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Video: Inverted Carbon Forks & World Cup Winning Suspension - Eurobike 2023

Jun 22, 2023 at 15:09
by Pinkbike Originals  

Day 2 at the 2023 Eurobike Show. Matt Beer checks out Intend's inverted carbon fork, world cup winning electronic suspension, more new suspension from DT Swiss, an electronic dropper post and more.

0:22 - DT Swiss 535 fork and shock
01:34 - Intend inverted carbon fork
03:00 - SR Suntour electronic suspension (Tom Pidcock's Pinarello Dogma)
04:18 - Pinion MGU
05:39 - Fox Speedframe RS helmet
06:49 - Bike Yoke electronic dropper post

DT Swiss 535 fork and shock.

Intend's inverted carbon tubed fork.

SR Suntour electronic suspension on Tom Pidcock's Pinarello Dogma.

A cutaway of Fox's Speedframe RS helmet.

The remote for Bike Yoke's upcoming electronic dropper.

And the wireless electronic post itself.

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 Of all the wireless components out there now, droppers have been the only ones that I would want to invest in at this point due to my tinkering and swapping parts often. That said, the only main option has been the Reverb AXS. After a few issues, never ever a Reverb again. Current bikes have Bike Yokes. I would def give theirs a try if I ever drop that type of $$ on one. Their products are bomb proof and elegant
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 I may be wrong again, but didn't the original AXS post use bike yoke revive internals and not the troublesome manual reverb internals.?
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 @gcrider: I have not heard a single bad thing about the Reverb AXS performance-wise, pretty sure it's proven fairly bombproof up to this point.
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 @rowdyhonzo: Same here. the reverb name carried over to the electronic, but nothing else. Hopefully the price difference will decrease over time due to other electronic post hitting the market.
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 @rowdyhonzo: yeah, but lots of people inherited Reverbs on their complete bike purchases, new or old, and didn’t feel loyalty when sharing their experience. Most people with an ACS are choosing to spend large sums of $$$ on it, so justification bias might be tainting your reporting.
Bike Yoke going wireless is the first time I’ve had interest in a wireless dropper.
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 @rowdyhonzo: first one I had lasted a few weeks before it needed entirely new internal - sagging, and the bleed valve wasn’t working.
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 I haven’t heard or experienced any issues with my AXS dropper. Threw it on the bike after finding a nib one on PB buy/sell back in March 2021 and have never serviced or needed to mess with it once since. The ability to just pull it straight out to clean/handle any sort of dust from creaks is a 5 second job. Not sure I understand what the fuss is about besides the cost.
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 @abueno: the fuss is PTSD from multiple bad Reverbs. No customer support = no brand loyalty. Thinking with heart, not brain. Will never buy another Reverb.
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 @abueno: I would not want that AXS as long as they are to short. I already have a AXS derailleur and it’s useful because it can fit the stop gap till the real deal , the archer is available here in the EU.
And still I would want something else. The SRAM eco system is to expensive for me and I really don’t want their software.
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 @gcrider: How come you think that?
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 @philrossnz: this. I cannot put anything on my bike with the word reverb on it. never again! fool me once, shame on me, fool me 11 times, you must be a reverb!
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 @rowdyhonzo: MY wife has had to warranty one reverb AXS post and after about 6 months the replacement started sagging. Other than that, it really works great. She has had it for several years too.
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 @gcrider: no, but the reverb and revive do have similar internals.
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 If the stack height was shorter on the Reverb AXS I'd buy one in a heartbeat. My buddy lent me his for a few rides and it was just lovely. I'd also wait until they make one with 200mm+ of travel. (I'm 5'11" or 180cm tall)
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 @chubby5000: you can't really have a "short stack" AND 200mm of travel. you're 5'11" so likely riding a medium frame if on a modern bike. assuming its full sus, there aren't a lot of bikes out there with a short enough seat tube AND enough insertion for even the most compact dropper that is 200mm or larger. Not even a Large bike really.
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 @Mtbdialed: no, you can. Stack generally refers to collar height + the distance from the top of the stroke to the saddle rails. Shorter stack gives you more room to run more drop
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 @olafthemoose: and in that regard, the most stack to least, amonst all brands is what.....5mm? is this appreciable in any way?
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 @Mtbdialed: it differs between brands by probably up to 30mm. Look at an older reverb and a oneup v2 post side by side. It’s significant
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 @olafthemoose: well, if you are comparing apples and oranges......

