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Video: Is The Season Over Before It Started? - The Privateer: Walk The Talk Episode 2

Apr 22, 2020 at 14:57
by Pinkbike Originals  



Ben and the team make their way south on the hunt for those crucial UCI points. After a hectic week of racing and suspension testing, their trip is cut short due to the spread of COVID-19. Is the season over before it even started?

Video by sleeper.co.

We'd like to extend a huge thank you to all of the sponsors who supported this project.



The current situation surrounding future races is unclear due to threat of COVID-19. We’ll stay agile and create the best series possible while taking measures to minimize risk. We’re pulling for the race season to still take place in some way this year, and look forward to seeing Ben test himself against the best.

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 Once travel bans are lifted get Cathro on the pinbike hotlap as well.
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 Would love that!
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 He's such a methodical rider. Watching old footy of him from his old WC days as well and when hes in the zone he can torch some trail. And to think, back in those days no one even made a bike that fit his height, excited to see him on the other end of the lens.
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 Once travel bans are lifted get Cathro into the Oval Office as well.
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 @bishopsmike: Any functioning adult will do.
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 Never rooted for anyone as hard as for Ben in those POV runs! Literally clenched my butt cheecks, hoping everything goes well.
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 Without racing, Cathro has become the best content there is for us bike nerds. There's nothing I click on faster.
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 Can you all insist that we go back to La Poma please ???? thanks.
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 Up, up, up we vote!
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 There was hardly any footage there at all - just a taster really. I for one won't be clicking on any more episodes unless I know La Poma features heavily, and I'd ideally like to see how it changes with the seasons too.

(How was that?)
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 'grats to Ben and Tina. Ten pounds? What was Tina birthing, a mini giraffe?... oh right. silly question.
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 That local hero rider... Iván Oulego, winner of a DH World Cup back in 2003. Quite a DH legend in Spain...

  • 3 6
 Yeah I was too shocked with the local hero thing... what a legend in Spain and even on WC circuit... do your homework...
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 I'm sure we would all love to see more racing, but still, this was bloody brilliant content!
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 Finally a video in the COVID era that was really worth watching. Thanks for that, a 20+minute video by a pro rider where I don't feel I want that time back. Legends.
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 Good stuff! Now full Bike Check ????
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 The best. Need more footy from Ben slapping turns on that rut track though.
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 Tell me about it
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 Can't wait to see Ben doing his analysis when Cathro is on track and compare his line to other riders. . . . ..
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 Wouldn't that be fun??
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 All the very best Ben , Max and Angus . Hopefully youll get some racing in as soon as this shitty situation is over . And congrats on wee /big Jack.
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 Give these lads the keys to Pink bike, they are killing it!
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 Ben Cathro seems like a guy i would love to privateer with. Fun watch !
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 Just tap that headset on in there with that hammer.
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 That's my go-to!
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 @JesseMelamed: Hit it, if it breaks then it needed replacing anyway!
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 @Blackers: home mechanic 101 right thur
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 This has been a great series. Gutted for Ben and crew that the WC season is cancelled. Hoping his sponsors stay on for next year. Keep up the great effort!
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 Great watch. Happy to hear they have projects lined up for more episodes. Also props for dragging the baby into the trails. Our first born was on a race course at 11 days old tucked into a carrier with mom marshalling our local enduro series.
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 Awesome video, and cool to see the other guys getting some riding into the video. Can we request more bmx snippets when the opportunity presents itself? That little manual landing at 3:58 was lovely...
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 Congrats to the Cathro family, I'm definitly adding Jack Cathro to the 2039 DH Fantasy League!
Can't wait to watch you race in Lousã (by the way,it spells "lowzahn").
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 Congrats Cathro on the kiddo! We added our first little one to our family on St. Patricks day, and like you said, while the world is in the shitter a bit, it is a silver lining to be home taking care of the family. Cheers Pops!
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 There'll be no WC's this year
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 ... and a second wave will mean a hard depression that will ruin the UCI. Beans & rice for everybody!
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 @DoubleCrownAddict: Yeah but can you imagine how good its going to be without the UCI. Like mad max downhill. Full bore, race gangs instead of teams, choppers, doping off the charts, and gambling. like trackside gambling throwing money around
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 Congrats on the baby Cathro!
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 Rough deal, but stoked to see that Ben is still havin a good time with the fam. Such a good dude and a great rider with good life balance. Best of luck boys. Keep it rollin.
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 Keeping the stoke!
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 Oh damn! Cheers Cathro, congrats on the addition to the family, such a momentous occasion.
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 Congrats Ben and good luck. It’s been awesome watching the first 2 episodes and cant wait to watch your progress into next season ????
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 Gandolfs done it!!!
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 Top video from Max as usual, these epsiodes are amazing.
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 I think we all know the push, too much adrenaline and crash feeling. looking forward to more
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 So different from last season, and I'm a big fan!
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 Congrats on baby & making some good content, be safe, hope for some more riding if not any racing!
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 awesome video! thx guys for the content! stay safe and ride your bike! Wink )))
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 This dude is my spirit animal
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 Congrats Ben on the new arrival. Great video as well. All the best for the future.
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 MA man
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 Where is Adam?
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 Naruto run! My daughter does that too, lol.
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 Looking for to lockdown episode 3!
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 Such a good video boys!!
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 Mega! Such a sick crew.
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 Adam loves this haha
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