Video: Friday Fails #85

Sep 5, 2019 at 18:21
by Pinkbike Originals  

Your weekly dose of carnage.


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 I’m on the fence whether or not the guard rail drop guy survived..
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 Should always understand instructions before you get into a manual
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 Forreal that looked like a pretty big drop off.
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 Yeah he was at the end of the road
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 Pun intended?
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 @overconfident: Yes...The best dad jokes are the ones nobody laughs at.
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 Story of my life. Black diamond trail at irresponsible speed - ok. Fcking around with friends - on my ass.
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 Hopefully the grass was greener
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 I guess let his guard down
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 @JohanG: same here!
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 Please, please, please don't stop filming so soon. We "need" to see a bit more of the aftermath. You stopping the recording is not going to make your buddy feel any better, so you may as well hold steady for a couple of seconds longer.
truly concerned pinkbike reader
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 Here's a ‘lil rap about all these senders,
who fly through the sky and crash like Bender.

They're only mere mortals like you and I,
They commit all the way and ain't afraid to die.

They could use a good lesson in aerodynamics,
Cuz once they leave the lip they start to panic.

Over the bars is the name of the game,
They bounce right back like they can’t feel pain.

They hit trees and rocks, you'd think they were dead,
That one guy at 2:54 just bashed his head.

Get back on the horse and keep on sendin’,
Hone those skills so you can whip like Brendan.

I got mad respect for all these groms,
when I was their age I was slaying Pong.

Now don’t be hatin’ for all my rhymes,
I’ve been there too, crashed many a-times.

You can twist and spin and dance all you like
But always remember, go ride your damn bike
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 Huggies diapers needs to sponsor this segment. They make a great pair of pull ups.
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 I think the main problem is located between the seat and the handlebars.
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 ...and usually it's closer to the handlebars
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 @f00bar: ... and then travelling over them.
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Call me old fashioned, but that looks like a pretty serious drop the other side of that barrier
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 You can see enough to determine it's a steep grass slope before the asphalt. We have rails and terraces like that in my area. He likely had a soft landing but a steep, fast slide down to the road below.
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flag WAKIdesigns (Sep 6, 2019 at 7:05) (Below Threshold)
 I got a gust of wind riding manual down the street once. Got on the opposite lane barely missed the car coming from the other side... high speed manuals at speed are Skeatchaey
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 @WAKIdesigns: you can manual?
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 @dglobulator: his car. Manual gears
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 @tobiusmaximum: thee of wee faith...
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 @dglobulator: He must have picked SOMETHING up from doing all those Ryan Leech skills illustrations..
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 Asking "you OK bro?" is a way for the filmer to absolve any guilt for just having filmed your crash. The faster they say it, the more guilty they feel Smile
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 Yes! gonna pick up my kids from school, cycle home and watch this! They love it!
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 Better hurry, cuz someone posted your kid bagging it at 1:11. Oh, wait, nvm it was just Petey doing his thing again.
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 Indeed, it's a family tradition in my house now! Every Friday after school, we come home and watch Friday Fails!
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 0:25 has it all: dead sailor, bike drops the People's Elbow, wheel mounted reflector, and someone's toupee rolls in for the photo bomb.

Guardrail Guy was livin' on the edge...
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 I am maybe a sissy, but I am actually relieved when some of the worst ones say they are OK... Some are scary crashes!
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 Why does no one wear elbow pads or gloves?
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 2:50 that dog is like doing the math of 1+1=crash. He runs away like saying :"I told you,I´m looking for help!" . I think the guy was lucky to be ejected by the forks in the last second.
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 Curse these Friday Fails videos - they inspired me to try a Scorpion over a gap jump yesterday. Owch. Must admit, after a rough nights sleep and unsettled tum, I was thinking if it was a good idea to go to a bike park. After my efforts with bruised ribs and right hand and 2 broken spokes out back - I should have listened to myself and chilled instead. Thank God for my full face, knee, elbow pads and back pack. Dirty but doing their job nicely. I can attest - lack of speed and confidence is a real issue with Gap Jumps. Weird I have no problems with table tops, corner lips and drop offs.....
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 Id say 80% of the jump crashes are caused by going to slow. The other 20% who knows...….
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 The camera angle at 2:49 makes it look like he's going uphill to start with. It's only when he gets sliding that my brain figured it out.
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 Strippers in the city are more dangerous than this--I'll choose mountain bikes all day I tell ya