what I mean is, I think it's really only fair to compare stack between droppers of the same vintage. Every 2023 dropper has significantly less stack than a 2015 dropper.
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 @Mtbdialed: you gotta talk to more people or something. I'm 5'11" and my Large Fezzari Delano peak allows me to use a 210 Oneup dropper. My wife is 5'8" and she can use a 210 oneup on the size medium Delano without insertion issues. (I get it's one bike but it's definitely not the only one)
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 @Mtbdialed: fine. Look at a c1 reverb compared to a one up post. I’m a suspension tech and have fit hundreds of droppers to frames and riders. I’ve got a bunch of first hand experience here, and I can promise you it’s at least something to consider, especially if getting the most amount of drop is something that’s important to you
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 @olafthemoose: and one of my points, which I am guilty of not enumerating here, is that MAX drop is not the thing most people should be looking at. There is legitimately, TOO MUCH drop. the saddle plays a role in bike handling. What a lot of, or most, people should be concerned about is getting the saddle the MINIMUM amount out of the way, but leave it in a position that you can still use it to manipulate the bike with your legs.

I would say that 200+mm of drop is excessive for anyone below 6'4" tall. I am 6'2" and on my Mondraker Foxy size L, I have a 185 post that is a bit too much drop.
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 @Mtbdialed: I'm not @olafthemoose but I disagree. Sure it's a lot of drop, but I like to play a very active role in maneuvering my bike around when I bike. I'm 5'11" and have a 210 on my FS bike and a 240 on my hardtail. Wouldn't change a thing. (I know I'm just presenting anecdotal evidence here, but you gotta be open minded about people with different wants and desires regarding their riding style and bike setup)
I guess my point is that I would hate for a bike designer to make the decision to limit my options when I've had the chance to try something for myself and I've found that I much prefer the longer options.
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 @Spencermon: exactly, I like steep trails and having less than 200mm drop messes with my body position when it really points downhill. With the latest generation of bikes, you don’t really have to worry about not being able to fit a long dropper post, but there’s a lot of bikes from only a couple years ago where you can really benefit from a short stack seat post to get your saddle out of the way that last little bit. And having your post slammed with a low profile collar looks clean as hell. To @mtbdialed ‘s point, you can always pop the post up a bit on flatter technical terrain when you need it.
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 @Mtbdialed: and remember this whole discussion started because of the reverb axs and it not being available in 200mm. That limitation is largely because of its stack height. Stack matters
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 With each passing expo, I become more and more of a luddite.
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 That's by far the cleanest version of an electronic dropper I've seen. My only question is where is the battery?
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 in the base of the post. need to remove to charge.
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 It comes with a tube of personal lube and you need to store the battery... errr... "elsewhere".
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 Hopefully, it doesn't make the seattube insertion super long.
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 @Roost66: in the German Mtb News forum it says it only adds 1cm of length compared to the cable actuated version
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 @Mr-Gilsch: 1cm is to much
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 Nice job presenting Matt. Well done.
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 Dear Bike Yoke, please don’t launch the new post without a 200mm+ option
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 There’s a much better article on bikerumor…
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 Great presentation Matt! Really appreciate your work!
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 imagine if bike yokes new dropper hit the market and the max option was 200mm.... bruhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
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 Carbon USD fork? "Shut up and take my fork guards". lol
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 That carbon Intend is beautiful!
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 It's shares the same layup technology as the c duro bikes
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 What's the little lever on the head of the BY e-post?
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 That’s the dropper lever.

The thing on the bars is just the on/off button.
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 Real Answer:
That's Bike Yoke's detachable lever/4mm hex that "revives" the post to no longer sag. It comes with the Revive, but I just took it off and use my shop 4mm hex wrench before I head out on a ride. Side note, big believer in Bike Yoke. My Revive is awesome.
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 possibly revive lever. lets any air that has snuck into oil chamber , back into air chamber so you don't get springy post, saves having to remove post to repair. or something like that
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