Video: Daily Drivers - What Bikes Were Riders Riding at Sea Otter

Apr 14, 2022 at 5:02
by Pinkbike Originals  

We're back for another episode of Daily Driver Bike Checks. This time we take a look at what people were riding at Sea Otter.


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 Videos are great but I much prefer the picture format with these articles. Maybe in the future we could have all the photos and at the bottom of the article have the video as well food for thought.
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 I mean, "Video" is literally the first word in the title of this article... We covered a bunch of interesting Sea Otter bikes via photographs in this article:

And you can find all sorts of non-moving pictures in the articles mentioned in this Sea Otter recap:
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 @mikekazimer: Just feels like we are missing a lot of cool content because it is in video form. Specially when it's bike checks, where a photo based article would be a better fit, in my opinion.

Can't please everyone.
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 @mikekazimer: while you’re at it, I’d like to see these bikes described in long-form prose, without visual aids.

Leather bound hardcover, ideally, but I know you folks are on a schedule, so paperback is acceptable as long as the cover is presented in APA format.
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 @mikekazimer: why do you guys argue with this kind of feedback? People apparently overwhelmingly prefer photos vs video for this kind of content, and when they express that you get indignant and try to explain to them why they're wrong. This video is 15 minutes long. Nobody wants to sit through that. How often do you get comments on your photo posts whining that it's not a video?
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 @4823904823041, coming right up. Would a papyrus scroll fit your needs? I'm handcarving the nib for my quill pen as we speak.

@thegoodflow, we could just keep the videos on YouTube where they seem to be quite popular, or we could share them on the Pinkbike homepage so that more people can watch them if they'd like. I totally get the desire for photo articles, and those aren't going anywhere - a quick scroll down the homepage and you'll see a whole bunch of them.
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 Now that there's all this Outside cash sloshing around, I'd like to see @brianpark finally coming good on the long-promised interpretive dance version of each review.
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 Hit play, then close your eyes. Open them very quickly every ten seconds.
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 Photo slideshow is available with Outside+ over at Beta.

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 @thegoodflow: The video is much better than photos would have been because you get to hear people's voices and excitement as they describe their unique builds or "new to them" bikes. I enjoyed it.

Maybe you can just pause the video and take screenshots since you hate motion images so much. Also, it's youtube.... you can speed up playback if it's too slow for you. Or just keep complaining that your free entertainment wasn't done to your liking... up to you I suppose.
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flag ehvahn (Apr 14, 2022 at 11:41) (Below Threshold)
 @mikekazimer: Pinkbike is going downhill faster than stevie smith. People miss articles, and all the good ones are paid now.
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 yep, pics only please. It's the same with news websites, I just want to read the story without the color commentary.
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 @ehvahn: you know that Stevie smith died right?
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 @poundsand: I personally would prefer photos as I don't want to sit through 15 mins of video. I can just scroll till something catches my eye with photos. Probably easier to do a video.
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 What’re you guys talking about - videos of bikes standing still in one spot make total sense!!

What I’d like to see are only pictures of races, dirt jumping, and red Bull rampage. Videos of racing and jumping make zero sense - pictures of riders in motion is where it’s at!!!

Whereas videos of objects standing still and not moving make perfect sense. With the video you really get to capture the speed of that object standing still in one spot.

Obviously I know what I’m talking about
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 @jaydawg69: no way dude. It’s so much easier to scroll through a video of bikes standing just sitting there. The mouse wheel uppy downy thing is so 2009. You gotta get on board with scrolling left and right on the video bar and look at tiny thumbnail images before actually selecting that part of the video. So EASY!
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flag SterlingArcher (Apr 14, 2022 at 13:33) (Below Threshold)
 Oh I forgot another advantage of video- if you pause it essentially becomes a photo! A single photo but nonetheless a photo! Best of both worlds. Would you rather scroll thru pictures like a Crazy person from 2009, or have the option of video/single picture??? I know what my answer is!
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 @SterlingArcher: I like the jib of your jab. I think it just boils down to laziness. killed it for Sea Otter.
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 @jaydawg69: I hear that! Uploading Jpegs can be quite challenging for people who work on the site daily.
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 @SterlingArcher: but then you have to think up some words and format everything.
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 @mikekazimer: Yes how dare you show a bunch of parking lot rides in video format. Tom does a banger job with these videos, keep it up.
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 @mikekazimer: Whatever happened to you guys doing a video and photo write up for articles like this? it pretty effectively covered the two crowds.
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 Not trying to derail but I can't hear Tom talking in a photo.

That said, cross-linking any photo-related post to the video post would be little work to accomplish a similar end.

Unrelated, we need a Tom "That's so good!" GIF.
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 @mikekazimer: videos great but.........
Proof you can rarely (if ever) please the masses, or some just have streaming issues.
Oh how privileged we are, cheers.
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 The real problem is that we are a bunch of idiots, including myself, so none of this really matters lol.
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 That dude on the tall bike rode both sides of the dual slalom course cleanly with a beer dangling from his six pack holder. Shit was the highlight of the event.
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 Dang! We need more of that. Like Sanjay sending massive jumps on pixie bikes!
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 @ARonBurgundy: HAHA! Thanks! I saw the bike around the event but had no idea!!!
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 everything you guys do is wrong and should be done the other way.
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 "Oh FFS, no not that way, the *other* other way"
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 @Woody25: I liked it better before they changed back to how they were after.
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 Videos are the new super boost standard.
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 Looking forward to some racing videos. Some of us can get away with watching videos at work/school and you can tell a better story with moving pictures although I understand the desire for static content. too.
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 @suspended-flesh yea will be good to share the racing video next week - some shocking stories to tell haha
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 No no. Pictures of racing only. Cmon pinkbike I know you can deliver. We have videos of bikes not moving, so the logical next step is pictures of riders in motion! Duh!
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 Dig that Atomlab at the beginning but I think that is more of Frankenfork than a Fox fork haha...
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 Great to see some older bikes still out there ripping and people having fun on them.
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 Great vid thanks.
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 Would of been cool if PB built a sea otter bike with all the crazy parts at this years trade show
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 Cool Video! Thank you!
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 When you're racing dual slalom with a triple chainring but your #1 priority is ceramic brake pads to quell the rotor noise..
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 Think of the two extra chainrings as a bash guard (big ring), and auxiliary ring (little ring) if you drop a chain.
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 watched to see how they get on the tall bike. disappointed!
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 It's in the Insta link above - 2 runs!
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 That Klein Attitude is beautiful!
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 Did the first dude say slx sram caliber?
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 Where's Jack's bike?
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 flip flop alert

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