Video: Finals Highlights from Red Bull Rampage 2023

Oct 14, 2023 at 6:41
by Pinkbike Originals  

And that's a wrap! Another Rampage in the books. Check out the top ten runs from this year's wild event.

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 Some truly amazing riding. The level has got to be far beyond what anyone could have imagined 10+ years ago, and it's really cool to see some of the OGs still there, not just competing but at the top of their game.

That said, I wonder if we'll see Brendog at Rampage again, as he doesn't seem to be able to give the judges what they want to get a high score, yet has anyone not on the podium pushed the boundaries as much as him? Cam's big flip was absolutely ridiculous, but the rest of his run was less dynamic, and in past years he's been punished in the scoring for the "best trick" mentality; wonder what changed in the judges eyes this year?

Finally, I don't get how Bienve couldn't even crack the top 5. I get that the top section had fewer big mountain elements, but part of that is having to get over to his line, and as a non-returner the diggers are at a huge disadvantage. Then his 3, backflip, frontflip sequence was a major highlight for me. I'm glad it was recognized with several awards.

Overall, what an amazing event, with relatively few issues and injuries; there was huge potential for carnage. Huge thank-yous to all the riders and their crews!
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 Brendan won't be back. Said as much in the singletrackworld interview.
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 @BenPea: he seemed very diplomatic in that interview i imagine there was probably more said between him, Olly and deaks in private.

On a different subject what do riders actually get for coming to rampage?
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 @cypher74: I saw a ride companion where Olly said riders were given an attendance fee of $10,000. When he broke down costs Brendog would've been running at a loss without sponsors stepping in to help.
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 I think if Bienve would've ridden the battleship or the chute he probably would be first
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 @commental: all of the top guys have sponsors. It’s silly to think all they get is free bikes/ parts/ kit and a cool paint job. It’s huge exposure for all these brands. Not saying what they make is worth their lives but if they just wanted to be rich, they’d all be hedge fund managers. Many of them say they would do it for free.
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 @Struggleteam: My comment wasn't about rider's pay or sponsorship deals and whether they should be more/less, I was just answering @cypher24's question based on what Olly Wilkins had said.
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 Industry bro mentality struck again. Bias will always be on any competition. Lets do an experiment and have someone get AI to score alongside the Judges (buddies) and let's see how much descripancies there are
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 @commental: 10.000$for the whole team of 3(?)! That's ridiculous!
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 @BenPea: do you have a link? i'm having a hard time finding it
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 At what point did Brendog decide/announce he wasn't taking his 2nd run? If it was mentioned in the live feed I missed it. First I knew was when 2nd and 3rd dropped in for their party lap.
Was it when Zink's score came in? Or had he already decided before that not to drop again?
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 @commental: Yep, Olly did say essentially " they get 10K USD as their appearance fee from RB". It was an interesting perspective, like flying into LAX instead of Vegas because of the cost, hotel rooms, Brendog getting sponsors to cover things like tools, etc. Bottom line: they're not living in their van but nobody's getting rich either.
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 It’s funny. If Bren got a 4th in a World Cup people would be so stoked for him. It would be a huge highlight of his career. I honestly think a 4th at rampage is a huge accomplishment. It’s so hard to judge each line and performance from home. But everyone seems to know exactly how from behind their computer. It was a great rampage. Not a lot of crashes. Everyone got 2 runs. I think many fans are missing the point of rampage in the first place. Who cares about the scores. The top athletes threw down. And it was amazing to watch. IDK. Maybe that’s just me.
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 @BenPea: can you please post the link? Cant find it
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 @BenPea: sorry! I didn’t see your post sith the link
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 @dontrideontheroads: you don’t ride risky lines like that twice. But the lines you can ride twice the judges award.
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 @cypher74: comment section props
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 @Mouette230: Crazy to think the battleship or even the step down to his line from that lip into the battleship would be worth 15 pts
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 @BenPea: mow the lawn really neatly haha. Very telling.
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 The tops of Cam’s like is probably the most technical riding and demonstration of brake control on the mountain. Just because he has ridden it before doesn’t change this fact. Couple that with a flat drop flip off the biggest feature of the course that requires speeds at take-off that are probably three times faster than the next flip drop performed and that explains everything.

