Video: Pinkbike Academy Season 3 Blooper Reel

Jan 5, 2023 at 11:42
by Pinkbike Originals  


10 Riders. 1 Pro Contract.



Huge thanks to the brands who made this show possible!
Orbea, Shimano, Fox Racing, Maxxis, Outside, Garmin, Big White, Stans, Insta 360, MRP, Funn, Ride Concepts, SDG, North Shore Racks, ODI, Rimpact, and Squirt.

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 Weird. I thought the blooper real was already out (the whole season)
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 haha that's the comment I was looking for
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 Let's hope they bury that embarrassment, my opinion is PB doesn't really care what we think as long as they can ram sponsored advertising down our throats, I doubt we ever see a watchable PBA ever again, I'm not looking forward to season 4
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 Beat me to it. The whole thing was a giant embarrassment. I'll never forgive my gf for making me Enduro through that whole season.
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 @bashhard: I really do hope the best for max and anyone who is included in the show as a rider but as a viewer this was so far bad from the 1st two seasons. I think they had only 3 mins of actually watchable things per episode vs the 1st season 80% was.
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 Yawn. End this academy crud already…..
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 Knew that one was coming...
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 @ghill28: you watched the whole thing cuz your girlfriend ?

As long as get your get some, maybe it’s a decent trade … but damn I’d rather wash dishes.
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 @sanchofula: Both sick, pouring rain for days and neither of us really watch any TV, so that came up in the YouTube feed. Trust me, not something that either of us seek out on our own. Re-affirms my usual routine of leaving the TV off and just working in the garage instead.
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 @OldFatBassTerd: "PB doesn't really care what we think as long as they can ram sponsored advertising down our throats, . . . "
In that case it was a fail. It seems like a lot of folks switched off, myself included.
It was lame on so many levels - overall concept, murky winning criteria, feeble presenters, abbreviated format etc etc - 2 episodes were more than enough
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 such an opportunity to provide off season content, too. No cuts. Just practice and race...let's see the racer walk a line and talk about what the rider will do and why and let the commentators disect that and whether the rider hit the line etc. Who cares who is the best on IG. It takes about a week for anyone to get good at that...but takes a lifetime to rip. really miss hot track.
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 absolutely perfect!
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 Hopefully he lines up something beneficial as a result of it so he didn't just waste his time from the start.
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 Imagine doing a whole "season" of a show to find out the metric is social media, not anything to do with the challenges, and your riding ability therein.... What a farce. The only thing that is downhill is the trajectory of PB... lol
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 @cky78: I really wonder how many Orbea bikes will show up in Sea to Sky next seasons
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 @bok-CZ: I saw flo once in whistler last year, so maybe 2 now
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 Forget PBA and give the people what they really fkn want!

What the hell happened to the Grim Donut?

Was it gaslighted during all of 2022? Did bike brands create a mafia to silence PB because they created the ultimate downduro bike? Where is the bike? Who has ridden it and where? Is it fast? Is it slow? Is it the future? Did the fork rip through the head tube and snap off?

What a grim fkn year... no donut and the worst PBA by far.
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 Thats what happens when you get Pivot involved... They built the bike and had a heap of say about it i reckon.
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 PBA on the Donut, that'll make it interesting.
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 I really enjoyed the first two seasons, but I stopped watching this season after the third episode.
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 I will never buy an Orbea bike because of this garbage show they put their name on.
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 Brother there are many more reasons not too. Look around on forums about how they handle warranties. I never had a worse experience.
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 What I found most interesting about season three of the PB academy was how drastically the views dropped each episode. The first episode had 161k views on YouTube and it dropped to a dismal 59k views for the final episode.
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 They switched from embedding youtube videos on here to using their own video hosting platform on this site as well as uploading to youtube.
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 @Tacodip420: and each episode got increasingly less interesting / confusing.
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 @nateb: I don't disagree with you, but his point stands. We don't actually know how the latter episodes faired from a view count perspective since many people (myself included) watched from the imbedded player on pinkbike.
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 @spottba: that’s why I started my sentence with the word ‘and’. As in, “yes, but also another reason could be…”
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 Biggest blooper was how the whole series was dictated by Instagram followers rather than the whole show
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 When I comes to making money at the end of the day nearly nothing in the social media world is real anymore. So i don’t understand why everyone is so surprised and caught up in this season. As soon as you open pink bike and other news platforms it’s all about money. But who cares - people put work in something and they have to live from something. I honestly think it’s great that this can be MTB stuff. The hosts are so nice people. Everyone seamed to have fun so even if it is a lot of advertisement it sure gives something back to the sport we like. So be nice to each other.
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 Totally agree with you lene and spudreau. Was this groundbreaking…No. Is it sponsored content with some good personalities working hard on it, yes. Enjoy it for what it is people… I don’t get it. It’s still a pretty awesome opportunity for some talented amateur riders and it’s awesome to be able to watch the process with them. Now it’s time to go chew some bubble gum and ride your bikes folks Wink .
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 Not gonna bother watching. The whole series was a total cluster f&%k, you can't compress that into a 2 minute video.

I hope there is a proper post mortem on the disaster that this series was!

