Video: Friday Fails #282

Jul 21, 2023 at 10:07
by Pinkbike Originals  

Another incredible batch of fails to make your Friday even better.

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 Was going to write: "Which was worse, the guy yelling 'yo!' like a maniac in the second clip before running over his buddy, or the wookie sounds coming out of Mr. POV a couple of clips later?"

Then, I realized the epic quote at 2:53, "I'm down! I'm good, but I'm down," appears to be the same rider as the "yo!" clip. Wow. Tip of the cap for getting two crashes into the same FF. I have a feeling we'll be seeing more of this guy.
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 I think it was two clips in the same run
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 In the 1st clip I'm pretty sure his mate crashed on purpose just to shut him up.
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 Don't know who he is, but he's the new King of FF.
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Wookie sounded and looked like he was taking a copter ride.
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 May be a FF special just of him is needed
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 and i came here to say that he deserved to crash, double bubble
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 Imagine the shame he brought to his family…
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 Maybe. Did the photographer get the shot before he crashed? Or how about a before/after for the Christmas cards? LOL
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 We need a Family Friday edition of vids and stills of hilarious family mtb clips. Put a little soundtrack under it and we've got something else to bring us joy at others' misfortune.
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 Fun times and the Hugh-Goodbro family reunion
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 This for comment gold!
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 Family Fail
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 Clip 2 is still less annoying than some douchebag with a Bluetooth speaker.
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 I would like to see either rider of the delta bravo personality type you mention doing a face plant into a large tree. The silence would be even more precious.
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 If anybody asks you "what do broken ribs sound like?" just point them to 1:21. Yeesh.
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 Yow indeed. The guy up next got some front side damage from planting on his bike though.
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 yeah unmistakable sound aye, you know once you've made it yourself. ouch
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 When in doubt, squeeze the ever-livin' hell out of that front brake. Surest way I know to end up here on a future Friday.
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 yoyo guy really yoyoed went from chaotic stoke to 'you good' rather quick
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 His yoyo's had really settled down by the time he re-appeared at 2:52
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 @toast2266: Maybe he should stay down and STFU!
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flag fabwizard (Jul 21, 2023 at 22:16) (Below Threshold)
 @CSharp: seriously why all the smack over yo yo. Dude is loving life.

He is out there sending it while your on a screen.
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 @fabwizard: It was you, wasn't it. . .
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 Beginners lesson - hone your tree skills on saplings! Leave the big ones until you've fully mastered head-butting wood.
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 If karma was real, that YO YO YO guy would have catapulted off the trail, mouth first into a tree.
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 Dude at 00:40 launched into next Tuesday dayummmm
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 Did he go long or come up short? Looked like he went long but then in the second angle it looked like he might have been trying to gap to that next downslope and came up short.
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 @sino428: This is what I thought (or else dayummmm is right!)
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 @noapathy: Saw this on insta, he was in the comments saying that he came up pretty short he was trying to gap to the downside.
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 Friday riders: "Why do they always plant so many feckin' trees right beside the trails?"
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 I quit youtube for a week because I was watching it too much. This was my first video watched after a week off. It did not disappoint.
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 Internet High Five, my man! I did the same, but the first video I watched was one about how to get pit stains out of t-shirts. Unbelievable. Life changing. And then I watched this one.
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 @Bibico: You might need to forward me that video... for a friend.
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 @Bibico: Pit-stain vids are the gateway drug
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 I imagine that having your bike run over by someone else on an ebike is a lot like leaving your bike on the railway tracks and waiting for a freight train to come and obliterate everything.
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 Yeah, that sounds like a good comparison....
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 What's the deal with the white tires at 1:30? Those are dumb.
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 :53.....that direction on that tree is nye onto impossible without the speed of an ebike, or the trials skills of
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 Can we just rename this weekly series : “You good . . .?”
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 1:27 ... testosterone boost from his balls dropping the week before and now they've been either shattered or knocked back to make friends with his gallbladder.
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 we need a friday fails "you good" edition
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 Kokso! :-D
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 Are fails clips pulled from the crashes videos? Is that how to submit?
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 Yup. Anyone can enjoy an on-demand Fail Sesh by watching the submissions anytime:
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 yeaaaw yeaaaw yeaaaaaw you good?
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 Hey buddy at 1:52. That’s my move.
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 I hate Instagram and its need to shoot vertically!
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