You explained Beinve’s score yourself. You can’t ‘skip’ 25-30% of the mountain and expect to podium, even if the remainder is mind blowing. He is incredible, and watching what he did, twice, was mind blowing, but it wasn’t a ‘complete’ run.

How to slot Brendog, TVS, and Carson is the only real debate, and there are a lot more critical considerations and nuance than most any commenters here can understand or articulate.
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 Trying to judge these riders against each other is a fools errand. Everyone of them is putting their lives on the line multiple times per run. Each move/drop/big mountain line is absolutely insane at this point. Could make arguments that everyone in the top 10 should be somewhere on the podium.

Seems to me that Redbull could go to to a jam format with each rider paid the same amount and then give awards for best line, best trick, gnarliest drop, etc. judged by the other riders. Pay each team $50K-$100K flat appearance fee and let them have fun.
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 100% agree.
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 Great idea- just like a fest event.
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 Good idea
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 50k sounds a lot better than the 7k they get right now. lol
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 Heaviest eye roll of my life when TVS was scored higher than Brendog. Even TVS couldn’t believe his run was good enough. What a joke.
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flag Mouette230 (Oct 14, 2023 at 9:19) (Below Threshold)
 The caveman drop scored heavily as it should imo. Tailwhips are cool, but you got to be a mad man to do that
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flag scott-townes (Oct 14, 2023 at 10:34) (Below Threshold)
 Negating the top of TVS' line is a joke.
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flag wolftwenty1 (Oct 14, 2023 at 11:33) (Below Threshold)
 Down the middle always scores best. The left and right ridge has never scored well. I don’t get how you guys still don’t get this so many years later. No robberies took place.
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 Yeah his run wasn't even top 5. I almost think they mistyped the 7 for an 8 and stuck with it. 79 makes so much more sence. That's my theory rather than believing they're just that incompetent.
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 @sidekicksjn: same with Zink shouldve been 85 not 95
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 @OceanParkDan351: While Zink had one of the gnarliest top sections, but OK just focus on the tricks. LOL
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 @scott-townes: a top section hes been riding for years.... what about the "battle ship" Godzi and Brendog hit for the first time. in previous years even winners like Brett Rheeder have ridden around it because its so gnarly. thats rampage
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 @OceanParkDan351: "For years", you mean a couple times last year? Regardless, riding a gnarly line a few times more doesn't make it any less gnarly, its still just as risky and wild. Also Cam's backflip was wayyyyy more gnarly than Brendon's canyon gap no-hander or anything else he did in his run. You guys simply cannot grasp how wild and big that flat drop flip was.
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 My heaviest eye roll was the moment they showed the "judges" cheering for Zink's flip, followed by his round-number score dropping in mere seconds after he finished.
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 @mi-bike: you didn’t cheer? I cheered pretty much the entire 4 hours it was on…but especially at that moment.
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 @wolftwenty1: sorry you’re getting downvoted for actually understanding what goes into the scoring.
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 @OceanParkDan351: there isn’t a scoring criteria for whether a line is new or not. That is not a factor.

People also conflate exposure with technicality. While it absolutely plays a role, it is not a sole determinant.

You could recreate the battleship feature without the extreme cliffs and even some skilled amateur riders could do it. It is absolutely an insane maneuver but step back for a moment to look at the whole picture and not just the visual strikingness of it.

