Video: How To Silence Your Bike On A Budget

Jul 18, 2021 at 8:08
by Pinkbike Originals hear that? Yeah there's a lot of noise out there, but your MTB doesn't have to be one of them. Tom Bradshaw helps you save some dollars by making sense of typical items you'd find in a hardware store, and how they can help quiet your rig down!


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 Next article by Tom:

10 ways to save enough to afford the soon to be announced paywall:

1. Cancel Outside+ subscription
2. Pirate trailforks pro from a buddies account
3. Don't buy any of the expensive mtb specific clothing the PB folks get for free, buy the shit at costco
4. Don't donate to your local trail association
5. Pirate laps at your local trail network during the weekdays when they dont have anyone checking for passes
6. Steal your next bike
7. Sell some of your old shit in the buy/sell before the parts shortage ends
8. Sell your sperm/eggs on the internet
9. Get a gig job silencing other peoples bikes as per above video instead of posting stupid comments
10. Buy all your bike gear off ali express, I promise it is real SRAN and Shemano stuff and will work fine
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 #3 and #7. Done and done.
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 So if you were to go the website what would you guess would be waiting for you?
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flag SterlingArcher (Jul 19, 2021 at 11:01) (Below Threshold)
 To be honest I can’t wait for pinkbike to be behind a paywall. Levy, Kaz, Burkat, Brian, Jason, Christina, Dave, the other Dave, etc deserve their payday and should be rewarded for the hard work they put into this site.

Congrats on the sale to Outside! It’s every business owners dream to accomplish and end goal. Well deserved and this allows them to work on new projects, bringing the people even better content. I can’t wait to see what the future brings! Beer
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 @SterlingArcher: 12 minutes? what took you so long?
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 @SterlingArcher: LOL @ thinking employees get the benefit of an acquisition.
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 @ReformedRoadie: I’m slipping!
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 @iliveonnitro: big companies are so generous. Everybody gets carbon!
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 @SterlingArcher: yeah because the employees always win big when companies get bought out! Woop!
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 How childish.
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flag SterlingArcher (Jul 20, 2021 at 8:38) (Below Threshold)
 @iliveonnitro: I am pro North American. The North American dream is to succeed. I would consider this acquisition a success. Why would you want to deprive other patriotic North Americans of the North American Dream of success? Makes no sense.
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 @jaame: when I see other succeed I don’t get jealous. I’m happy for them. Envy is a sin
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 @jaame: you consider pinkbike a “big company”? Ok
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 Top 10 bike tips to make your mechanic hate you. Pinkbike exclusive content
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Tom Bradshaw Vocabulary Translation Vol. 5.

mi'naeh - many
Sheuf'tah - shifter
wouend - wind
Toi'ahs - tires
sik'shan - section
wo'tah - water
hidsit - headset
alektrikalyle - electrical aisle
ints'chulashin - insulation
pidol - pedal
prisst - pressed
end'churro -enduro
wot - what
alicktrickal - electrical
ivery - every
chube - tube
cah'pak - parking lot
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 Yeah, about right!
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 Way back when I first went to NZ, I quickly learned that "chicken disk" is not a round poultry product...
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 @veero: I dont know what TF that is it made out of a bush chook?
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 Okay, now that was funny.
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 @thedirtyburritto you are too good sir - end'churro needs to go on a t-shirt.
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 @thedirtyburritto: it's where you deposit your luggage at the airport and get your ticket
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 New Zealand 6 Australia 7
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 Silence my bike? I pay big bucks for I9 hubs so the world knows I’m out there!
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 Pair it with some winter fat tires and you’ve got yourself an angry swarm of bees…
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 You can't deny they make you faster, though. Want some goddamn peace and quiet? PEDALLLL!!!!!
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 That reminds me that my Horizon V.2 rear hub is in need of grease. It's starting to "zing" a bit too sharply.
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 haha thanks to @acr21 & @Asellars87 for the translation - enchilada*, it's the new enduro banana
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 Hey now this is my territory
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 Dear @YetiCycles are you watching ?

