Video: Friday Fails #257

Jan 26, 2023 at 14:44
by Pinkbike Originals  


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 Well placed blue catch mat.
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 A strange feeling before watching Friday fails today.... after reading Alicia's news.
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 Full face helmets for everyone lol. I guess I don't understand why more people the western on there bike don't use them! It's must be a I'm too cool thing. Trust me you will look alot cooler with all your teeth
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 Whoever makes the subtitles please note: "oh kurwa" is not really a foreign language for pinkers Wink
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 Please let us know what "kurwa" actually means, my friend and neighbour :-)
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 @zeitfuerplanb: It typically means %^$#, but can also mean a $#&%$.
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 @arek: Not to be confused with ^%#$ though. We are a mostly decent bunch after all.
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 @zeitfuerplanb: In this context it really means "oh f*ck", but it literally means a whore. The origin of this is "kuwa mać" which means "your mother is a whore" used as an insult which evolved into a general description of a shitty situation.
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 @lkubica: kurwa means a whore, thats all. In czech kurva means the same, which is similar to german die kurve - corner Smile
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Why would that be an insult? My mother was/is a whore....and I have no problem with that.
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 @zeitfuerplanb:"Kurwa" means zu spaet fuer planb.
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 @enis: LOLOLOL.. Classic bro, just classic!
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 @stpan: In Croatian Kurwa is a kurva Smile also.
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 @enis: well, Poland is a catholic country which means lots of hypocrisy
and bigotry.
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 that last one holy shit
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 Where is this trail?
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 @yoobee: Looks like White Line in Sedona.
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 @Caravaggio: white line is smooth rock, this looks waaaay different. still a shityourpants kinda spot though.
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 Best advice I could give most of these people is hit the gym. Build some upper body strength and most of these crashes are salvageable.
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 and stretch!
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 Besides wanting to be a hulking mass, I also bench press to remain strong on the bike. I concur that many don't seem strong enough to handle the landing deceleration, and get pitched off at that point.
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 and dont hit front brake
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 technique would help more
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 best advice would be to have a good medic care plan hehehehe
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 Kids, remember what's right after a jump is just as important as the jump itself.
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 The timing could have been better....
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 I mean, it is Friday. Would Saturday have been better?
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 Did the last guy lose his bike?
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 Hehehehe poor guy...I bet they made a rescue mission to pick up the bike. I think that place is Lima Peru, El cerro del Morro Solar (more or less a bike park)so they could get help if needed.
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 Gotta have a good Oh Kurwa! on FF. It's just not the same without it. And I like that it doesn't get muted.
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 1:23 he fought until the end
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 To infinity and beyond…
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 I definitely recognize the road gap at Snowshoe. One other looked like it could have been Santos in Florida.
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 Definitely Santos. Buddy of mine broke his collar bone launching off the second hump.
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 Ewww.. I got dat on Flim Smile
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 “Horn honks”
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 O:47 mark, shout out to Angus for going for it. I'll rebuild it with a bit more lip next time and give you a fightin chance.
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 @1:46 guy is barely hanging onto the face of the jump and probably happy for the crash he got instead of being wedged between the jump and the tree.
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 For the 1st time in a while I got to the end without wondering if I'd just watched a snuff film!
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 How about that advent calendar?
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 Why are they always age restricted on YouTube now?
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 Hey, what FF has the “I’ll let my ibis do the work” guy?
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 2:59 got me rolling
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 The last one FTW.
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 Pretty weak week
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