Dear Pinkbike, would love to see a podcast episode openly discussing how this series went down....
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 I would also love a podcast to give an honest account of this abomination. open up the black box for some air crash investigation.
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 Blooper? I barely even know her!
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 When you add an " A" to Christine we get the lovely Christina, When you add an "A" to PB we get a deep sadness that a blooper clip can fill.
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 I maybe a minority but I feel like Max is very well deserving of winning the dude does insane stuff. Although with a lot of the parameters they were looking like they said in the beginning Taramo definitely should have won. But even with that I don't think it makes Max any less deserving of winning the season.
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 I don’t think they made the wrong choice from a marketing standpoint, but the pretense of a contest where Tarmo won at every turn, including content creation, was laughable. Not sure if there was a breakdown in communication between Orbea and PB or what, but the challenges had basically nothing to do with the final outcome.
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 All this hate is getting so tiring. I feel like I’m sitting in the cheap seats with all the losers.
The amount of energy put into this show was incredible. And I thank you all for the ONLY bike related reality show that you folks provided to me, for free.
I would love to see all these people produce something better. Anyone can complain.
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 Way to bee, Cam!
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 anymore f*ckIN questions?
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 1:43 - "30 seconds - it's fine. It's long for Billy." O.O

Should have kept the ending: "Any more f'in questions." lolol
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 2:15 I myself will never get back.
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 That was funny...compared to the artificial drama season. Mall cop and speechless Gully lol
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 wow - tough crowd. That was great 2 min break from Zoom/webex/video meetings. Perhaps more of the actual personalities. I keep thinking to myself.. why are folks getting so bent outta shape with free, quality content showcasing inspiring riders competing in a bike game. All good in my books. Enjoyed it. Series was different then previous, some good, some bad.. but either way, it is free and entertaining, about bikes and bike riders. Cam, Gully, Christina are appealing personalities that all make me smile... even when trying to follow a loose script. Cam vs Jake Paul, he is 1-0 against that bee.
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 What drugs are you on?
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 No one is getting bent out of shape about "free, quality content". Free, yes. Quality, no.
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 @ponyboy24: most of the good ones…. plus coffee
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 This was about bikes?
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 I know. Everybody is so angry. Build your own PB Academy , or something.
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 I liked the show. I just wish it was a tad longer to show more of the riders' thoughts. Season 4? Yes, I will be watching and stoked to see what happens.
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 Your opinion is wrong
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 Academy was good while it lasted.
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 Pink Bike Hahcademy season 3 was a fail. Get back to the season 1 vibe and if it's about social media then that needs to be clear from the start. 'We've got some of the world's best social media metric builders here at PBA S4, it don't matter how fast you are or how high you jump' Just be honest PB
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 To be fair max is really fast and jumps better than 99.9% of riders. He just wasn’t the fastest and it seems the world has changed and some people just don’t like it. I do wish they lead with they it doesn’t matter if your the fastest
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 @freeridejerk888: dude’s slow as shit compares to Tarmo
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 @ninjamasteri: but still faster than you
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 Is auto play part of the blooper reel
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 You mean this show was scripted???
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 No way, that was real …. shitty Wink
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 I would be more inclined to watch the show if it was less produced and had more screw ups in it like this blooper reel. It's just trying so hard to be some major network reality show Blank Stare
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 Mccaul does the biggest eyerolls
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 Havnt we Already had the bloopers throughout the year? The whole season 3 was a blooper.
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 fuck all of the time wasted by all of us for watching and commenting on a stupid show.
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 Slightly ot: What is Flo up to in 2023?
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 Yeah, I'm hoping to get some new soon. Hopefully she picks up a better sponsor than Orbea and she gets to focus her efforts on EWS, not that garbage E-bike crap that nobody cares about except bike manufacturers.
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 Katie Burrell is legit funny. Let her off the script leash. As much as I was confused and ultimately disappointed by this season, Cam and Katie were a highlight.

Here is the plan for next season. Pick a discipline, get people who excel at that discipline (all rounder isn't a thing) and lose all these reality show trappings such as eliminations. Make it a full show challenge and allow the cream to rise to the top.
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 i hate to be picky with someone specifically, specially without any reason, but I hope I never watch anything with KB once again in my life haha there's just something so unnatural and cringe about her, idk exactly what.
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 @gabrielbps: fun insta account, but this was not right for her.
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 Nah. Not funny at all.
Tries too hard to be funny. The whole adventure /skier vibe skit is played. And not really
Applicable to 99 percent of the real world
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 Is there going to be an XC or XC/marathon academy?? Patiently waiting!
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 Wait, this season ended? there was a winner? Razz
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 If the episodes were anything like the blooper real maybe people would’ve liked it more
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 If her name ends in "A" but sounds like "AH", you better watch out, she's probably crazy!
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 Wait, they didn't cancel this shit after the dumpster fire of the first season? Wow, can't believe this is still a thing. This is an embarrassment to the sport of mtn biking
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flag gnarnaimo FL (Jan 5, 2023 at 16:03) (Below Threshold)
 yOUr OPinIoN iS wROnG
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 @gnarnaimo: thanks for helping me see things from a new perspective. I guess ultra cringey reality shows about social media with a dash of mtb are actually super cool after all.
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 Not watched it but it must have the winner announcement in it ...
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 blooper reel? or season summary?
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 It was a shitshow, if I was a lawyer for Orbea, I'd be angling as to how any further reference to it damages my client's image....cause fcuk Orbea for this garbage.

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