Much fewer people could ride the top of Cams line.
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 Brendog got robbed!!!
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 I wonder if it was the second backflip. Everyone can trick that jump, so I doubt it adds to your score, but then a judge is maybe looking for thinks to subtract, so they go "repeated trick!" and score him lower? Aside from adding a flat spin I'm not sure what else he could do to score higher/win.
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 @plyawn: The second backflip was the "same" trick but had SO MUCH more extension and steeze. Had he done a second run I doubt it would have been a different trick and therefore an unchanged score.
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flag Zeatalion (Oct 14, 2023 at 7:47) (Below Threshold)
 Everybody got robbed, Zink's run was the easiest on the mountain with barely any tricks, a backflip is not a difficult manoeuvre and the said it themselfs, you have so much airtime you can easily turn round, zink said that his Flip wasn't really that good! Scores we're absolutely ridiculous, like every year really!
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 @Zeatalion: you’re trolling right? Name one other rider could flip the icon sender gap. I’ll wait
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 @dwee: then give him the best trick award or something. A single trick does not make a winning run.
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 @dwee: semenuk, Reeder, bienve, isted would all be solid shouts. Hard to know when it's a line others can't ride, if it was a jam format I could see a few getting psyked up and doing it
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 Can't have a DH racer spoiling the freeride bro party, especially not a non American one
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 @Zeatalion: wow his run was gnarly af at the top
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 @dwee: Zinks run was solid but name another rider that could front flip the canyon. Zinks run is almost identical to his 2013 run with an extra spin and flip and he didn’t even podium then, mcgazza beat him back flipping the canyon gap. That said rampage scorings always been whack.
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 @demo-jake: Silva…Zink….anyone else that’s done a front flip could have done that front flip…
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 What I don't get is how Brendog walked away completely empty handed, like absolutely F all! How can that be when there's a clear consensus online across various social media platforms that he was robbed! That must be so fckin disheartening when you've put in all that work, laid it all on the line and put an absolute banger of a run in!
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 FFS even this highlights video does him dirty by just giving his run 25 seconds of shite footage!
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 @growlerbobbo: they had to trim
It down to match Zink’s footage time. Otherwise it would be evident that BF pulled off way more shit.
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 @growlerbobbo: Lmao what else were they supposed to show?
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 @growlerbobbo: I noticed they also cut out Talus Turk’s huge flip and flip-can off his drop and instead showed him sliding out from an aerial angle. So lame.
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 *puts on tinfoil hat*

Maybe its all a ploy to get more "engagement" on the various social media platforms. More outrage means more comments and ad revenue.
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 A 4th in a World Cup would be a huge accomplishment. A 4th rampage is still is pretty amazing.
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 Production was amazing this year! They did a great job with camera angles, and mixing in the drones and helicopter. They were also firing off the riders and had hardly any downtime. Made the event much more enjoyable to watch. Glad to hear Godziek is doing okay, that was one of the scariest hits I've ever seen.
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 Some of the drone shots were stellar, the drone shot following Kyle off of the icon sender on his first run was probably one of the coolest MTB shots I've ever seen, really captured how huge these guys are going.
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 @corporaltedbronson: Yeah he was HAULING off that in the first run. Also wild that both him and Cam were landing so far right. Only like a foot left before death.

Also watch Zinks takeoff on the the second run. He had like an inch on the left of his tire.
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 The drone shots did a great job of highlighting how variable the “appropriate take off speed” was throughout the course.

When you watch videos of jump lines like Blue Steel and other big lines, you get the impression that the right speed is basically “as fast as you can go”.

But watching the drone footage it looked like some of the lines at the top were so steep that it felt like the riders were barely moving at all to get the right speed, and then hauling towards the bottom to be clearing things and landing correctly.

Even if you had every other skill of a Rampage rider, just being able to hit stuff at the right speed throughout the course seems like an incredibly tall order.
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 Everyone will remember bienve front flip just like everyone remembers Kelly's caynon flip.. everything else not so much..and gully needs to not talk..that was stupid
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 Agreed on both points. Bienve’s flip was the memorable moment for me.

Posting Gully up outside that weird judges chamber like there was some sacred ritual taking place was strange.
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 Bienve had 2 massive runs. Zink's run was just more exposed and cleaner top to bottom. Going vertical is just gnarlier then going horizontally.
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 Agreed. Some of the most memorable rampage moments for me have been Andreu Lacondeguys wild runs over the years. Can’t remember who actually won those years but I remember that maniac going off.
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 @justmeridingmybike: exactly. Always has been and has always scored better.
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 The most memorable runs (and favorite) to me are not usually the winning runs.

