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Video: Is This What It Takes To Win Races Now?

Jun 20, 2024 at 8:07
by Pinkbike Originals  

Welcome back to the Pinkbike Weekly Show. This week's episode includes a lengthy conversation about the latest and hottest topic in mountain biking...electronic suspension! Who does it serve? Dario takes us through a 2 Min of Tech segment where he discusses RockShox's Flight Attendant trail suspension and then we talk wheels after a few too many Recreational Wrecks have gotten the better of some carbon rims.

0:39 - 2 Min of Tech
3:57 - Latest News
11:14 - Recreational Wrecks
17:13 - Podcast Recap

What are your thoughts on electronic suspension? Will you be adding this technology to your bike?

Do you carry tools and a tube on your rides incase of a flat tire?

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 I will not add any electronics to my bike, ever.
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 *I was wrong
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flag owl-X FL (Jun 20, 2024 at 11:16) (Below Threshold)

are you cool with computer aided design or do you like all your bike’s angles to be hand-drawn?

do you guys have the souvenir license plates for bikes in Deutschland? Itd be cool if you could get a “Classic Collector” one for your bike…that could be a thing, if it’s not already…
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flag warmerdamj FL (Jun 20, 2024 at 11:24) (Below Threshold)
 I guarantee you won't have a choice one day unless you want to ride a Walmart bike.
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 @warmerdamj: 100 year old bikes are still on the road. Fvck lithium.
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 @suspended-flesh: yeah I heard there's a sick edit dropping soon of a guy slaying A Line on a pennyfarthing.
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flag William42 FL (Jun 20, 2024 at 12:37) (Below Threshold)
 @suspended-flesh: Samesies dude.

Exxon 4 Lyfe!!!! Rex Tillerson is my daddy bb
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 @warmerdamj: Yes, It was Yoann Barelli
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 @William42: Hell yeah! We raped the earth's oil, let's get all the lithium from South America next!! Consume!!
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 @warmerdamj: yeah unfortunately, in road cycling all 3 brands are slowly removing mechanical groups from top and mid range.
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flag warmerdamj FL (Jun 20, 2024 at 14:35) (Below Threshold)
 @Whipperman: that's because mechanical drivetrains perform like trash compared to electric ones. You can hate electronics and having to charge batteries all you want but a lever pulling a cable is obviously going to be inferior to a precisely tuned motor when you want it to index perfectly over 12 closely spaced gears.

Chainsaw>hand saw
Cell phone>rotary phone

Technology always wins.
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 @warmerdamj: Vibrator>Cucumber
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flag warmerdamj FL (Jun 20, 2024 at 14:47) (Below Threshold)
 @suspended-flesh: now you're getting it
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 @warmerdamj: I have a sweet steel ten speed from 1981. It has a mid range SunTour groupset. Downtube shifters and all that. Still shifts like a dream. Do you think AXS will still be operational in 40+ years?
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 @sfarnum: I feel like you need to be answered via telegraph, standby...
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 @warmerdamj: I don't know, I have both. I prefer the non-electric. Electric is quick and I can see why people like it, but there's no tactile feedback which, in practice, sucks. Plus the Bluetooth connectivity, constant phone reminders, and the remembering to charge a battery.

An unnecessary battery. And yeah, cobalt mining. But unlike a car it's not a substitute for using petroleum. It's just extra.

Performance wise, the differences are very slight. Inconvenience wise, it's a pretty big @#$*%*# difference.
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 i'm with ya bro, i'm with ya...
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flag bouldertom (Jun 20, 2024 at 16:53) (Below Threshold)
 @cxfahrer2 nobody asked and nobody cares
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 "i will never drive a car" Oh the horse died and now its cars everywhere, guess ill drive a car
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 @warmerdamj: Electric can openers were invented in the 1950's. I've never used one and probably never will, but they exist, I guess.
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 @sfarnum: I'd guess AXS and its ilk will be in the landfill every 5 or so years, just like laptops.
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 @suspended-flesh: I've had my XT and XTR Di2 since they were released, no issues, nothing in the landfill. I move them from bike to bike. Never even had to adjust one of them ever. Charge the battery 2-3x a year.
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 @suspended-flesh: I know you’ve been to Folsom Street Fair. They’re still full analog over there (cucumber over vibrator). Saw a guy hanging from a cross getting nails driven into his chest and yep it was with a hammer not a nail gun.
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 @warmerdamj: That's good to hear, actually. Electronic are usually prone to obsolescence more quickly. I suspect early generations of EEBs won't fare as well.
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 @birdsandtrees: rad ghey joke, breh.
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 @suspended-flesh: haha it’s not a joke. Just assumed you’ve been and we reminisced (remember the horse?) about classic SF stuff before.

