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Video: Puzzling in the Pits with Andreas Kolb & Jordi Cortes at the Bielsko-Biała DH World Cup

May 20, 2024 at 9:06
by Pinkbike Originals  

Get pitted, so pitted, with Jordi Cortes and Andreas Kolb as they dial in bike setup and come to grips with the evolving conditions at the Bielsko-Biała DH World Cup.

This episode of Pitted was made in partnership with Fox.
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Andreas had been testing out some new settings from Jordi in Schladming. Photo by Nathan Hughes.

It was rough out there today. Payback for a sunny Fort William no doubt.
Rain meant changing conditions which, if you believe Jordi, shouldn't have impacted setup that much... Photo by Dave Trumpore.

It was a long day for the service teams with plenty of parts taking a hammering at round 1.
The suspension techs were busy all week. Photo by Nick Bentley.

A rear site of a black Fox 40.
So many 40s. Photo by Nick Bentley.

Andreas Kolbe would finish 8th
Cathro insists that "slippy" is a word, and we're not here to correct him. Andy over the slippy roots into the top 10. Photo by Dave Trumpore.

In all seriousness, we loved tagging along for some setup chat with Jordi and Andy and can't wait to ruin our own suspension setups by trying to emulate World Cup athlete setups. Which athletes should we go embedded with at the next round?

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 Shout out to Jake and Schaffer for what they did with Dialed. Plugging their YouTubes below:


  • 19 0
 They were so much more than Fox promo's.......very missed.
  • 4 1
 Just gonna drop this here too - youtu.be/6pQEvgJHpcs?si=IvW_VccnXoLAKsGb The finest 40 seconds of intro you'll ever watch from a DH race!
  • 9 0
 Thanks for sharing their channels. They are both very good for the industry. Dialed was always my first watch of all the videos.
  • 8 0
 @dwhere thanks for sharing their YouTube channels. This video just made me miss Dialed that much more. Jake and Shaffer just 'get it' and have a great natural rapport with the Fox crew and the riders, amazing editing and 'dialled' soundtrack selection. Fox, take notice, those boys cannot be beaten or copied.
  • 50 4
 Bring back Dialed!
  • 10 0
 Race week just doesn't feel the same without their track walks and coverage. Really a bummer to not have Dialed this year.
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 This was the Fox response to all of the requests about Dialed. Posted in the comments section of the "Having a quick chat with Jules..." video short:

"Hey Dialed Fans, as you've noticed, there won't be a Dialed Season 6 this year. It's been a really tough one for us. Everyone knows the current state of the industry, and with Jake and Shaff focusing on other projects, we just couldn't make it happen this year. We miss the crew dearly, but we're hard at work to bring you as much World Cup coverage (and Jordi Coverage) as possible... Stay tuned."
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 God I miss Dialed, it was the best part of downhill season for me. So much valuable information given in such an entertaining way.
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 This partially fills the gap left by Dialed, I just hope they can get it back, or I like Brian's comment about hopefully getting Jake and Schaffer to produce some content for PB.

Those two had really found their groove last year and I think this was just about the peak of it, both the intro and the outro a brilliant: youtu.be/N-_osKSgVDU?si=uxYMgcjZ3GYZHCgc
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 Bring Dialed back! Best insights into the world cup season and getting to know the riders more and more. Jake and Shaffer are the most talented filmmakers out there, they have to come back. btw, someone know why there is no dialed series anymore?
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 There's a comment on the Pinkbike YouTube channel for this video that suggests that it was a cost cutting measure by Fox to let Dialed go.
  • 11 0
 Dialled RIP, gone too soon. Seriously missed hearing all the rider comments through the race weekend, how the tracks riding and changing. Losing that is another step back from feeling like you’re getting inside line of your favourite sport. Cest la vie.
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 Honestly hope that Dialed returns. That's no shade on this project, but Dialed is so creative and, frankly, beautiful.
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 Dialed X2
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 Btw. what happened to 1.0?
  • 6 0
 @bg-EVIL: it lasted a couple weekends over the past few years, and finally blew up last fall. It was warrantied with the current model year, which is already showing signs of relapse.

Wait, are you asking about the previous Dialed series or my old DH shock??
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 Dialed 0.2
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 This was so good - well done! It's always great to hear from multiple riders in these features, but I enjoyed being able to get more focused insight about a single rider/team with this piece. The backstory on his earlier testing, the progression through the week, and then looking ahead... I'd be stoked to have this kind of content with a different team/rider each episode - just to get a better sense of different riders, the issues they're working through, the bikes, etc.
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 That was our thought on this—following a different rider each round to see how they deal with setup. Hopefully it's interesting to contrast the different approaches.
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 @brianpark: There is no replacement for Dialed, but it's better than nothing.
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 @brianpark: great idea but it’s only interesting if the rider is changing stuff around to try and find the right setup and if you get the details of those changes why they made them and how they helped.

This episode was vague on the actual setup Andi was running and he pretty much kept it the same as the previous round anyway.

Props to the video team for making it and getting it out so fast.
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 @SimonA123: yeah I'd like to have each rider's actual settings at the start of the week and on race day spelled out as part of the series. We'll see if we can convince people to open source their secret sauce. Smile
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 So pitted bruh
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 like an olive son lol
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 Like so pitted
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 Jake and schaffers videos were the best coverage of the WC scene.
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 I miss Dialed
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 This is good for sponsored content and the quick turnaround is admirable, but personally I've seen enough of Jordi pulling faces while talking to racers about their fork pressure/tokens/compression settings.
One for the deep heads perhaps?
But I didn't miss Cathro's story of the race video, did I?
Hope it wasn't delayed in order to produce this.
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 Story of the Race is out today. Different team working on SOTR vs Pitted, and the delay on SOTR was of the regular technical difficulty variety rather than getting deprioritized.

I'll admit I'm a fan of Jordi the racer therapist, but our idea for this series is to focus more closely on each rider and their own unique approach to suspension setup. There are things we've got to get (ugh) dialed in still, but I'm hoping it's useful and interesting to folks.
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 Liked it!
But still missing dialed ….
Kolben is the man!
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 Bring back Dialled, best show of the Racing season
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 Love the video and love the tech talk with setups. Thank-you.
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 Andy Kold
  • 2 0
 and next weeks show will be "gutted" where they review everything they got wrong on race day.
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 Szczyrk. Not Bielsko-Biała. It's another city
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 So no telemetry buttons or electronics for Andy? just overall feeling?... seems so outdated these days when they are playing such small margins... and competition pushes so hard...
BTW I wonder if Murray could have send it to this track like he did without electronics...
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 We use telemetry some times, you just can find yourself going down a rabbit hole with it chasing somthing that might not be beneficial.
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 add a playback speed option to video player
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 and stop autoplaying videos! Its a user's choice if they want to watch it. Accessibility basics.
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 Are Jake and Schaffer the ones doing this? Hope so!
  • 9 4
 Clearly not. This had one tenth the passion. Not even close to a replacement.
  • 52 0
 This thing came together very quickly, and TJ and Max did a great job on it, but I’m a big fan of Jake and Schaffer’s work too. I’m going to see about doing some stuff with them this year as well.
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 @brianpark: big ups brian. that's awesome.
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 I've watched this already, stop showing it to me again!
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 I find Jordi to be obtuse
  • 11 1
 I think he's acute.
  • 2 0
 @watchmen: and sometimes right
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 @watchmen: lol…you winSmile
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 Was hoping puzzling died with Dialed
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