If so, please help your customers with:

- better chain stay protection
- tighter end to end cable routing
- better down tube protection

Unfortunately, most of these hacks apply to your bikes.
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 Dentists listen to the whir of a dental drill all day and don't care about bike noise.
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 How To Silence Your Bike On A Budget 1. Don't buy a bike 2. Use a threaded bottom brackets 3. Strap an used Tire around your downtube 4. dont buy a fox fork theyre creaking on the first ride 5. 6. please complete, thx!
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 Step 6 ride a rigid singlespeed (you'll save a ton of money) and yell at all the "reckless kids" passing you on the trail.
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 @hamncheez: Rigid singlespeeds don't rattle, YOU rattle.
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 @L0rdTom: Haha, so true. I designed my own aggro titanium hard tail, and yes, you can shred aggro hard tails pretty fast, but its not pleasant and not enjoyable.
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 Gary Vee's lesser known brother Jerry Vee.
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 Replace your Shimano cooling finned brake pads with standard NON cooling finned pads!!! Or use loop side Velcro to silence those freaking noise makers!
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 I use bear bell. What noises all you talking about?
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 To bind cables, instead of insulating tape or shrinkwrap, you should definitely choose spiral cable wrap, way better.
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 Came to say the same, and add the same link.
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 Earplugs…….there’re about 8p
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 @Matt115lamb great call! ha ha
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 Can't hear how angry the rattlesnakes are with earplugs in.
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 But how do you stop the whirling sound of the electric motor so you can hide the fact that you are actually riding an electric vehicle?
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 How to silence your audience for a monthly subscription
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 STFU, would buy again. Quiet chain and remove upper chain guide.
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 Tom's bike has arrived at last!
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 @thingswelike how good?!?!
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 Nice new bike! You finally got it. I pre-ordered the Clash but sadly it's been delayed twice it was meant to arrive in August then it got delayed until September and now it's delayed all the way into November.
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 If you have a bike with internal routing but the cables are just flopping around or is has that stupid trek control freak or equivalent, you can stuff a peice of moto foam down the down tube and or in the top tube with the cables. A longer piece works best and don't jam it it too far so you can't grab it out with some needle noses. Your welcome
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 I like a loudish bike. Let's the bears know to get out of the way. Remember Hadley hubs? All about that click.
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 Enchilada = Insulation
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 Is that glove purposely staged to flip off it's viewers at 1:24. Tom, you sneaky guy, you.
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 @steveczech I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about......
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 Please someone tell me how to silence the shitty clutch on my XT Derailleur. Greasing it hasn't worked...
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 Onyx hubs aren't exactly budget, but having silent coasting is amazing.
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 Where in store can you buy the cable insulation and mastic tape in the video. I have only seen mastic tape on Amazon for about $30
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 Mastic tape is known in most DIY/hardware/automotive stores here as "self amalgamating tape". May have more luck searching stores for that.

Not all of them are created equal. I've used different own-brand types from stores here in the UK and some really quieten things down while some do very little (except wear out/off quickly).
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 You can use un-cut zip ties around your internal cables as well. They help to push your hoses and cables consistenly on the inside keeping all in place.
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 The best part here in Italy is that you see all-silenced-10k bikes, ridden by a*sholes who shout "porcodio!!" at every nice thing you find on the trail
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 Huck it to flat if I won’t shut up and tell it to only speak when spoke. to
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 I'd like a louder rear hub to let the bears and cougars know I'm coming
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 I could listen to Tom say enchilation all day
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 @Asellars87 too good, I think I broke the translator machine again
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 @Tombrad: Love the subtitles.
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 Bradshaw is the man, Outside can't afford this caliber of talent
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 @Tombrad is that the bike you've been patiently waiting for?
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 @MountainJnky yea I'm stoked, it's the Meta AM 29, feels a liiiiitle different to the HT....
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 @Tombrad: looking forward to the review
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 @Tombrad: Nice!! I bet. I have been riding my specialized fuse for the last couple years. My Ibis Ripmo finally arrived last week and its been amazing to ride!
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 SO we will finally get a 2021 Meta AM 29 review then?
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 Great ride Wink What do you want to know in detail?
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 @enjoyriding: Oh I know they are great.. I have one myself. Was just interested to hear what PB had to say considering that they liked the TR so much but never did anything with an AM.
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 @MrZ32: AM is more often out of stock than the TR Wink
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 So the Meta is in the new field test with the range, dreadnought and? Or was it not shown being hucked to flat in the vid?
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 a bike without rattles, is like a garden with no flowers...
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 Once Outside takes over: "How to silence your bike for under $1000."
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 ….it already has with an article like this.
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 Didn't you mean to say " How to silence the comment section behind a paywall"?
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 Giving her paywall PB subscription...
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 Wireless headphones are the best for a quiet bike
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 What part of that tape is electrical ?!?
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 What part of your Mountain Bike is a mountain?
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 @L0rdTom: A beautiful park is beautiful. A car park is not a car. Do you see the difference between an adjective and a noun ?
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 Budget bla bla Paywall now upvote me /s
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