Video: One for the History Books - Red Bull Joyride Highlights from Crankworx Whistler 2022

Aug 15, 2022 at 10:52
by Pinkbike Originals  

Red Bull Joyride is back after a 3-year break and did not disappoint. Has Slopestyle been forever changed?


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 The Lemoine gap will live in our memories forever.
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 The fact that he had to deal with the changing angle of the takeoff and got that much pop off a lip that wasn't really much of a lip makes it even more insane.
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 Lemoine got robbed
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 Here I seat, wishing NWD would make a comeback, so we could re-live these moments everytime we got the DVD rolling... I feel like the current generation ends up loosing these precious moments given the absurd amount of edits and clips they're (we're) exposed to on a daily basis Frown
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 @sadfusde: Your not wrong. If I'm not wrong someone has gone for that kind of move at crankworx before but didnt make it. Its in a NWD I believe.
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 Somee will remember who won in 2022. But we'll all remember the Lemoine gap.
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 @BMXJJ327: you spelled Norbs wrong.
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 @sadfusde: Completely agree. Bike films are dead, it's all short edits now.
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 @emptybe-er: i was right at sideline where that happened. i remember the medics giving him some gas and instantly he had a smile on his face.
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flag scott-townes (Aug 16, 2022 at 6:38) (Below Threshold)
 @sadfusde: Nah man, I prefer seeing this stuff ASAP for free instead of waiting an entire year and paying $29.99 to witness it. The only thing that seems to impact your view of this is nostalgia. Not everything was better "in the good ol days" and these high quality edits and shots coming out days after the event for free is proof of that.
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 @scott-townes: Why cant you have both? Can you imagine new HD NWDs? Loud music, louder riding, no filler. The boys and I dont watch last years crankworx rerun hanging in the shop drinking beer, we do watch all the old NWD movies. This needs to come back to mtb. I also think live crankworx needs to stay as well.
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 @cougar797: I would love for NWD to come back but that's not the market now and its not necessary. The market is now edits and riders making their own content instead of relying on production companies which is great because we get more content and more money and control goes back to the riders. There are a few crews still upholding the NWD spirit, it seems you just haven't come across them yet.

"The boys and I dont watch last years crankworx rerun hanging in the shop drinking beer, we do watch all the old NWD movies."

So does everyone else. You watch MTB films and contests for different reasons, they're two completely different things. You can still re-watch banger edits now with your buddies and you don't have to be limited to a total of 6 hours of new riding content a year. People don't realize how spoiled they are now. Recently this has been the best time for MTBing.
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 @scott-townes: We agree to disagree, I guess. Nothing beats having a good MTB Movie to watch on a late night, after a long day of work, or just to get pumped for the weekend on the bike. NWD was just an example, but you can throw Kranked, 3 minute gaps, f1rst, Earthed, and so on in there.

And sure, you have a lot of one rider edits going around (and, lets be honest, most of them are like instagram 1 minute bangers, that you watch and forget about as soon as you scroll down), but unless you are willing to compile like a 20 rider short edit, it doesn't fee the same. In fact, even if you did, it wouldn't feel the same anyway.

I'm pretty sure there is an audience for both types of edits, them being longer or shorter. It just seems like the latter took over the former.