Gully looked like everyone punked him by not showing up in flannel shirts this year.
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 @cliff-huckstable: but why? Do they have some criteria that give x amount of points?
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 @Muckal: I don’t know the judges’ criteria.
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 I’ll remember zinks flip, that was huge. Landed on such a skinny landing too.
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 @cliff-huckstable: you need to be their drinking buddy.
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 Lol …Zink & Kyle mad AF about being called old timers by people on PB
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 they take PB comments section too seriously.
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 That was funny AF XD
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 A few things:

1. Like so many of you already said, Fairclough and Bienvi got robbed of at least a podium. Bienvi won what, 3 of the 5 special awards? Come on. And Brendan was just bonkers. Podium or no, he knows what he did. We will all remember those guys’ runs. Something about Carson Storch’s run also spoke to me. It would have been OK with me if he had won.

2. Congrats to Cam Zink.

3. Man, so cool to watch Kyle Strait continuing to go big after recovering from that nasty crash last year. He was in bad shape, but look at him yesterday.

3. Unpopular opinion: Rampage as a live event broadcast sucks. Four hours of a lot of waiting around. They need to edit and package the broadcast for later. Condense it down to maybe two hours? An hour and half? It’s still an awesome event, though. Just doesn’t translate well into a live broadcast.

4. Women will compete next year. It’s a done deal. Thats why they floated that bit at the top of the broadcast, and why we’ve had the onslaught of content. They’re floating the idea, getting us used to it. For the record, I have no strong opinion on whether they should or not. Doesn’t matter. They will be in there next year.
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 Agreed with the third point - I don't understand how they make a highlight reel look this flat and boring, given the riding on display. For comparison, look what you get from Remy riding well within his comfort zone and that FPV pilot:

Get that FPV tracking Brendog's rub and imagine how much better the footage could be.
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 @fentoncrackshell: I’m guessing this highlight footage belongs to Pinkbike, taken from certain “authorized” points of view with cameras that’s weren’t quite as good. The official footage that they had on the broadcast was pretty good. There were times when the official footage was a miss and you couldn’t see exactly what was going on, but I suppose that’s the nature of an event as unpredictable as this. I just have a problem with watching it all live, waiting forever between runs.
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 should be an award like "free ride is alive" for recognizing the most creative line
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 The party train with Steenbergen and Carson Storch was a pretty big highlight. It has never been done before during competition, it was sketchy as all hell, and it took the event organizers by surprise (which is always fun). A good way to cap off the event!
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 I gotta ask, what happened to Sorge? I watched his run on mute while working and was super confused — thought maybe he was taking a warmup, but that was it. A run of steez airs was stylish but never going to score. Was he hurt or something?
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 that was maybe his last rampage run, did not ant risk anymore.
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 @HenkkaK: to me that’s why he shouldn’t have been there. So many hungry but there are a group of friends who always get the scores and the invite at there expense
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 @multialxndr: its their "careers" to literally be nepotistic
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 @multialxndr: maybe he was hurt. Or just didn’t have the confidence. So many factors.
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 Brendog got robbed
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 Any news on Godziek?
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 It’s bizarre to me that so many commenters here think the big discussion is judging and not “Yo is Szymon’s spine intact?”. That looked way bad and there’s been zero update.

The entire concept of Redbull trying to force fit creative group activities like this into dated TV models of “sport” so they can be sold to ESPN has been a joke since the earliest days. Who didn’t know that already 20 years ago?
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 @tacopop: am I just imagining things? I could have sworn we had an interview with him at the end with his arm all wrapped up, but otherwise was standing and mobile. (Had sunglasses in so might have had the ole concussion pupils)
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 He did an ig post from the finish area. Going for X-rays today
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 Dislocated wrist.
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 @acdownhill: Really? It's possible I missed that live but I just looked through the video again and I can't find any interview with him. The commentators said that Szymon was taken off the hill by the medical truck and suggested he was okay-ish but that's the last thing I heard. He appeared to be unconscious for a moment after the crash but we did see him moving after that.
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 @bgoldstone: On a different account than @szymongodziek ? Because there's nothing on there
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 @tacopop: David posted a story after Rampage with an update "His wrist is dislocated everything else is ok"

