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Video: Friday Fails #283

Jul 28, 2023 at 9:01
by Pinkbike Originals  

Another incredible batch of fails to make your Friday even better.

Friday Fails is presented by SQLab.

A saddle must fit like a pair of shoes. Get your sit bones measured now! #sqlab


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 Anyone else notice that when the animated bike explodes in the intro, it’s a road bike double crank that flies off? I will now ponder this every Friday.
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 "Road" double? You know we ran doubles, and even triples here in MTB for 30+ years, right?
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 @FatTonyNJ: no, it's distinctly the silhouette of a road crank
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 @phalley: Agreed, 1000% a road crank. If you get the right full screen pause at exactly 0:11 (11 seconds) from the very start it's plain as day it is a goofy animation of the asymmetric "spider", likely Shimano, with a really well worn big ring and possibly a Quarq-like power meter in the wrong position. Small chainring is way too big to be a granny or the small on a mountain double, and also needs replacing due to tooth wear.

@VtVolk, however you got to this, well done. Some animator somewhere needs to explain themselves.
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 @iammarkstewart: Calm down, CSI New York...
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 That's why they crashed, obviously.
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 Alex either turns pro or never rides a bike again
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 The kid crashing at ~2:31 - brutal. Maybe the first time grom buddies didn't just laugh immediately.
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 Alex is dead. F*ck.
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 I do appreciate the concern for his friend. If anyone knows if he survived that would be a nice addition.
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 yeah but kids heal real quick
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 Bike park season has been good for Friday Fails business
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 please send bike parts in leu of flowers to Alex.
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 I didn't consider the back flip to nose pick a fail really. Dude might have sputtered into a tree afterwards, but surviving the back flip was victory ✌️
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 to the guy at 2:56-the party shirt looks cool until you find yourself on FF...
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 Hey, at least he'll always remember that as the shirt he separated his shoulder in!
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 Dude didn't look to be in any condition to be riding that day...
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 @RayDolor: i think he's still there
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 Is that Snow Summit at 3:08? It looks pretty similar to one rocky trail entry I remember from there, but I haven't ridden there enough to be sure.
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 It is.
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 Ya. I think I remember Bruni gapping the whole thing in a race they held there years ago…

10-ply is one of those trails that looks like a literal joke on film but is actually pretty proper in person
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 1:45 is the most annoying camera placement I've ever seen. It's cartoonish.
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 POV: you are a penis of a mountain biker
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 I legit thought he might be manualing for a few seconds, because I couldn't tell what the heck the bike was doing.
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 Props to the lady at 1:10"! Bit of a tricky move and she managed more or less avoid a real yard sale. So cool to see the ladies get shreddy, even if there is the occasional (and obligatory) mistake.
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 Snow valley and snow summit both in one video haha, love to see it. the 10-ply rocks should have a permanent camera
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 The older you get the more it hurts.
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 have they always censored the swears? the constantly cut audio is annoying.

showing people get completely wadded up is A-ok but we cant hear someone scream f*ck and SHIT???
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 oh wow pinkbike censored my comment. f*ck isnt ok but shit is? lol who is drawing these lines.
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flag Roost66 FL (Jul 28, 2023 at 9:24) (Below Threshold)
 @jdkellogg: woke as fuk
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 @jdkellogg: I’ll just combine them into a super swear FsUhCiKt
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 @everythingsucks: Just looks like you're saying "suck it". Username checks out.
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 @icanreachit: it’s a super swear. It can be whatever horrible word you want.
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flag flattoflat (Jul 28, 2023 at 12:31) (Below Threshold)
 Tell me you're not a parent without telling me you're not a parent.
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 They don’t cut the non English ones, though. Due to a plethora of Polish entries in Friday fails, I know to say “kurva “ if I ever fall in Poland
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 @Poachninja: Yeah, the censorship overlord doesn't seem to speak any other languages. I've recognized swears in French, German, Dutch and a few suspected ones other langguages I don't speak. And of course 'kurwa', which is used in a number languages, including Polish.
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 @flattoflat: I'm a parent. Kids are going to hear these words at some point in their life, and they are going to repeat them. Most important thing is, that they learn what the appropriate time and place for swear words is. Seeing a friend smacking their face in the dirt at near lethal speed is one of the most appropriate times to use swear words.
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 Some classic North Shore fails on there today. Don't skid down rock slabs and don't forget to turn in the corner afterwards Wink
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 Where is the park in the opening clip? It's freaking beautiful.
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 I'd guess Austria based on the original video location stamp, but not 100% sure: www.pinkbike.com/video/579087
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 Looks a lot like the jumps in Innsbruck where they did the whip-offs during Crankworx
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 This Friday had a high percentage of "Fank god for da Full Face Freddy!"
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 1:30 brutal, I think he had a FF on but not 100% sure.
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 He did, but that was a nasty one. I hope he´s ok
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 that guy in the funky blue lounge shirt nutted himself something awful!!!
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 1:49... what the actual.....uhhh
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 Was that homeys tooth flying through the air at 1.22?
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 Pretty sure it was an airpod, unless it came from the next clip. That guy got knocked so unconscious that pieces of him definitely could have flown into adjacent clips.
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 1:30 damn those narrow trails
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 You’ve seen one jump line crash, you’ve seen them all.
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flag BermJunky (Jul 28, 2023 at 12:24) (Below Threshold)
 Hahaha love the downvotes. The 14 year olds are out today, I see!
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