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Video: Leogang - From Bike Park to Racer Favourite | Racing Rewind

Jun 3, 2024 at 16:10
by Pinkbike Originals  

When you think of Leogang, you might think of a race track that is natural, steep and rutted, but it definitely wasn't always the case. Leogang was once the butt of many jokes and by some, not considered a real race track at all. In 2018, 2019 and 2020, the track saw a big overhaul, with steep and raw off-camber corners added to the top, creative taping, a new wood section, and a huge new gap.

Change number one... Wide loose and off-camber replaces the age-old first right-hander berm.
Change number one in 2018... Wide, loose and off-camber replaces the age-old first right-hander berm.

Lots of taping has been done in the steeper sections to force riders into changing direction and being more selective with line choice.
Lots of taping was done in the steeper sections in 2018 to force riders into being more selective with line choice.

Vali Holl trying to line things up between all the steps and roots.
Vali Holl trying to line things up between all the steps and roots in 2019.

When the ruts form tomorrow afternoon it ll be better. Poor womens and juniors riding first thing tomorrow.
The new wood section was added in 2020 ahead of World Championships.

After you.
Along with this gap.

Best of luck to Tahnee Seagrave with her shoulder surgery this afternoon.
Who will get their name added to the course in 2024? Let us know your guess in the comments!

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 Net below the gap. And a smaller one than hardline. Wait till scott townes sees that.
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 The problem with that Leogang gap has been that in bad weather the wooden ramp section is too short and the transition from the mud too fast, so people don't have room to sort themselves, for example not having time to clip back in, or arriving at the gap totally off balance. So it's not huge but in wet weather as we have seen, it's quite dangerous. Hardline's road gap in comparison, with it's slow entry and long ramp gives time to confirm that all is good before you really commit to the gap. More broadly this is a problem that senior riders like Bernard Kerr have articulated: world cup jumps are not huge by modern standards, but they are often extremely badly shaped, and that is in part because there are no apparently no standards for jump design at world up races. So they manage to be less impressive than Hardline and Darkfest while being more dangerous. Related to this, it occurs to me that scott townes may indeed be a David Lappartient sock puppet.
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 @The-Foiling-Optimist: I do think that in the wet when you get on the wooden run in of the hardline canyon gap theres no chance to stop anymore. its probably too slippery to slow down enough. so basically the moment you gap onto the wood you've gotta hit it. only thing that its got going for it that its so long even with little control riders should be able to spot the lip and set up for the compression.
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 @Merijn1: I was talking about the road gap, not the canyon gap, but yes the Canyon gap would be hard to stop on which is probably one of the things they will fix if they bring it back.
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 Rider favorite said no rider ever
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 uhm..ok,then let us make an advertisement to convince them
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 I would bet Aaron Gwin likes that track.... chainless wonder run!!
  • 3 0
 Andy Kolb
  • 15 0
 I remember when Phil Atwill brought out the hard tail after the callout on WynTV
  • 3 0
 Hahaha I didn’t watch the video until after posting that. Oops
  • 4 0
 Brought it and rode one lap before he put it away again because he got his teeth shaken loose.
  • 2 1
 @paulskibum: And was slow AF!
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 @dh-corn: he was only a quarter slower than the fastest runs on dh bikes, I think thats quite impressive on a dirtjumper
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 @Merijn1: Look at the time
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 The fact that Western Canada doesn't have a World Cup DH event is mind blowing.
  • 8 1
 Western Canada needs a Hardline event.
  • 5 1
 @watchtower: A North Shore Hardline with skinnies and all?
Well,yes please!
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 @watchtower: There is not even a need to build a new track, just throw a race down one of the tracks Barelli rides and we are all good.
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 the downhill has always started from the mid point on the mountain. anyone who has ridden Leogang knows theres plenty of other routes down the mountain they could have chosen from higher up. the liberal carpet of roots at the top would certainly make for interesting racing in the wet...
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 Racer favourite surprises me. Leogang has always been rather blah as a spectator.
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 Yeah, which racer? The rest of them seem to say the venue is the reason the uci holds the race there, and the track itself is still one of their least favourite.
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 Variety is also a really important factor here for both rider and spectator. Poland turned out to be a great track, with some brilliant racing! The minimal changes that recurring venues often make in a bid to spice things up don't always equate to a totally refreshed track: It's still the same, albeit with a new off-piste grass or wooded section. I know infrastructure is a key factor, but I'd much rather we visit some new venues more often. We've been to Leogang (and some of the other locations) a lot at this point!
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 This is 100% up to the location bidding and paying the very large UCI fees (bribes) to host an event. Many locales just don't see the value /payoff vs. the cost of hosting a World Cup. Yes, for us fans and the racers it's exciting, but that must equate to some type of value /payoff to the host venue and promoter.
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 @bman33: There's definitely a lot to consider, but worldwide there must be more than 7-8 venues that have the right ingredients to host a race, where it would also be worthwhile for them to do so.
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 @brucemacd: It's probably only worthwhile if they're receiving funding from their tourist board (The Highland Council subsidises Fort Bill). Otherwise it's very hard (if not impossible) to turn a profit from hosting WC races.
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 @brucemacd: There are tons of places that have it all.... But the UCI fee is f*cking BONKERS. So most places just don't even make a bid. Its a bummer. I wish world cup was WORLD CUP. Go to the southern hemisphere during the winter. Go to all the continents. Etc.