After seeing the crash that's quite incredible and super relieving to read!
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 I agree, some runs were maybe overrated, others underrated. it was a bit disappointing . However I think people don't realize how intense Zinc's backflip was. If we asked people to jump from this height into the water (18 meters), there are many who would think twice before jumping...come on guys ! we are talking about a 18 meters flat drop backflip. That's just nuts. its " playing with fire " as Cam Mccaul said during the livestream
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 It's a valid point. The counter is that Brendog had two places where failure could be deadly, on the battleship and the canyon gap, with similar height falls but straight into ungroomed desert. Fortunately in the age of social media the riders that took risk should see results through sponsors and new fans.
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 Then give it best trick...
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 he did it 10 years ago...
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 Zink had to turn and cork the flip to hit that skinny landing, that's nuts at that speed and height! Top 3 content for sure even if the rest of the run was not that special. Anyway Brendog still got robbed, he's flying home completely empty handed like wtf!
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 @kanioni: what Zink did was insane but guys been riding the middle chutes of every Venue now for 10+ years they must have them almost memorized by now. since the middle scores they highest and they hog it its super hard for anyone to break through. Take the "Battleship" feature uptop, arguably more gnarly then the chute (which is bike park smooth w/ berms), previous winners (Rheeder) have ridden around it because its too gnarly noone even thought of gaping on then off. thats pushing stuff, not just tryna recreate your glory days run with dirt to dirt now on a line you have memorized
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 @OceanParkDan351: I liked Clemen's "little" move where you transfered from the battleship jump down to the ride around. Sniper landing!
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 @plyawn: that was really intense
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 Zink vs. Bienve vs. Brendog? You can make an argument for top spot for any of em, probably should've been the podium. Those runs were all the top hype at some point in the run. The bonus highlight had to be Talus' second run. Pretty unique and impressive the whole way. Also the hot mic moments were all top notch!
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 Just watching this recap clearly shows how wrong the judges got this event scored.
Cam did one big backflip and gets first... Wrong!
Bienve does a a Rampage first (twice) with a bigger and more badass move than Cam and gets 8th! Wrong.!
The 3 awards he got were well deserved and his comment on those being more important than the money was probably the best comment of the entire Rampage.
Brendog sends 2 unique and sick features and gets robbed again... Wrong!!!
Strait pretty much just went straight and gets higher scores than front flipping the canyon... Wrong!!!
Why can't this event be fairly scored? You can say what ever you want about the method of judging, but when 3 of the most important awards go to the guy in 8th... Something is definitely WRONG!!!
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 because the judges and favoured riders are all buddies and its their "career" as a big mountain freerider so its a self preservation, plus if Zink finally wins again he can give up his spot and retire
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 No way. Zinks run was gnarly.
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 Looked this up earlier.

There has been only 2 non-North American wins ( Canadians actually have the most)

Andreu Lacondeguy and a chap in 2003 called Cedric Garcia ( yes he was a better bike rider than he is a commentator)
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 This comment made be do some math. (not including this year)

78/271 (29%) participates have been from outside of N.A.
12/48 (25%) participates outside of NA on the podium
2/16 (12%) have won

I'd say there is a slight discrepancy on the very top. But also the competition has been dominated by a few NA riders, Semenuk, Zink, Strait and Sorge
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 So what? Only two North Americans were ever overall series winners in the men’s DH and XC World Cup Series over the years. Is the fix in there, too?

As for Rampage, there are so many variables as to why — maybe the North Americans come hyped to play in their own backyard. Maybe people from other parts of the world come fatigued from travel. Maybe, just maybe, the North American riders were better over the years. Whatever it is, that stat is pretty meaningless in terms of proving or showing anything. It’s classic correlation not being causation and all that.

