Video: Maintaining Speed & Pumping Through Corners - How To Bike Season 3 Episode 1

Jan 17, 2024 at 14:18
by Pinkbike Originals  


While it may seem relatively simple, even the world's best riders often say that cornering is something they are still working on mastering. As the saying goes, "There is always more to learn". Season 3 of How To Bike kicks off with a lesson in cornering, specifically how to pump through them. Ben Cathro is joined by Aimi Kenyon for this episode and spends the day working with her to break the common habit she has of sinking back into the bike when cornering.


Continental - Tires
Santa Cruz - Frames
Adidas Five Ten - Shoes
Shimano - Drivetrain & brakes
DHaRCO - Custom kits
iXS - Helmets, protection, & goggles
Deity - Cockpit & saddle
Reserve - Wheels
Manitou - Suspension
Cushcore - Tire inserts
Stan's NoTubes - Sealant
Gtechniq - Bike Care Products
Outside - Support
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 These are the best - I will watch this then probably rewatch a bunch of season 2
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 I love these series. The best content PB has ever made??
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 Man this is great but the Grim Donut arc with Levy was a real treat.
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 NFW! Season 3! Cathro, you beauty!
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 Cool format. A nice break from the “this one trick to make you a better…” style of video. Good work, Noodle Arms and Aimi.
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 Agreed, this is something any rider benefits from. Whether you like to jump or not, whether you climb or descend, regardless of what mountainbike you ride, anyone benefits from learning to ride their corners properly. Plus obviously, this will keep giving us nice, tight and curvy trails rather than the wider ones. Better for everyone!
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 @vinay: I knew I was crap at corners, but now I know how and why I'm crap at corners!

Ben's explanations really are on a level above everyone else.
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 Yes!!! I love that this series is back Smile Smile Smile - you beauts!
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 I really liked this video. There's hundreds of cornering videos online covering body positioning in an ideal corner. This was much more useful that just saying "stay centered with neutral weight on your hands" like most videos. A lot of people know to keep their weight centered, don't squat, etc but also a lot of people probably don't know if they're actually doing those things.
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 Do ebikers need to pump the corners on the climbs?
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 100% on full turbo. 1 handed, whilst having a beer passing the poverty bikers.
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 @betsie: The pros feather the rear brake to prevent the front lifting in tight corners!
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 This is exactly what I need because of my lifetime of motorbike racing messing up my Mtn bike form!
I’m great at soaking up whatever I smash over, but I don’t think of pushing into a corner.
I always let the front brake do that..
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 Glad to see this series come back! I think it's the most helpful series I have ever watched. It's my go to when I'm on the exercise bike or the treadmill.
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 It is good. For another great series watch Fluid Ride on YT. He takes a rider through about a two year progression on all sorts of skills. Really good.
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 @rrolly: I agree they reeeally break things down technically in a way that’s actually probably too much for people without the patience! Simon’s detail is phenomenal.
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 Intriguing to see the marked difference between Aimi’s (who’s a million times better than me) and Ben’s technique (assuming, of course, she hadn’t been asked to play the ditzy woman trope).

Makes me wonder just how shit I’d look on camera riding the same relatively simple corner…
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 Awesome to see this back for another season. Ben Cathro is awesome!!! Now I have to go back and re-watch the first two seasons!!
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 Step 1: Have trails that have turns made with nice dirt. (Where we live it gets loose and gravelly really quick)
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 Yes you have to slow down, but this same principle applies on your trails too.
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 Looks like PBR on MRP suspension this year?
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 Noticed the same.. Partners list still show Manitou, but their forks are clearly MRP.
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 I was under the impression that PBR is no longer. Ami has been seen recently on a Trek.
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 These are likely recorded early last year when PBR was in Canada. This was before Manitou was an official sponsor so the unbranded MRP forks are leftovers from a pinkbike academy season that no one at the office wanted to touch.
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 PBR is no more in 2024 sadly.
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 @spicysparkes: lmao so true, everyone I know who has ridden the MRP Ribbon hated it. Mine felt like it had a loose damper, MRP even sent me a brand new damper for free even though I bought the fork used for $80. They really need to fix their shit.
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 Does anyone else feel like using Conti tires for this is kinda cheating? Like they should have to run 10-year old Nevegals and try to ride the corners just as hard with no grip advantage.
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 Great series! Fun to see someone progress and get better as good as Amy already is!!
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 Awesome video. Love doing repeated takes on bits of trail. Great way to see what you are doing wrong.
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 Is there a way to tag this series so it shows on the newsfeed?
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 You can follow it on YouTube and get alerts from there‍♂️
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 Yay! This the content I’m here for. Excellent.
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 Cathro content is always class.
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 Just in time for Darkfest. Thanks!
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 Yes!!!! S3 HYPE!!!!
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 Binding science!
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