I will agree, variety is important. I would actually be happy with Leogang if we had 6 more races in the books. Each race should contrast the other and play to different riders strengths.
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 If we can dream,I dream of a 11 races season,3 in Europe,2 in the States,1 in Canada,1 in Brasil,1 in Colombia or Chile,1 in Australia,1 in NZ,1 in Indonesia or Thailand. The next year at least 4 of the races on different locations. If UCI really wants to help the sport grow and have recognition worldwide this is the way.
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 @nozes: So riders get no down time - they race every month except one, privateers are absolutely excluded from racing the entire series due to cost, injury costs you the series, possibly the following year as well. Worlds becomes a question mark whether you ever see those give it all to win runs because there isnt a three plus month gap after to recover in if you get hurt. No other side projects from major riders because they are racing all the time. No Hardline, too much risk, no Crankworx races, there is a world cup next weekend.

There are a lot of reasons racing is the way it is. Cost and venue accessibility are way up there but the needs of the riders and industry have to also factor in.
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 @paulskibum: As I said, it's a dream.
As a spectator,I would love to see it.
As someone who understands that it isn't possible on the current state of things,I'm thankful for what we have.
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 11 races desn't mean its one a month. It would make sense to group them together, maybe the 3 euro rounds on consecutive weeks, then a month break, etc. Privateers maybe could race their home continent races only (as well as thier national and continental races), and if they do well, could see them get picked up by a pro team for the following year. An injury will almost always cost you the season even under the current arrangement.
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 @brucemacd: I’m certain there are. It’s having local people and sponsors willing to do the work and invest Thats the hard part.
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 @nozes: Agree but on the flip side it would be financially impossible for privateers to complete in all rounds
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 cue everyone talking about the safety net that's been there for years
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 Leogang of old was the worst track in the calendar. If I had my way every track would have the steepness of Champry and the corners of Shladming. I’ve always valued how a rider controls their whip over sending a massive jump. But that’s just, like my opinion man. Bring on a Whistler 1199 World Cup. Now that’s DH track.
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 Leogang is one of my favorite tracks to watch. The stump section looks so brutal!
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 The times have always been so tight too. It's absolutely max-exciting watching the next fastest qualifier light up those turns and maybe shave a few hundreths off the time!
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 Ratt's first win, Gwin chainless win and phenominal flat tire run, hell yeah I have fond memories here!
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 Still waiting for Hardline stats... we use to have stats for everything... now here a hell of a track with so different parts and where the difference was made at first ultra technical section... what happened?
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 The splits timing failed
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 @chrismac70: I think are gone cause some disliked it's excess...
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 Leogang is such a rider favourite that everyone seems to have been riding Schladming!
I wonder what the riders want?
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 It looks like there is a full bucket of world cup level skiled riders . I bet you guys no one of you can ride bottom section (after big wallrides) with ease, like you trying said us with those humble comments .
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 From bikepark to bikepark with a WC stop.
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 Your comment made my day sir.
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 That creek gap with safety net is going to be a controversial feature!
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 In terms of length and height it's actually not that difficult, the problem is that the landing is at an angle to the take-off and leads directly into a turn combined with the poor approach in wet conditions
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 let's make a petition
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 Leogang is my favorite park. Just been there and can’t wait to go back
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 I'm just stoked we have a race weekend coming up, enduro and downhill. The Youtube content has been great.
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 i thought ric was making new course
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 Any changes to the course for this year?
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 Leogang is lame as

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