That said, I would have picked a different winner this year. One not from here. But then, who the hell am I?
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 @rockyflowtbay: I'd also say that big mountain riding is much bigger (no pun intended) in North America than it is in Europe...
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 It would be awesome to see a 3-D topo map of all the riders’ runs. I feel like that’d be helpful in understanding how much vertical freefall versus horizontal jumping each did.
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 I m waiting for a true realistic videogame.
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 @PauRexs: Descenders is pretty legit.
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 The riding was great but the judging was terrible and it sort of ruined the event for me. Brendan's run was the best of the first round and the super high score of 95 was the nail in the coffin. No way it deserved that score and it gave no incentive for anyone else to throw down on another run. Considering how much money is on the line...shameful.
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 Why are these judges not getting roasted? I know most are pretty gnarly freeride guys but shouldn’t the panel be made up of former Rampage riders?
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 Pretty sure they are all former rampage riders.
  • 15 5
 @goldstreamubrew: then it almost makes it more shameful
  • 6 2
 @goldstreamubrew: yes and most importantly theyre all real good "friends" if you know what i mean, Zink winning at least means he'll step aside next year
  • 13 0
 @oceanforsurf: Reading comments everywhere I think they are absolutely getting roasted
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 @oceanforsurf: On judging and authenticity to the audience. The broadcast had a judging analyst (I don't remember his title, but he's competed at Rampage). I feel he was there to justify any decisions made to the audience (Pinkers). This didn't come across authentic and insightful to me
  • 8 1
 I recommend heading to Berrecloth's IG account ... Wink
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 @stupendousman: I honestly couldn’t tell if he was trolling or being serious.
  • 1 0
 @stupendousman: Haha indeed. Pretty much one direction only.
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 The panel is made up of former riders and builders. At least do the minimum amount of self education before entering the conversation
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 The fact that they need to give out so many awards outside of the podium really goes to show that the judges at this event are out of touch with what people actually want to see. They're trying to preserve the era of the early 2010s with the way they are scoring. The sport has moved on, get better judges and let the women ride or face the fact that Rampage won't continue to be as relevant as it once was.
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 Every rider at rampage deserves a massive gold medal trophy and fat stack of cash. I cannot believe the level each and every rider was executing! They're out there pushing the boundaries of what's possible and risking their lives in the process. As a fan, I would want them all to know how much I appreciate the hard work, sacrifice, mental fortitude, and incredible skills they all showed at this event! The fact that only three finish on the podium is a shame because they're all winners in my book!
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 I'm putting the debate about judges to one side. I've never seen a run as incredible as Brendog's. Thrills all the way. Incredible.
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 Regardless of the podium, there are any number of reasons why it could be argued that the result is far less important than the impact each rider makes on the viewer.

Here's the man himself from "The Ride Companion" podcast on Rampage and "winning".

Brendan on Rampage

Brendan on the how to make an impact on the world of MTB

Brendan has been winning in life for decades. I for one love what you add to MTB Sir, long may it continue.
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 The whole podcast, if you haven't heard it, is a wonderful watch/listen. I highly recommend it if you haven't already.
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 Brengod rot gobbed. Bienvenido as well. He wasn't welcome to the podium
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 What seemed weird is there was hardly any mention of Brendon’s ride during the show. Did he leave early? Did they say why he didn’t do his second run. I must be missed that part.
  • 2 1
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 I don’t think the second run is compulsory and if he’d done every he’d could in the first, why take the risk.
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 Too risky to repeat. Probably too risky to do at all. It was a perfect run, why take the chance?
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 Yes he did. The top of his line was seriously bonkers, very steep with a big drop. then the flip he did you have to look at the line to realize how gnarly it is. The precision of getting into it and hitting the landing is insane, not to mention the flip.
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 The more of the Battleship footage I see, the more I'm like how the f*ck was Brendog not in atleast the top 3? i cant even imagine how tech that would be to lillypad onto and he does it cleaan. Let alone the insane canyon gap him and his team dug, their should be ties. every rider there f*cking sent it, like Thomas Gennons go pro footage is clean AF!