Used to go every year when I lived there. I have like three specific memories from that event, and that’s the most appropriate one. Definitely saying you going there was not a put down, I just assumed everyone went. Would always meet a ton of writers there because it’s one of this SF events you could do what you want. Wouldn’t even be surprised if it’s not a thing anymore.
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 @birdsandtrees: HAHA my bad. I forgot you weren't a Hate-on-Frisco bot and you had a real sense of reality and humor!! It's getting rare on PB. The fair is still a thing for sure, I see an annual pilgramage pass by every year. I actually haven't been inside the FSF for a long long time. It went corporate a long time ago and isn't as gritty and grimy as it was. SF has been a writer's free-for-all since Covid. It's almost too easy.....
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 @suspended-flesh: I was in the mission for like 2 hours a couple months ago and was impressed with how crushed the bay still is haha. Out of everyone I knew there I still have one friend left in SF. But even though the things are changing, there’s still a ton of cool people doing cool things there and people will always visit to pay homage to everything amazing that’s happened there. But dang I miss the busses, the pool house, Skechers rooftop, d block, that train roundhouse at the end of Geneva, 3rd and Army. Dunno if you ever got buff for community service but I used to roll around in the van and met Orfn for the first time there and got punched in the face by Sestor wkt in front of 850 Bryant and was like shocked he didn’t get arrested right there hahaha. I was so bad back then it feels weird to go back and not treat the place as a playground but my hobbies now are way healthier and involve sobriety. We’ll have to rip Pacifica if I ever come back with my bike!
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 @birdsandtrees: Dang I don't know what I said in the past but I'll just say 'fvckin' Sestor - rolleyes' and fvck M.Nuru (he got snared by the feds or being corrupt LOL). That was a past life....stay healthy!
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 @suspended-flesh: nah, not f**k lithium... Lithium saved my my life!
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 I'm not anti electronics, I just don't like them. I commented on another post that I have AXS and Di2, I don't like them. Dura Ace on my old roadie was great, but you can't get Dura Ace mechanical anymore so I made the leap, and I don't like it. But my only real option is dropping down to 105, and I don't want to do that. I removed XTR for XX1 AXS on my XC bike and it works...fine. But I'm not blown away. The GX AXS on my enduro bike was nothing but a headache until it eventually died and I swapped to X01 mechanical and am happy. I'll put the XTR back on the XC hopefully later this summer. I'm not anti, I just don't enjoy the experience. Most of that is just a total lack of tactile feedback. And that sucks when you are trying to hit a tiny button with thick gloves on in the winter.
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 @Hamburgi: Lithiun carbonate and metallic lithium are a bit different but fair dinkum
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 @suspended-flesh: I can make a case for alloy e bikes being on the road for a while, especially if people make BB conversions for when the motor packs in. I heard the battery compartment makes great in frame storage too!
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 @HeatedRotor: so, it’s not possible to buy or ride horses anymore today, as cars replaced them all correct?

According to that logic the bicycle should have disappeared a hundred years ago.
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 @FuzzyL: funny enough, it is absolutely normal to ride horses all over town where I live. We don't even have sidewalks, only horse trails.

Of course, everyone also has a massive truck here too...
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 @FuzzyL: no, by your own statement, only The odd person will have an analog bike & most would be ebikes.

the saying is, everything gets replaced eventually but the memories are still carried on by some.
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 @HeatedRotor: My point is rather, that e-bikes will replace the majority of bikes that are mainly used to get from A to B, as that is more comfortable, when driven by a motor. (Personally, I will wait till they lose those stupid pedals for controlling the throttle before I switch for my daily commute).

