Video: Friday Fails #284

Aug 3, 2023 at 14:49
by Pinkbike Originals  
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 Was anyone else secretly hoping the person riding the skinny would fall into the pond, only to come away massively disappointed?
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 That is cruel and heartless.. yes I did and I was disappointed indeed.
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 Can't begin to tell you how disappointed I was
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 Was anyone NOT secretly hoping that
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 I so wanted that rider to fall into the Entrails swamp!
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 3 angles of bad technique at 0:31. Bonus!
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 In his defense ; I believe I know that jump line, Its starts out great but then seems like they tried to stuff more jumps in near the end of the track and gave up. What he bailed on is a large mound with no real landing, your forced to scrub it but at the speed you come in at and the fact the the landing has two directions coming out of it, your eyes look one way, your body goes the other and your brain lags as it does know which of the two to believe.
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 @enduroelite: It does however look like he could have just stayed on the bike and ride away hah
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 Also in his defense, I wouldn’t say the technique is bad at all. Looks like he got hung up on something as well as it looks like a very steep blind landing.
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 3:18 - "e-bikers are generally less-skilled than their traditional bike riding counterparts." -Specialized
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 EMTBS in general hold a much higher risk of crashing for less-skilled riders if said rider has not learned the skills of handling a bike at high speeds, not to mention a much heavier bike than a normal non electric mountain bike.
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 sounds like he hurt himself
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 Yes. The trad bike riders in FF exhibit excellent skills at all times..
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 Doesnt look like quite as many deaths this week
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 I love e-mtb content on Pinkbike, but only in Friday fails.
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 1:13 is why you don't take your girl along as your film crew...
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 See, I think it’s exactly why you should!
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 She’s wasn’t so much concerned for his welfare as she was disappointed in him for doing something stupid.
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 @nsteele: yeah that was a for sure “I told you so” oh hun.
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 @nsteele: That's love
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 That sounded to me like a midwestern mom on family vacation, lol.
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 1:28 guarantee that guy just got off the lift with that spunk you always have on the first run of the day "ok dude, been doing those TPS reports for the last 9 months, time to ride, get our vacay on budddyyy.....going to be an epic weekend"....doh
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 looks like snow summit
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 "Oh Hun....."

Who gave Haighleiy the camera
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 Lots of over-biked goobers doing goober things.
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 CC : (groaning in the distance)
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 Pinkbike needs to do a version called Wrecked Wednesdays of just bikes getting absolutely clapped and broken. Also idk what the guy was doing at 1:36? Was he attempting a 360 or a tailwhip?
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 I am ready for a Taco Tuesday. Featuring wheel failures.
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 Hope that last rider had a full face on!
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 I just spent a whole day riding that jump line last weekend, thankfully it's an easy road pedal access and lots of people wear full faces. That was definitely the most painful crash of the vid
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 The poor bastiche at :54 has my sympathy. Ouch
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 Fargin' bastiche sympathy pillow stuffed it

@slowerthanmydentist: those dentists will need orthopedists. No guts no entrails
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 a lot of otb's this week
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 A feast of OTBs!

PS: Show some respect - capitalize OTB!
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 1:00 had a lot of time to think about life's choices...
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 "oh hun"
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 At 0:20..... Is that you Peter Griffin??
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 Thought I was going to see a splash on Entrails.
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 I want to live in a world made of foam...
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 1:50... OK physically, but not emotionally.
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 The JRA-crash-grunt edition
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 Didn't know DH Pumptrack was a thing

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