And if you think MTB Movies/Documentaries are dead, Reece Wilsons "Flying Scotsman" has almost 500k views in 5 months Big Grin
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flag scott-townes (Aug 17, 2022 at 8:41) (Below Threshold)
 @sadfusde: I suggest you re-read my post. Also that documentary was released by Trek Racing, not a production company.
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 @scott-townes: It being released by Trek is irrelevant, it still shows there is an appetite for longer content too. (Anyway it was not made directly by Trek, as always it was contracted to a production company, in this case to Sleeper Collective). It being financed by Trek is in practice no different to NWD being financed by the various sponsors. The difference is that NWD also made money through sales, although where that money went (to sponsors who took cuts, to riders, etc. if indeed to any, is going to be complex, so that complexity is not there in the case of Flying Scotsman).
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 Goes out to garage and looks at hardtail "Apparently it's not you, its me..."
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 When life give you Lemoines...make Lemoineade
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 Emil is on such another level. but Lemoine won the crowd.
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 Everyone twirls. Only 1 person goes huge. Twirls are so 2019.
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 Shades of Brage and his Real MTB edit. Semenuk and Johansson are certainly deserving of the wins, but we know who the people's champs are.
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 Yet, somehow winning the crowd doesn't matter. Sad.
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 @jtnotsure: you are so correct. Twirls. It reminds me of when I was married and had to watch figure skating during Winter Olympics. Twirls. It’s the same reason so much of snowboarding is boring too. Twirls.
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 @like2pedal: haha you're just old
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 @jtnotsure: sabre dance vs bad ass
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 Dope vid. Kudos to the ones who shot and edited it.
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 Satchel, Max, Tom R, Ryys, and Stefan all absolutely killed it out there.
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 Yeah absolutely. Normally slopestyle leaves me a bit ‘meh’ but this was incredible. Great music as well, very fitting. Awesome job team
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 I think Godziek could have challenged for 1st place if he'd landed his second run.
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 Let's not forget that such an unforgettable contest would not have been so great if it weren't for the course build and builders that made it. It was so great to see a diverse course that really allowed all kinds of riding to shine as opposed to six or seven jumps in a row. Nice work trail crew.
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 I could do without the pump track in the middle of the course. I bet a few of the riders didnt enjoy wasting energy getting through it either
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 @erikhortsch: It sounded like speed wasn't really an issue here, so I doubt they had to pump through it. If anything, it was a place for them to get a bit of a rest while still maintaining some flow before the next section.
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 @evehmeyer: i never get rest on a pump track lol
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 Lemoine Gap is going to be on every highlight for this event in the future. I prefer this kind of riding to mostly tech/spin-offs that have overtaken priority in judging. Bring back the style and air!
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 Lemoine channeling his inner Timo Pretzel there.
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 Did Jamie Goldman pull a huge gap too?
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 Yes, thats who went for a similar pull before, thanks!
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 @daugherd: they use to have a very large gap through the middle of the course. 2012 I believe. The photos from his jumps are still impressive.
A few others hit it. Zink.
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 @daugherd: I think Jordie did one too that same year, I could be wrong though. I remember being there in person and Goldman and Jordie (I think) were hitting that monster in the middle of the course.
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 @rockyflowtbay: That was on a V10 with a 40 fork. This week it was on a hardtail with a 100mm fork set at 200psi.
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 How far did he go!??

Back of the envelope calculations based on his wheelbase. Wasn't sure of his frame size so I went with size small. Measured with a yardstick and my monitor, adjusting slightly for the not exactly straight-on camera angle.

Horizontal: ~51 feet (15.54 meters)
Vertical (Highest to landing): ~27.2 feet (8.29 meters)

I think I'm short at least a couple feet both x and y because the whole thing doesn't fit in one frame!
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 I think you're pretty close there, my guess was 30ft vertical! Just amazing
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 I always said first person to jump the whole last feature will win. Def the most boss move you can do out there. Circus tricks / Gymnastics Moves are all the same twirl around and land like you do in the foam pit. Gaps and huge airs will always sort the men from the boys. wild he rode up the second wedge after the lip too that must have been slightly sketch but more controlled than the full send. Brap
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 This might be the most dirtbiker chad sounding thing I've ever read on Pinkbike, and I've clicked quite a few fest series vids in my days lmao.
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 You realize that next year someone will backflip over the whole feature
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 People talk about slopestyle creeping into Rampage, but I feel like Lemoine put some Rampage in slopestyle with that gap.
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 Imagine thinking doing an unnatty 360 windshield wiper or a 360 whip off a flat drop isn't gnarly....
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 @scott-townes: I actually think that I would rather (if a gun was held to my head and I HAD to do one or the other) send that gap than attempt a 360 windshield wiper. I think I (and pretty much everyone else) would have a higher hope of it working out.
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 Where are these history books
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 I'll never get tired of the manual to bar off the start drop. He's done that perfectly a bunch of times at the last 2 comps. And then that last huck at the end... Crazy. It seemed like I was more disappointed with his scoring then he was. I hope he gets a shit ton of sponsors off this comp and a record deal. Haha
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 I thought the bowl really killed the momentum of each run. I can't think of a single run that was better because of it.
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 Maybe the dimensions need tweaked. I thought the few guys that looped looked amazing but there was some awkward exits. When riders get more used to it I think we will see great things.
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 The riders that looped were amazing. As soon as he saw it, my son said “somebody needs to pull a Sonic on that” and cheered like crazy when someone finally did.
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 I loved the bowl and thought it was a great equalizer, but I'd love for it to be a bit bigger next year.
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 full loop to 360 out was dope. Emil gets props for doing a nasty nac out of it too. Down with the nerds that did barspins out as a filler trick
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 @erikhortsch: Yes, because throwing the bars in/out of an elevated satellite dish while competing in the most prestigious slope event of all time is typical nerd behaviour.
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 @erikhortsch: BARSPEN N3RDS
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 Oh come on please. Where are the research numbers? We need to exactly know how far and deep Lemoine went. That was really insane.