But many people who ride bicycles (or horses) as a hobby will never really consider replacing those with anything motor-driven.
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 @suspended-flesh: So you’re saying it’ll last 3 times longer than XT 12 speed?
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 @wobblegoblin: Maybe. I run cheap GX11
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 Came to tick "I don't want a F**** battery on my bike" in the poll, sad this option is not there
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 Most of my rides are 20mi+. So yeah, def bringing tools and spares. Even with them I have had the occasional drama, like my entire rear mech being sheered in half and having to walk 2hrs back to the car/home.

as for e-suspension... i've seen it on a lot of vanity bikes 10-15K bikes, but most regular riders seem prefer select/grip style suspension with no more than two knobs. everyone i know with grip2 or other 4+ knobs can't be bothered to spend hours setting that stuff up or adjusting it constantly.

if costs came down and you saw cheap e-suspension i'm sure people would adopt it for the ease of use.
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 Agree with carrying tools (and basic first aid which hardly ever gets a mention) but come on a sheared mech and you had to walk it out? You could at least getting running on one easy gear esp you had the tools you say you carry.
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 I don't think I'd consider electronic suspension for at least 5-10 years. Right now it's designed to help pros. That's not me. I think once they marry it to AI learning models that can help precisely zero in on the best suspension not just for pros, but for riders of all levels, and then also use GPS to fine tune the suspension based on the exact part of a particular trail you're on, and for the bike you're riding. If you think about it, they are still in the early days of figuring it for very particular pro riders on a few select tracks. Things will still get better and more granular but it will take a lot of telemetry and rides. IMO they have to start doing all that but at the regular joe/jane consumer level - collecting data, fine tuning the model - before I'm ready to fork over my hard earned dough for it.
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 OneUp EDC Pump/Tools, Tire Plugs & CO2.

No Tube..... where I ride the inside of my tires quickly look like the the backside of a hedgehog. Tube is pointless.
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 It wouldn't be pointless for long if you did use one, lol!
Where is that?
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 @Fill-Freakin: with tubeless, carrying a tube just doesn't make much sense most of the time. In 12 years since converting, I've only had to walk back to the trailhead once because I had a puncture too big for the sealant an plug. That was doing 10-30 miles a week for over a decade on most of the rowdiest trails of Arizona, Oregon, and Utah. In Arizona, a tube is particularly useless.
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 I only had a few occasions where a flat wad repairable. Most of my flats I could repair trailside and pump up, or a wheel got wasted and I was riding it out anyway. The only flats I have had I could have repaired were pinch flats, and I finally solved those with DH casing tires.
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 @BiNARYBiKE: i tend to agree. who carries a spare tire on the basis of a cut so big your ride is finished, same as carbon crank snapping ( which I have had happen)
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 What does that question have to do with this article? So much information gathering on this site since outoftouch took over.
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 Somebody checked the wrong box, clearly.
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 Filthy Ape claimed my wheel too (WAO Union) www.instagram.com/reel/Cv06pqQoMB9. Luckily on the last day of my Whistler trip. I would still prefer a carbon rim vs aluminum.
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 Don't need to bring a tube, I bring my mini pump, tire plugs, and the inserts in the front and rear wheel are the back up plan in case I'm unable to repair the tire.
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 Im not good enough to be bothered with this stuff-I can ride Dirt Merchant and then Sabretooth or some other tech, All this electronics means nothing especially if we have a Carrington event and all the processors are fried!
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 Wheel building wise, does anyone can explain me the use of that small curved washers that DT SWISS provides when you buy a new rim? I personally never install them... Should I?
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 DT Swiss says you definitely should. The idea is, that the washers enlarge the contact area between nipple and rim to distribute forces more evenly.
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 Market pushing to obsolescence and greenwashing... We don't need more electronics on accoustic bikes...
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 Dario really needs some voice coaching. The vocal fry is *grating* and sounds even more awful when he's next to a speaker that actually understands how to speak.
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 I am much more interested in electronic suspension than electronic drivetrains. The first has substantial benefits for me, where the second so much much.
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 What bike is that at 07:23? Gold stanchions and Flight Attendant is not a combination that I would expect to see.
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 That's Vali's bike, gold stanchions for the World Champ!
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 complete bollocks - all smoke and mirrors create by the marketing
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 Electronic suspension has been around for 25 years. It doesn't work for long.
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 Turning into what F1 used to be... big money wins.
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 nice Hummel !
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 .not so much
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 Dude - Lose the Mustache...

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