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Video: Fort William DH World Cup Course Preview 2024 (With A Twist)

May 3, 2024 at 8:46
by Pinkbike Originals  

Ben Cathro commentates as first-year Junior Heather Wilson (@heatherwilsonmtb) from the Muc-Off Young Guns team (@mucoff_youngguns) hits the Fort William World Cup DH track.

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 I think the new course preview format is a great idea! Good to see a Scottish rider taking us down Fort Bill too. Fair play for getting straight back up after that crash, the gravel they use at Nevis Range is lethal in the dry! Go on Heather!
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 Had to laugh at yer man offering bruffin at the medical center, I munch it and codeine just to get my leg over bike in morning lol
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 Ben's track previews were always top notch...but this was fantastic! Keep this format going for future races
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 Having someone local to the venue always host would be a very nice touch! A nice bit of immersion.
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 Heather, you are an animal!
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 I am pretty sure I could still see here three corners in, maybe four on a good day.
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 Heather looks like an absolute pinner!
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 Whoah she rips. Great track preview, Dr. Cathro.
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 Great to see this. I remember talking to her Dad at Revs when she was riding there when she was about thirteen. They seemed a really level-headed family, considering her potential. She looked quick then, but this was really impressive. The track is way steeper and rockier than it looks on the video (even after they smoothed it out for the World Champs last year). Best of success to her and brilliant to have another Scottish girl to watch.
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 What a great idea she's bloody quick too
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 Very cool to spotlight some youth for the track preview. Hope your hand is OK Heather. Very impressive run.
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 That was fun to watch! Cool new format!
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 yeah...that girl rips! She's definitely going to be one to watch. I was shi$%ng my pants imagining trying to ride that track. So intimidating. Unreal!!!
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 Great idea to do this every race, and WOW, Heather rips hard.
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 This was awesome!!! Never heard of Heather but I had never heard of Ami before Cathro helped introduce her, she is now on my radar as a rider to watch in the Jr's. Cathro always changing things up and making it great as always. THANK YOU!!!!
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 Wow. At first I thought I could keep up with her after seeing the first few turns. No chance though. Absolute pinner.
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 That was fun to watch. Great job Heather! hope your hand is ok!
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 1- now I know why my hands always hurt at Fort William: the slower you go, the rougher it is. I'm slow so it makes sense.
2- that girl is fast as. Hats off to her!!!
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 Excellent coverage and letting the young ones take a go. I like it.
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 Shredder, great job Heather! WC first timers should be the standard course preview format for this season!
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 So good to see, so fun to listen! Amazing how you guys turn this situation around into something great 3
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 I absolutely LOVED this format. Heather, you are a freakin' animal! I would've cried my way down that course. Ben, excellent voice over...keep it comin!
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 Kids today are so fucking rad !
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 Great way to show new talent. Heather is GREAT! It's best that MTB does not dumb down the track for women, unlike what they do on the road side.
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 Nice riding and wow that gap.
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 That was sick riding, great concept
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 Heather Wilson - Made In Scotland From Girders!
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 What was the rational for cutting the course down in length?
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 Given fixed intervals between the start of each racer, you can show a (relatively) more complete run when the track is shorter. Tighter racing too.
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 @pmhobson: Copy, another TV audience driven decision then it seems. Seemed fine the previous decades.
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 @ischiller: it was top bits, up to the woods, long time of nothing, uphill sprint to the motorway section, finish. no, it was not fine in previous decades.
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 Way to go Heather, that was awesome!
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 As others mentioned, corner speed was excellent. And that's a rough track.
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 Amazing. First year junior? I wish I was half as fast or skilled and I've been racing 30+ years of XC.
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 Wow, what a ripper! The course marking looked pretty awful at about 4:50 on the video though.
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 The course marking is all really good. 9 laps today as forerunner, sweeper.
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 Would love to see the race format like this, every riders Go Pro footage lol
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 Scottish course taped by Scots
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 She looks fast as f
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 Awesome course preview. I 100% support this format.
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 The course is so fast, makes me nervous just watching
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 Are the qualifications going to be broad cast? Or is only finals?
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 That was sick
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 What a great idea! Love it watiching her!!!
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 Cool concept for the previews!! Great work for a young rider too!!
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 well done mr. cathro!
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