Video: Leogang Practice Insanity - Up To Speed with Ben Cathro

Jun 10, 2021 at 20:13
by Pinkbike Originals  

There's been no shortage of action from the first World Cup DH race of the season and our man Ben Cathro was trackside checking out who was hot and who was not.

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 Cathro is back! It’s officially racing season.
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flag travieso429 (Jun 10, 2021 at 23:11) (Below Threshold)
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 Another Leogang Mud Fest*

*not part of the Fest Series
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 Way too much media coverage!
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 @ctd07: It's about the mud, not about the likes on social media platforms.
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 Reece on flats - bold move. If he wins again he's going to look like an absolute genius.
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 Flat pedals wins medals
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 I've been wondering if we'd see more flats for this race specifically.

From what I recall, Gwinn said last year he rode a fair bit of the track with one foot clipped in because his pedals/shoes were too clogged up with mud. I can't imagine he was the only rider having issues with that either.

So in that sense, I'm wondering if that is some of the reason for flats on this track. And I'm curious if we'll see others follow suit.
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 @stormracing: Sam's pedals win medals. All hail.
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 Kade was running them in practice too.
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 @BikesBoatsNJeeps: is that for better 360° ?
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 @stormracing: Ask to Sam Hill
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 I'd bet that if the WC season extended past summer we'd see a lot more riders on flats
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 nature has healed and it has a scottish accent
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 Thank you Pinkbike for keeping Cathro! His content is by far my favorite from any DH race (even better than the raw stuff from the green MTB website).
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 Looking forward to see where Max Hardturnstein ends up!
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 Drink every time he makes a hard turn
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 He will end up on my Fantasy team, that's for sure!
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 I'm curious to see how Danny and Max perform on their Cube bikes. Timed testing doesn't matter but they weren't slow
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 It looks like Max really profited from having Danny on the team, even if it's just been for the off season so far. In Danny's recent vlogs from their training camps it seems they got along quite well.
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 How many people edited their team after the video?
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 I added six more Pierrons.
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 On the vital clips Pierron looking so much faster than everyone else.
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 Mate, thanks for writing that, I thought the roster was closed at 4:30...
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 Cathrovision and Friday Fails were married! Track look gnarly. Good luck to all the riders.
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 Bernard Kerr looking well on pace when he has a clear track in front of him, check out his latest vid on youtube, its insane how quickly these legends get up to speed. Also has his lines sorted and commits to them. Good to see him having fun and if anyone deserves a podium its him. Only become a recent fan, but his content has got better and better!
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 Watching his youtube all year, I honestly thought he was doing to much larking about to take it seriously (they've always been a chill team), but he really does look back to his absolute best. He seemed visibly deflated by how off pace he was at Lousa last year and is keen to get stuck in.

Really hope his crash didn't ruin his chances at Leogang - it can take a week to get a thigh haematoma to disperse.
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 Player coach! The dude is a dude’s dude. Watching him outfit the truck, drive the f*cker down to Europe, perform the duties of TM so competently and confidently, he’s legit. Hooks the team up, seems to meet them where they are, you know?
Fully came around on him, no longer think of him as an arrogant prick (I struggle with macho banter, but that’s okay). He’s hyped on bikes and doing stuff his own way, and he’s just rad. A total asset.
Dog is sick too.
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 *Remi Thirion tearing up the wood section*
Some Guy in the video: "Remi knows"
Me: "You're goddamn right !"
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 Fry’ya fails and Sat saves a day early, no? Yozzers! Great content.
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 I hope Cathro gets paid well, he is fantastic as a race analyst ! Entertaining as hell also !
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 CATHROOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Thank you so much PB for the insanely good race coverage. Cathro, Elliot, and the whole crew are killing it!
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 Ah jeasus Ben it's Oisín, pronounced 'Ush eeen' ...
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 Ah Jesus it's pronounced 'gee sus'
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 I would have expected a Scotsman to at least get it right
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 Dangit Cathro - dont give away my fantasy team!
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 Been looking forward to Ben, not disappointed. Good to see him back at it.
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 Great coverage and video, always enjoy your videos Ben. Really puts this trail into perspective of how steep and just scary messy it is right now
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 you know is a coffee break when he says all the details
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 Ahh excellent!
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 Best Friday Fails video yet!
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 Sounds like it is gonna be a British win again in Leogang.
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 Make Scotland great again Ben!
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 Again? Oh, right, Billy Connolly, nvm. Wink
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 Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the woods...
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 That woods section looks like utter chaos. Going to be a wild one to watch.
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 Awesome Ben!
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 goosbumps GET IT ON !!!!
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 Recce wilson is a mudder
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 My god its good to have WC dh racing back again!!!!!
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 "Welcome to the Leogang slip and slide tree bash"
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 Did I hear the Witch King marshaling at 3:05?
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 Oh god, i love Pinkbike!
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