Video: Friday Fails #229

Jun 30, 2022 at 6:06
by Pinkbike Originals  

Nothing like some fails to kick your weekend off on the right foot.

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 The face of the kid at 1:31! ;D
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 His face says it all!
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 Someone needs to make a meme.
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 It's the face of shouldn't you do something other than film it...
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 @tomo12377: yes, that!!
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 Pure gold. Like, uh......that wasn't the plan right!?!?
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 Uncle Joe on Friday Fails. LOL
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 I was wondering how long it was gonna take for Pres. Joe's "toeclip moment" to show up on FF...
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flag oscartheballer (Jul 1, 2022 at 9:48) (Below Threshold)
 What about SCOTUS?
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 SCOTUS had the bigger fail.
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 I prefer my Presidents to suck at bikes, not at democracy.
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 @RayDolor: imagine what an amazing moment it would have been if someone could have caught Uncle Joe's fall instead of viewing life through their phones. #sundaysaves all time list material.
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 Gather round children. Uncle Joe's going to demonstrate why we use "clipless" pedals nowadays!
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 The Chump would have denied it ever happened.
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 @metal-falcon: that's what you get when you don't pick your secret service detail primarily on "ability to shred"... Did you hear that one agent immediately after he bailed yelling "are you OK?" Smile
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 @cgreaseman: We're in trouble...because he sucks at both!
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 @VtVolk: Exactly. Those stupid cages are terrifying! Way more dangerous than clips.
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 @cgreaseman: you have both, now
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 @mybaben @Porchdick : You're right! One can't get out of clip pedals, the other actively plotted and participated in an insurrection because he couldn't stand being a loser. I truly can't tell the difference in which activity tries to subvert and make a joke out of democracy!
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 Secret Service, get this man a set of flats and some 5.10's ASAP! Toe clips, WTF?
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 @cgreaseman: he sucks at everything
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 @cgreaseman: Who said anything about Trump? No one mentioned him. Where are you going with that?
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 LOL, welcome to Fail Friday on Canada Day, Joe! Big Grin
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 @Mitty: They were prolly the latest thing the last time he went for a ride!
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 @cgreaseman: too bad he sucks at both, lol
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 @cgreaseman: Lucky for you, you have both with . . . “you know that guy”.
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 Lots of strangeness in that fail. 1) he had the first foot out of the clip and perfectly flat on the ground, yet somehow managed to fall the other way (I’ve seen plenty of panic stop tip over crashes. This wasn’t one of them) 2) I’m sure no less than 5 very qualified bike mechanics looked over that bike before letting him ride it. Yet none of them them thought toe clips were a bad idea, especially for a 79 year old?
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 Putin’s fault!
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 @KevinH69: Don't forget GW. He scored an OTB on a Segway, as a much younger man!
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 @cgreaseman: President Joe B. sucks at everything, particularly democracy
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 @datonetti: Guess he stole the show by falling off his bike rather than stealing the election. If that was some guy with an orange face and he'd fall off his bike in front of the crowd, he'd deny it and blaming it on Hilary!
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 @CSharp: you fools have Trump syndrome. I don’t like Trump.. so, just because someone doesn’t like Biden you assume they are Trump supporters. Comical. Regardless, at least our leaders are not sons of Castro like JT…
Get therapy, Trump is gone and out of office. Quit resurrecting him. You all would be lost without him cuz you’d have to gripe about the real Sh1t going on.
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 @CSharp: and regardless of the loudmouth Trump, Biden is an incompetent fool who doesn’t even know who his wife or VP is. The current president…
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 @bottomout: I kind of miss the old Orange Fart. At least he made America great again - ie: great on the fake news that we all watch and get entertained by the farce that goes on with him and his henchmen in the White House. It was daily entertainment for the whole world to see. It's like he writes the scripts for SNL and all the late night shows. Now, it's another farce run by the Liberals and Democrats in North America and it's not funny. It's actually a lot sadder world coming out of the pandemic with stupid leaders we have in governments right now. So, my therapy from all this bullshit is actually riding my bike on singletracks and being one with nature! Wink
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 @CSharp: The only problem with your point is that the orange buffoon is not gone, and millions of his followers have bought into the Big Lie hook, line, and sinker.
The main legacy of his one term as POTUS has been the abolition of fact-based reality.
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 @boopiejones: I've got a feeling that both he and his wife aren't exactly the most pleasant people behind closed doors. It doesn't show it in this clip, but in one of them you can see her riding next to him and her helmet is half way off and looks like it wouldn't do crap in a crash.

