Video: Huge Whistler Gaps with Yoann Barelli, Chris Kovarik, Claire Buchar, Phil Kmetz & More

May 29, 2019 at 16:27
by Pinkbike Originals  

Yoann Barelli, Chris Kovarik, Claire Buchar, Phil Kmetz from Skills with Phil, and more head up for an afternoon of sending new and huge gaps in the Whistler Mountain Bike Park.

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 Pros: Uh we have a race soon

Phil: Hold my mustache
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 right out the gate he establishes dominance over top dh, enduro, and up and coming youth riders.
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 Jeff Kendall-Weed posted a segment riding with him last week (I think it was last week?). Phil is a riot, an awesome rider, and seems to be really down to earth dude. I'm glad we're seeing more of him these days...
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 Phil Kmetz is responsible for my realisation that YouTuber/vlogger doesn't just mean attention seeking dick-head.
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 @alexhyland: couldn’t agree more. I admit when I first came across Phil I already had my mind made up about him, especially with how goofy he is...but wow was I wrong. Seems like an all around salt of the earth guy who rips.
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 @alexhyland: who made you think that was ever the case?
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 @nicz: I dunno. I guess I was just late to catch on to it.
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 Phil has provided, the gnarlest of sends in the video, top shelf sir, shred on,!!
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Trail Peek guys are rippers also.
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 Skills with Phil - great vids and helped my sorry ass a lot.
Must revisit them soon and reassess my abilities ))

That and Yoan's laugh and life attitude )))
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 With Phil, it's "What You See is What You Get". He is one of the nicest, most down-to-earth humans you will meet, and an absolute ripper on any sort of bike. We are stoked to have him in the GT family!
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 trying to ask this as polite as possible but why does he wear that ugly fucking mustache
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 @tomasinbc: thats totally subjective, dude
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 Pros: Huge otb, hits a tree, jumps up before he even hits the ground. "I'm all good. Pretty scary."

Me: Pushing up the hill, hits shin on pedal, cries for three days.
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 + Some broken bone
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 You just made me spew half a Corona out of my nose, dude!
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 @Buter: atleast it was just water
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 @endurogan: Under-rated comment. Have an upvote.
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 Yoann's laugh embodies everything that's great about amount biking This video is MTB
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 Unbelievable riding! Phil is a beast!
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 Absolute beast. And one of my favorite YouTubers too!
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 Quote of the summer "the couple that case together, stay together"
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 Big time Skill with Phil getting after it
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 It's cool to see him stacked up against some pros and established riders. I knew he had the skills to pay Phil's bills, but its crazy to see him out-huck the big dogs.
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 @bikekrieg: lesser known fact: Phil comes from a strong background of dh racing and has gotten like 5th at US dh nats. And beat Dakota Norton at collegiate nats multiple times. He has plenty of skill and can hang with those big dogs for sure
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 @lmcstudent: Looks like he also qualified and finished 72nd at Windham WCDH in 2015. Not too shabby!
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 @lmcstudent: there is a podcast out there where Phil did a huck in the national that made Aaron Gwin said "that was the ballsiest move I've ever seen."
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 @gramboh: He was actually the 8th fastest through split 2 and 9th fastest in the speed trap before washing out in the last corner. Phil be phast.

Stoked for ya on this one @PhilKmetz !
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 @jdeuce: Do you know which podcast? I've been looking for good mtb podcasts.
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 @special-jLeslie: oh wow didn't look at the details. Badass.
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 Phil is really one of the only youtubers that can actually ride a bike. Nice to see him getting exposure. Well deserved.
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 Well, Cathro too...
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 Jeff Kendall-Weed is also REALLY good
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 Was a little drunk when I posted op....

JKW is the real deal for sure.

I like cathrovision, but not in the same league from the little I’ve seen...could be wrong. But fair point either way as I wouldn’t put Cathro in the bucket of YT people I was referring to!
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 Phil Shreds and he's one of my favorite content creators.
He's not the only one though.

My list of YouTube Shredders:
Dane and Zach from the channel trail peek deserve more views -- they rip.
Nate Hills.
Jeff Kendall-Weed.

Love all the content those guys put out and they all ride ridiculously fast.

I watch a lot of other content creators who aren't as shreddy but their content is appealing to me in other ways.
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 @nvranka: Cathro was a pro world cup dh racer. Apparently still wins at elite level in his country.
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 @nvranka: Ben has actually had an 8th at a Fort William world cup. He's pretty rapid.
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 @nvranka: Cathro is still way faster than anyone else in the convo... if Phil still raced he'd probably be up there. Doubt any other YouTuber is qualifying for a WCDH.
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 @paulhaysom: oh damn - had no idea. Well thanks for enlightening me.
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 @paulhaysom: in a skinsuit! Presumably one that had to be specially tailored to his 6'7" frame.
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 Grohl's got skills.
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 That. I really don't know how he manages touring with the band and ripping that hard. Which part is done in his free time?
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 the best the best the best the best of
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 Yoann and Phil taught me that the longer your hair, the more fun you have on a mountain bike.
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 I had no idea Weird Al Yankovic was such a shredder
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 This video makes me very happy.
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 That wreck was gnarly!
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 So now we know that Yoann is one of the portrait video offenders.......:-)
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 Is Lucas Cruz also showing us what will be the new paintjob on TLD D3 helmets?
Great vid tho...but camera doesn't show how hard that gap on Schleyer actually is.
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 So impressed with Phil's improvement. Between this and the Douthie gap he posted on his IG last week, it's clear he's been putting in work on the jumps and he's legit as they come.
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 Phil was a pretty fast racer and even qualified for a world cup.
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 Going in a month, can't wait, all these Whistler videos are not helping...
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 Hi chi gap is so fucking hard.
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 I'd rather have one of the new trail bikes than the old 26inch dh bikes that were been hucked down schlayer back in the day.
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 just as long as you carry a sheet tonne of speede
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 I'm sure the video doesn't do any of this justice. Those gaps looked RIDICULOUS!
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 so sick to see a local keene shredder showing up some top tier riders! keep up the good work Phil and uhhhh how many "bike lengths was that first hit @PhilKmetz ??
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 To be young again. I'm early 40's and in good shape. If I crashed like that, I'd be out of commission for 6 months+.
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 If there was a crowd of people laughing, you would spot Yoann with 100% accuracy.
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 So reminds me of snowboarding. Looking for lines!
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 Sick video. Phil is a beast
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 Dude, Phil! Way to lay it down bro, you've come so far man, good on ya!
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 More of this!
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 Phil is such a great guy. He is a great ambassador for any brand.
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 skills with phil just gained a new wave of subs off this video lmao
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 Damn! Turns out Phil really does have skillz.
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 Big props to Phil guys YouTube channel got me back into trail riding!!
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 I'm really impressed. And really depressed.
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 DJ pro line drop... that's a fun one.
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 Is that a Commencal Meta Sram Edition in there?
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 so glad to see Phil on PB!
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 Such precious videos those WBP gaps, jumps, humbled videos!!!
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 so sick
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