is real. You've done good.
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 Thanks Ben. It’s been so much fun watching the journey. You have an amazing team and hope to see more from you and them.
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 Always an inspiration Ben. Wishing you the very best for what's next!
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 Kinnoul hill skills day, a young 14 year old Ben was showing us how to hit rooty berms. Fast forward a year or two....... Best of luck mate, you will do just fine.
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 Thanks Ben for all the true grit and effort and laughs and knowledge. See you again soon I hope.
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 Max respect on all fronts Ben. If you ever make it out to SE BC there are less know gems waiting for you to ride here
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 The best series, and an emotional ending. Raw and heartfelt, thanks for sharing.
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 Must watch.
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 If you think ADHD is bad as an athlete.... Trying living with restful leg syndrome!
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 Why MUST you auto-play these videos! Trying to boost your views? You shouldn't force content on your users.
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 No bitching allowed on PB racing threads
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