Video: How To Ride Like Nicholi Rogatkin - With Carson Storch

Aug 16, 2018 at 10:38
by Pinkbike Originals  

Carson takes the gloves off and shares all the secrets to riding slopestyle just like Nicholi Rogatkin. Nailed it.

Thanks for being a good sport Nicholi, good luck at Joyride this weekend!

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 That was amazing, loved it. Especially the fidget spinner and that helmet. I hope I'm rad enough to blow up a helmet someday
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 I blew up my helmet last weekend when I sent it to my face, spent the night in A&E throwing up with concussion. Missed 3 days of work and my balance has gone to shit. Don't recommend blowing up your helmet.
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 @twelvemonths: Different kind of blowing up your helmet here, but that sucks.
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 @twelvemonths: Damn dude- been there. When ur feeling "OK", just remember that's the most important time to take it slow. The balance and vision shit will revisit u when u start riding/exerting again. GO SLOW.
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 If you rub it enough it’ll blow up!
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 @twelvemonths: Advice taken. Heal up and good luck, I hope that gets sorted as fast as possible.
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 LMAO, the spins and the helmnade for sure!
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 Fucking amazing please do more of these
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 I just hope Nicholi takes this in the best way. We've all been watching with amazement since he was like 10 years old riding a 16" Haro at some indoor park back east doing flairs and flips. You'd need a lifetime to learn to ride like him but this was a fun nonsense attempt. Best of luck Nicholi...everyone is watching you.
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 Glad someone said this! Cheers man
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flag DigRenno (Aug 16, 2018 at 17:26) (Below Threshold)
 Imitation: thanks for trying! Riding level: no, if you can’t ride like nicholi rogatkin, don’t make a video like this! And well, everybody wishes they could ride like him!!! So just keep riding..........
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flag FireBallDHR (Aug 16, 2018 at 19:46) (Below Threshold)
 Nicolai is awesome! So amazing and talented he deserves nothing but positivity! Nice try but there is no video that can ever teach any one to ride like him he is legend and is out there for a good time pushing the sport!
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 We got permission from Nicholi before doing this, he’s my good homie. He’s Been taking heat from people his whole riding career and never worried about what others thought, look at him now. All for laughs
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 @carson-storch: hell yeah! I thought it was light hearted, he's got his style, it was fun to watch. Good work boys.
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 Wow you guys don't understand satire very much lol
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 @carson-storch: He seems like the type that hatorade only makes him more motivated and determined, if I had to guess.
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 @ctd07: nor have they paid attention to the other riders that have been spoofed with this video series. Can't believe it went over so many peoples heads.
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 The fidget spinner hahaha
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 Between this and the one of Blenki, I think pinkbike has an awesome new feature!
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 Up next, 'How to hide like Danny Hart...'
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For starters...
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 @dingus: how to party like the Vanzacs
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 @dingus: oh god what have we done...
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 I was ambivalent up until the fidget spinner shot, then you made a convert of me. Funny stuff. He’s definitely got his own vibe going on but that’s part of what makes it all fun and interesting. Sports like these thrive on creativity and individuality. The more we all look and act the same, the more the soul drains out of the sport. Like when I was watching Olympic snowboarding this year, I couldn’t believe how boring and sterile it was! BMX and skateboarding are next on the chopping block. I love the spirit of the olympics, but they’re not good at fostering and rewarding creativity and individuality. Hopefully as an MTB community we can continue to appreciate and reward the variety of characters and approaches that we have.

Whoa. Serious post after a silly video. Sorry!
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 I want to see Nikolai's response to this Smile
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 Epic chuckles
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 It's Africa Hot out here
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 Riding like Semenuk would be easy
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 Yeah easy, just do everything perfectly and make everything look super easy...and don't smile.
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 @cdmbmw: or blow one trick and win away pouting. Seriously though, his riding is an art form.
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 Rheeder should try to do it.
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 When he took the visor off I was praying for Manfred Mann’s “blinded by the light” song to start,however the timing of the edit is paying off for nicholi! congrats on the big win,I love watching your celebrations in the finish area!
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 Much like Zoolander though, don't be an ambi-turner
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 Reminds me of when Daniel Dhers was rippin on Ryan Nyquist in his “ Dherquist” video -** a classic
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 I wasn't lol'ing until Step 5. Then I lost it. I nearly cried. Thank you for this work of art.
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 I laughed. Maybe harder than I should've. My coworkers are looking at me weird. Guess I'd better apply step 6.
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 Cam and Tyler could put together one of these for each other. I think that would be pretty funny.
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 shots fired
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 They both used to ride for Diamondback, does that mean they are buds?
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 @robokfc: yeah they're buds. It's all in good fun—watch through to Step 6. Smile
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 that fidget spinner was funny.
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 Love it, freakin LOVE it !! MOAAR
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 Awesome! Rogatkin must be storched with this
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 Hahaha so good
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 Best video to date!
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 Hahah that’s good!
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 Now this is high quality content.
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 Nice Biloxi blues reference!
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 bahahaha. that was awesome rad
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 Who’s next?
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 The 6ix9ine of mtb haha
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 got another won: stick a piece of wood up your ass, so you are not able to style out any of your tricks.
funny cause true !
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 Step 7 if you're trying to be funny don't smile
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