For both of these I imagine that Joe probably tore into the bike mechanic about how he has always used clips, and that some poor soul was probably torn into by the first lady that her helmet wasn't properly secured. I imagine she probably said something along the lines of 'I'm a doctor. I think I know how to put a hemet on."
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 That old guy w/ toe clips looks familiar... I just can't remember where I've seen him.
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flag Caligula1620 (Jul 1, 2022 at 10:01) (Below Threshold)
 he can't remember anything either lolol, neither can his supporters, like when he was pro segregation, anti abortion, and said Obama spoke really well "for a black guy". lol, kamala literally called him a racist then jumped on his bandwagon. I love it, let the show go on there isnt entertainment that can compare to the left.
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 I think he was mentioned in Matt Wragg's recent opinion piece about dialing it back as you get older?
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 Walking up Airforce One’s stairs was prolly where you last saw him. Well, trying to walk up…
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 Outstanding collection today. The kid! The berm slam, the bike to the head! POTUS!
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 It's pretty cool when I a guy gets bucked so hard he executes a front flip, almost perhaps even a save, but it is most certainly not "dialed".
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 5 cents for every knee pad you can find in this video...
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 Disappointed nobody dubbed in a “kurwa” for the Prez.
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 Bro Biden on FF, we've seen it all.
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 I’ve noticed quite a few crashes in these videos where the rider looks to have decently stuck the landing, but then gets catapulted over the bars about 10 feet later. What’s up with that? Are they panic pulling the front brake after successfully landing the jump?
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 Damn, y'all must have way better front brakes than me. Lots of landing rolling out a bit and just a mitt full of brake to get things calmed down and back under control only to superman OTB. Impressive stuff.
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 The kid saying "neeeeeoooooowww" before slamming back to earth
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 Old Joe was so good he got a double take from both angles. That bike is proof that he’s living in the past I’m not keeping up with the times ha ha ha
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 2:45 Can't have femme shred without the occasional femme fail.
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 The lack of bmx background at 1:57 is alarming.
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 LOL @ the last one. A true classic when you've spent your body for the day.

"Oh, that root will definitely grab my rear wheel..."


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 Each week proves out there are an infinite number of ways to get it wrong. wrong.
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 3:44 was that his brakes or a squeeze horn?
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 Was this whole episode meant to be a subliminal ad for the Grim Donut? (i.e. slacker headtube angles?)
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 I was pleasantly entertained by todays FF. Thank you.
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 Rider: This is it!

Narrator: This was not it.
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 The sounds. Dear God, the sounds.
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 Also, shout out to quietly saying “You ok” to a guy while crash still happening.
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 Is "go nunu" the new code word for get bucked OTB
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 1:56 Let's go Brandon!!
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 Spencer drops strike again.
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 Nu nu got a boo boo!
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 I'm not even a right-wing guy. I take a liberal stance on a lot of topics, but Joe Biden is not fit to be the POTUS.
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 Yo, save that for your local news site op-ed. This is PB; we should be arguing if he can justify an ebike, or if he's running the right wheel size to be president.
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 Trvmp can't even ride a damn bike at all. How ya like them apples?
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 @plyawn: seems like he’d be down for a mullet set-up.
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 That long slab ride / slide is in New Hampshire.
I know that guy!
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 Being able to hold your bars straight would have prevented a few of these.
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 You sneaky bastards
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 Let's go Biden!!!
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 side O!!!
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 Week of Jerry’s.
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 GO new noob! a true noob
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 Noo noo
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