The point system dosen't make sense for rampage. every rider there is at the top of our sport
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 I swear these judges have somthing against Brendon fairclough from top to bottom best run hands down..the battleship I would love to see cam attempt that and teq of that canyon gap was insane the only trick u could do is a no hander and he did it . I couldn't beleiv they gave zink such a high score for doing exactly what he did befor ...zines backflipevery rider there could do but bienve front flip maybe 3 rises there that could attempting
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 Agreed. Looked like he was going so so fast at that drop then yanked hard on that huge backflip. The commitment. Well deserved run. Wow
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 Did Kurt Sorge just rock up for the appearance fee?
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 Very bad judgeing sorry but cams run was nothing compared to fairclough ..I don't understand how he got 95 by doing three tricks and some sloppy riding ...Reed run was tricks and danger the whole way ..Tommy g did exactly what cam did ..Carson storch did exactly what cam did they all did the same run
  • 1 1
 Lol what show were you watching lol None of those guys were on Cam's line and they all had very different tricks, levels of exposure and sized features.
  • 3 2
 The Bienve lap was insane then he decided to celebrate at the end of the ride. I don't think he did himself any favors with the judges at the end....especially chucking his helmet and goggles. It was so good up unitl that point and I really believe he should have been in the top 4 not 8th. Yes.....Brendan was robbed, that was a sick run!
  • 9 0
 He did the exact same run without the celebration & helmet huck though and scored the same, so your theory is debunked.
  • 2 1
 They briefly promoted the women's progression towards Rampage with a few very capable ladies named on camera but then showed footage of Kade Edwards and a bunch of other men doing tricks?!? Why would they not show the women doing tricks of their own? Is Red Bull concerned they dont look cool enough compared to the men? Then show what the women CAN do because that's cool enough for me. Im smart enough to know how to judge for myself what is top level skill regardless of gender. I would like to see what they can do and not be shown what they cannot. That's not inspiring TV for my daughter. No wonder I she doesn't want to ride with Dad and his buddies.
  • 1 0
 I think they were trying to show big name freeriders like Kade and others then throw the female freeriders names up to make it seem like they belonged in the same list as these people. I thought it was a pretty cool way of doing it and gave these rad women some good exposure.
  • 3 1
 Someone should make a spoof video of what the judges are really doing and how they do the scoring. Organized crime payoffs, falling asleep during the event, etc..
  • 4 0
 Brendog even got robbed of an interview!
  • 2 0
 Nope, I got down to the finish area after hiking down the mtn after the 2nd runs and I couldn’t find him anywhere for an interview.
  • 6 4
 What a f*cking joke. Brendog's line was riskier than anyone else by far & he killed it. He should have won.
  • 3 1
 Did anyone clean Gee's drop?
  • 23 0
 No one even looked at it. That drop is like "The Ring" for mountain bikers.
Clemens' drop was in the same category though. Just bonkers.
  • 4 1
 @plyawn: did anyone ever measure Clemens’ lily pad gap? I know he landed it in practice so I’m curious if it’s one of, if not the biggest ever done on a bike. Even if it wasn’t landed during the competition
  • 1 2
 Actually I just went and watched the clip on insta, probably not bigger than the Jah Drop but must be close
  • 1 0
 I can only imagine there's a few riders eyeing it up and it may be done at some point in the next little bit. kind of like Brages drop last year.
  • 1 0
 @SillyTadpole: anyone know where to see the footage of him landing the lily pad gap?
  • 6 14
flag Funkylicious (Oct 14, 2023 at 13:20) (Below Threshold)
 Gee's crash quickly silenced the whole "why aren't women competing in Rampage?" movement. Here's the answer! No one wants to see anyone get hurt with big crashes, and there will always be big crashes at Rampage. But there's a confidence in the fact that Gee will return because he is a force of nature, and a dude that doesn't flinch at broken bones and definite peril. He's prepared to push the limits and be Rampage aggressive. To go for it despite the fear and imminent danger. I just don't see the same "aggression" in Formation. Formation should continue because it lacks the pressure of judging and "winning" but offers the challenge of the terrain without the need to try something like Gee's sick huge, and true to Rampage line. Just my opinion
  • 5 1
 @Funkylicious: Got news for you. Women will be in Rampage next year.
  • 3 4
 @TheR: that would be awesome news but they won't be hitting Gee's line, just like no other male did either . Let's see what the future holds, and hopefully they'll join in the madness and get their opportunity to show the world their ability and grit.
  • 3 1
 @Funkylicious: I agree they won’t be hitting Gee’s line.
  • 4 1
 I got robbed
  • 1 1
 Ya by me. I wouldnt have stole your car if id known how shitty it was
  • 4 1
 The Robbing of BrenDogg
  • 6 8
 Everyone saying Zink was overscored needs to do some serious soul searching and really should rewatch the runs and judge section by section based on the Judges criteria. For once, i think the judges got the right winner.