I really hoped Vencl will not overshoot the double backflip again in second run. Nice one
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 Yup. Say, 25' down to the landing from the apex?

Shit, looked like 35' at first lol. Maybe it was...
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 I FIND IT HARD TO DISCOUNT EMIL'S STYLE. yes. he's doing all the spins and flips and whips, he also dropped in fakie, has mad Steeze on the quarter and kept it all so clean and tight. if its a sloepstyle, its gonna get tech, so if you don't like tech, then throw a air and style event and you can ban whips and corked 1080's. I love air and style. and methods. jacksons moto whip was very very very pretty and technical and executed with full commitment.
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 Air and Style contest I like it
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 I like tech but it would be nice to see atleast 1 flip in his run, and maybe a 720? He did like 5 360’s
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 This is exactly how proper slopestyle course should look like! It has small jumps to be creative, big jumps for awesome rotation, tech features for style and enough space between them to cruise and get ready for your jump. Only trouble makers were two jumps at the top after berm. Guys had to brake a lot for first one and then they haven't enough speed for second one. It was quite pity that a few riders ended up there or lost speed for second jump. Please more slopestyle lines like this one!
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 you've lost your way if that dude doesn't win. even if you factor in his rapping, this guy is the winner.
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 Now everyone's thinking they can pull out their hardtail and it'll handle anything.
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 3rds the new 1st, Lemoine we salute you!
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 good. glad a decent side shot of that incredible send was found
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 This video is sick. Everyone should try to watch one of these in person. Whistler really delivers. The course, athletes and fans are all top notch
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 Hey, shout out to the Pinkbike editors, this is a great cut.
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 Great to see some in slow-mo, otherwise I would have NFI what the rider/bike was doing, haha.

+ for gap numbers, distance/height??
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 Gap jump won every one's heart and stole the show. Maybe the judges at the event didn't agree but that will be talked about for a long time . Epic.
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 Huppie is such a beast! Kudos for taking a slam like that and getting up like it's nothing
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 Great marketing stunt for Canyon’s Sender.

The Stitched now facing a rebrand? The Gap?
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 Sick show boys! Thanks for the entertainment and motivation to SHRED!! Let's DO THIS!
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 Disappointed with Emil winning but had goosebumps watching Lemoine! Such a sick run. Bringer also killed it. Hoping to see Godziek and Rogatkin land full runs soon
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 I like to jumps
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 So.... This is just figure skating now?
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 I can totally see someone tricking over the last feature next year. Like nose press to truck, for example seems possible if he can clear the whole gap. Sickness
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 Congrats Crankworkx crew and riders! Back with a bang in 2022
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 Watched it live, the Lemoine gap had the entire crowd on their feet!!
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 Slopestyle should go back to more big mountain instead of more BMX. Thisnwas it's original purpose, using all that travell of that crazy monster early bikes puting artificial features you can't put into the desert... So all the ramps and briges where removed from Rampage should be in Slopestyle and see all guys with kinda sort of this Semenuk breed enduro-slope style...
Really who is not with me?
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 *enduro-slope-style bikes
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 Then use all the craxy features like, that huge 360 wallride, all sort of wallrides, loops... Just creativity on the building as much as it use to be... Also that Messere quarter big air? Where it went? Don't know... It's like some sort of self imposed amnesia... So many features where working so well... Ah wait freeride it's not slope style now... Whow who said/imposed that? Freeride it's all what ppl want. You have plenty of bmx comps out there... No point trying to emulate them... A DJ bike it's closer to a BMX than to a MTB...
Oh wait.. 'it has to be flowy the course"... Damn, You ve goy the whole mountain! Make it longer amd some proper drones following the action, we are in 2020 and I habe feeling going back sometimes but just because everyone is throwing doublebackflips doesn't mean we are on the right direction...
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 @PauRexs: Fair points here. Hoping for 2025.
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 360 360 360 360
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 Emil wore the same pants he wore when he won in 2019!
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