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Video: Our Favourite Daily Driver Bikes Of 2022

Jan 11, 2023 at 12:28
by Pinkbike Originals  

From clapped out hardtails to carbon race machines, we loved getting to meet some of you and checking out your rides in our Daily Driver Bike Checks video series. Where should we head to next? Look out for us at the trails as we continue this series into 2023.

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 starts with an autoplay advertisement
What the actual F is happening here and where is the Advent winner listings?
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 More importantly, what the actual F happened to the new grim donut? It doesn't take years to make a video about version 2 of the bike. What happened?
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 madmon- It takes a little while for those who manage the BOT accounts to respond back to PB with an acknowledgement that they accept the prize.
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 @jwdenver: They got bought out by a conglomerate wishing to maximise it's investment and minimise costs. The rest writes itself... was writing itself until it got shitcanned for being too expensive. I hope they prove me wrong.
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 @Fix-the-Spade: ugh god damnit. RIP pinkbike!
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 @jwdenver, don't worry, @Fix-the-Spade will be proven wrong very soon. I promise.
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 @mikekazimer: Don't lie to me, please. I've been having with draws from the Grim donut....
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flag 541freeride (Jan 12, 2023 at 10:13) (Below Threshold)
 @Fix-the-Spade: Mike took that one personal haha but for real this whole website has gone to shit since outside took over.
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 @Three6ty: in the past it was LISTED here and winner names listed on an Advent calendar.
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 @mikekazimer: Thank you for making my day.
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 @jwdenver: Levy responded to my question on this:

"Yup, ridden, tested, and filmed. I think it'll come out sometime in early 2023."
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 @buk50: withdrawal
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 For Advent list you have to email them as stated after a long ass terms in conditions:

“ For the official list of winners including first name, last initial and city/state/province, available after 31 January 2023, please send an email to winnerslist@outsidesweepstakes.com with “Pinkbike Advent Calendar Sweepstakes Winners Request” in the subject line.”
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 @dv8416: great another free Outside gut punch
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 @Fix-the-Spade: Outside has had all of their focus on CyclingTips in order to dismantle it in record time. Give it a few more months and things will really start going downhill here.
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 Bill, for heavens sake, that man is a legend!
74, and was paralyzed 2 years previous, and is out riding his e-bike in the mud!
I love this guy, love him.

@mikekazimer can you guys dig into your lost stock of bikes that are sitting around, raffle some stuff off, and let’s get Bill on a new Transition Relay or something. This guys a legend, and is the best of all of us.
Hey @TransitionBikeCompany what can we do to get Bill on a new bike?

Full honesty, I didn’t make it past his segment, and I know there’s loads of deserving people out there, but Bill, god damn it, Legend!
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 Bill won't want to replace that bike, is my guess!
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 That first guy is an absolutely legend. 70 years old rocking a Rockstar jersey, riding a clapped, spaceship e-bike, full face helmet, absolutely sending. I hope I can party this hard at his age.
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 It's not what you know, it's who you sleep with...CLASSIC (see 12:10)
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 Bill is the perfect example of growing old gracefully and on his own terms.

Don’t know if I’ll be able to ride off-road at age 74 but he is an inspiration.
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 Ahhhh Bill, you don't look stupid! I wear a full face and other protection for 'reasons'. You be you, I'll do what I feel comfortable that will keep me safe.
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 Seeing men and woman on those 3 or 4 wheel handicap bikes makes me SOOOO happy. I have nothing but respect for them getting out and enjoying mountain biking. Braap!
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 did that dude say he's running 69psi and a 420lb spring? legend.
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 Onyx hubs aren’t magnetic, it’s a sprague clutch
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 I wanna be that first guy when I grow up. What a legend!
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 this is the second time the guy with the Norco has been interviewed by pinkbike, and he still thinks there are magnets in his hub. That is a sprag clutch my man, no magnets whatsoever. although advertised As instant engagement, onyx hubs (especially the vesper) has some delay as the Sprag mechanism winds up inside the hub that gives you a sort of soft start and in this regard dampens pedal kickback significantly
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 I still want to know about the O-chain on the Norco Range. What's the story there?
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 Agreed - the high pivot design seems as if it would largely make the O-chain redundant, no? A hallmark of high-pivot bikes is the noticeable lack of pedal kickback - I'm reasonably convinced that this facet has more to do with the overall speed of those designs than the rearward axle path.
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 @KJP1230: maybe something to do with the zero degree engagement of the hub that he mentioned too? In the original release of that video it was questioned in the comments and apparently it was discussed but didn't make the video cut. Why? Please give the people what they want!
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 @KJP1230: Isn't it more that high pivot bikes have a heap of pedal kickback so you have an idler close to the pivot to compensate? I like the o-chain with infinite engagement hub though, self defeating but incredibly bling.
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 @JazyFyzle: The point is that high pivot bikes which have an idler typically don't produce much (if any!) pedal kickback. Sure, a high pivot design without an idler would produce an enormous amount of pedal kickback, but the Norco Range does not fall into this category.

Absent pedal kickback, the o-chain should be completely redundant regardless of an infinite engagement hub.
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 Some people just really, really hate pedal kickback
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 I'm pretty sure the adaptive bike was equipped with the same armament as on the nose of an A-10 Warthog. That's pretty bold for Canada....
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 Did Tom miss the bit about vagaseling. Quite the conversation missed. Maybe next time
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 Yes!!! is all about people!
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 First guy interviewed kind of looks like a Volgon soldier.
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 have you ever been to a bike park? All smart people who were appropriate armour for full send do look like that
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 Is MK originally from Maine of NH? Lucas Tree Experts has locations in both.
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 Yes, I'm from Maine! I've had that sweatshirt since high school and I'll never get rid of it.
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 Bill is incredible! and riding with a full on Track Pump!
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 MK seems like the literal most fun person
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 Be like Bill
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 Status looks so good in S2 and S3. Once you get up to S4 and S5 it starts to kinda defeat the purpose of that bike
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 I get its english and likely better english than mine but I can't understand a word.
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 Turn on the closed caption.
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 Who is peaking behind the tree at 13:36?
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 Tom vs MK for epic Laff-Off.
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 Yeah MK!!!
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 Needs stills Smile
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 Nice pump ...
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 MK is the best!
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 All we need are pictures
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