10 years ago Zink got the best trick over McGazza's backflip over the Canyon. 10 years ago Zink won best trick cause a flat flip is difficult, not to mention that it was the largest ever backflip off a drop. Well, Zink did it again... and this time, had to go even bigger as there is no longer a wooden feature so his takeoff was set back another 10-15+ feet.

Don't be mad at Zink. If anyone was overscored it was TVS. Brendog got scored low(ish) unfortunately as he was first man Down the mountain (one of the first riders) so the Judges didn't have anything to compare it too. Even then, Bren scored pretty high and honestly had a lot of room to add points. Brens bottom half ended with a few straight airs and he kind of gave up riding for the sake of celebrating a clean run. I dont blame him. Regardless, he had plenty of room to clean it up not to mention the opportunity to take ANOTHER run just like Zink and everyone else. So... it's hard to say Bren got robbed when he could've just taken another run like everyone else. Take the 2nd run and if he upped the sections and still couldn't break podium then sure, he was robbed.

If Zink would have just walked away from his 2nd run, everyone would've just called him old and washed up and we wouldn't even be talking about Zink. Instead, Zink took the chance and capitalized on it. Something Bren could've done as well. Honestly... Bienve had the most consequential feature as he was front flipping the largest canyon gap on the course and he STILL went back up for a 2nd run after saying he was done and could retire happy from rampage with his first run.

Don't get me wrong, Im a HUGE Brendog fan and had followed just about every rampage video from Bren/Deaks/Olly/Matt Jones. I honestly felt his run was worthy of 2nd or 3rd minimum and all he needed to do was give the Judges another look. If he cleaned up his run and added some extra to the bottom section where he straight aired it could've potential been even winning run. I'm sure olly and deak were ok with him not taking another run but Man I wished Bren would've taken one more run for the boys... especially after seeing Olly day after day on that tiny rock feature chipping away for days on end.
  • 6 3
 You answered the question as to why people feel that way...'10 years ago' I think the thing that made it worse was TVS and Storch being given higher scores. Without a doubt Brendan's run should have been the highest scored run from the first round. Shameful IMO.
  • 2 2
 Awesome rampage, Brendog standing out. Titles have no value for a years with judging like that. Just want to point out Nicholi Rogatkin commentary, I really enjoyed that.
  • 1 0
 Fourth for Brendog was a slap in the face. Emil and Bienve deserved much better scores as well.
  • 6 5
 1 Zink, 2 Bienve, 3 Brendog just my thoughts. Unreal riding by all!
  • 3 1
 I agree 100%
  • 1 0
 Is there any injury updates for Simon G.?
  • 2 1
 Does anyone know what Cam sink listens to during his run?
  • 1 0
 Emil's goggles? Company? sorry if I missed it earlier.
  • 45 45
 Cam deserved the win….
  • 24 1
 I’ll have to watch the replay as i turned off live when they scored TVS 89 for his first run.
  • 24 0
 The massive flip was pretty sick. Brendog deserved a higher score and a podium spot too
  • 13 18
flag dwee (Oct 14, 2023 at 7:27) (Below Threshold)
 Fact. Should some of the other guys scores been different? Yea, but Zinks run was clearly on a different level than the competition
  • 10 11
 @dwee: Yes. I think no one has ever done a back flip step down as big as what Cam just did and I don't think any would want to. That step down was insanely more technical this year in that to get the speed for it: he had to stomp a big step down and huge step up just before it. Also, the exposure to the wind on that backflip is way worse than everyone else's. I think everyone else's backflips (Talas, TVS, etc.) just needed to simply roll into them for speed.
  • 4 3
 @vesania: the one he did back in 2013?
  • 5 2
 @somebody-else: no, this one in 2023
  • 2 1
 He did. His line was super gnarly. All the people complaining here are wanting more tricks.
  • 2 1
 @somebody-else: The icon sender is an entirely different beast this year than it was in 2013. Larger gap altogether and with two huge gnarly setup features.
  • 3 3
 1st zink 2nd fairclough
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