~From Denver, w/Love
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 Shotgun Willies?
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 @jwrendenver: that too big dogger!!
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 Take note: unless you're Brett Tippie, don't try anything crazy while riding with a huge pack. I suppose the saving grace is that it does offer some back protection.
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 That guy at 0:53 looked like he was trying to pull the ol' Line Rider nose ride stunt.. so close.
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 The guy at 2:49 is lucky to be alive.
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 Last rider just decided to get off in mid air.
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 Did the first guy had a squeaky toy in his pocket?
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 Hamster tyre inserts.. helps to prevent flats.
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 That first person slide without gloves is making my palms hurt.
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 i like my 'coco' shaken, not stirred. i always freaked at that waterfall feature.
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 I can’t believe that one rider went over the guardrail Eek

And who riders a creek bed? That OTB looks like it hurt a lot !!!!
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 Guy at 1:30 got railed
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 Holy hell, I hope that crunching sound @ 2:15 wasn’t a shoulder coming apart.
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 Anyone who has ever fatbiked can relate to 1:16. Classic.
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 Didn't get past 4 seconds without exploding into laughter. What the hell was that squeak noise!
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 how do you submit your videos to pinkbike? I have 2 worthy crashes from our Mammoth Bike Park rides. lol
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 I love how in a few of those the onlookers ask "Y'OKAY?" before the crasher has even stopped tumbling.
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 As if crashing wasn’t bad enough, you now have 0.6seconds from impact to diagnose your injuries!
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 This must have been said before, but people who ask if you're OK before you can even know if you're OK need to stop that.
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 bro when you're truly in a dangerous moment--you will know it and quickly respond the dude asking "are you ok" if you're actually okay...or not. Be glad people care about you at all.
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 If someone crashes you want to assess the damage right away. Asking if you are OK is a great way to quickly evaluate the severity of the situation. How they respond to your question dictates the level of care needed. Plus, it lets your buddy know you are there for them.
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 @EvoRidge: agreed mate, I've been there myself, and seen/helped others who've found themselves in that situation. ''Twas just a lighthearted joke bud. Have a good weekend.
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 @ADW: agreed mate. Just a joke.
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 @ro-bert: we can’t be having that Robert!
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 @tobiusmaximum: no, clearly not. Thought I'd better state the bleedin' obvious to them before the whole thing turned into a health and safety circle jerk.
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 Great stuff PB. Keep 'em coming.
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 This whole video was a clinic on how to snap your collarbones. Yeesh
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 Did the first guy land on a squeaky toy, or do my ears deceive me?
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 Check your suspension settings kids
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 0:33, that was one premature scream of yes
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 The lack of moss on at 1:39 proves this rock takes names on a daily basis.
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 0:34 Not sure if a backwards pump is going to help clear that gap...
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 The guy at 0:29 crashed so hard he lost his wig!!
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 Thank you... these made my day.
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 The bike at 1:43 is better at staying on the trail than the rider
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 "Ça va?"

Um, not anymore.
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 0:32 is that at spirit mountain?
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 That first guy almost squeaked by without wrecking.
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 Right before the crashes on the high speed Fails my butt cheeks cringe
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 mostly gumbies this month but still some decent carnage!
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 They should call it darts and starts.
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 Solid belly flop at 1:11
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 Kung Fu Walrus at 1:36?
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 Sure is

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