Video: Practice RAW - Rampage 2019

Oct 23, 2019 at 19:26
by Pinkbike Originals  

Tires have hit the dirt here at Red Bull Rampage 2019 and riders are starting to get out on their lines. Whenever the windsocks weren't flying, they were out riding and ticking off as many of their biggest features as they can before Friday. There's nothing like watching the world's best freeriders piece together their lines.


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 I can't wait to hear everyone complain about how smooth and built everything is. I am personally glad they get to build it up so much. It's safer for the riders and they are still able to send it. The features are huge and what they are doing is just insane. We are lucky to be able to watch these guys create and send some crazy stuff.
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 Agreed. Evolution of the event. It hilarious that people think this is smooth or watered down. The hucks are insane. And I get to watch all the riders vision come to fruition after a week of them carving it into a sheer cliff.
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 Yea I totally agree. I mean sure I love seeing someone send a natural feature, but taking the terrain given to you and digging to create gnarly lines is what freeride is all about! And nobody is gonna send a 69ft cliff drop to an ungroomed landing, thats suicide.
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 @nfstreet4life: "Hold my Beer" - Josh Bender
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 People are forgetting how many otbs there were back in the day. The move was land in the soft dirt, both wheels dig in and that was it. Rampage may have looked like a slopestyle course as one time but this year irs looking better than ever
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 @henderson-rex: did he ever land one of those 50+ footers to loose dirt? Yeah, I didn't think so.
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 @Pisgah4life: people get a little too emotional about the good old days, Rampage will never lose its luster.
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 Agree... Yes
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 Storch said all the people who complain on PB should shut up haha.
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 This discussion will never end Smile
Is it easier to ride down a 70 ft chute of 80 degrees, or just jump it to a smooth landing? What needs bigger balls? Depends on the rider, I guess.

My highest respect to all of them!!!
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 @yoobee: the chute, every time.
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 @Chonky13: obviously he didn't... He always let go of the bike mid-air Big Grin I was only referring to nfstreet4life's comment "And nobody is gonna send a 69ft cliff drop to an ungroomed landing, thats suicide"
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 I enjoyed this video more than the actual event coverage from previous years. Gives me a much better sense of the size, speed and steepness of the features. Madness!
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 This is absolutely fantastic and I agree. But if you haven't been....nothing is as humbling as Rampage. Everything has so many more consequences then we can make out in the clips. Sadly a 20 meter drop on video does not look much bigger then a 10 meter drop unless they are beside each other. This is some insane terrain with some mental figures trying to make sense of it all,
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 Contrats for the 7k $
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 Live coverage has never been great, these clips give a feel of what it is really like
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 Its crazy from these angles. Riders just disappearing down an elevator shaft into the abyss.
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 Yup, I was thinking the exact same. I'd love to watch a 'documentary' of the event afterwards that was just cameras everywhere, close to the drops/chutes/etc, and NO COMMENTARY! It would be so nice to just hear the bikes, crowds, and no announcer trying to get me amped up. Just watching these huge drops from closer up is plenty.
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 Sram mating call at 0:22
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 These guys are nuts.
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 Finally a good video of a practice at rampage, a full qualifier would be nice to see, just 4 the respect to the riders....
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 Truly insane. I don't think you can compare Rampage new and old. Sure the old lines were not as buffed, but they are going bigger now & more is expected. It's just evolution, that's all. Props to all the riders past & present who have had the balls to ride those crazy lines.
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 “Scientists discover that people who complain about Rampage are idiots”
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 Dang. This really shows the nerves and the consequences of it all...phew. go get er guys! You got this. You have all spent the time getting to where you are. First of all enjoy it. Do it because you love it. Screw the PB naysayers. Send it for yourself and what you love. I am stoked to see everyone put down the runs of your dreams. We are all stoked to have you guys show us how it's done. This is Rampage, do it cause you love it and for no other reason. Stay focused, you have got this! On to the big show! Show us what you've got!
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 @takeiteastridehard Best comment of the bunch. Just being there and riding those lines means they all win. Fest series reminds us that it's all about the experience, who cares about scores! If you spend your whole life trying to "win" and never get on the podium do you think it's even fun anymore? Beast mode engaged! Props to the diggers, without them it wouldn't be possible to send it so huge!
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 The video defo shows how massive the hucks are. Amazing stuff. It’s funny to hear from people find a raw line that doesn’t need built who probably couldn’t even ride down the road without falling off
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 It's also so crazy how far the sport is progressing that guys can land insane hucks like these that safely now days
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 Lines are looking really good this year, glad riders are getting ample time to build and ride.
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 Raw and Rough. Just the way Jordie would want it.
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 Anyone riding any of his line?
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 @dro-cfr I saw Randy Spangler posting that they had been working on it, not sure who for though...
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 Yo god bless how good camera's have gotten these days
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 I like watching these guys crash and get up... they crash off a 40-foot booter, get up, and keep riding. I crash on a green trail and I'm out for a few weeks.
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 Awesome. That said, I'd love for someone to show up with a minimal trail crew, and just find an awesome line that doesn't need to be built.
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 Not sure why you got downvoted. Doerfling’s 2016 line was pretty much a raw fall line and it was one of my favorite. It doesn’t take away anything from the other riders, just something different to watch.
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 *pats top of Rampage*

You can fit a whole load of nopes in here!
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 Strait drop (at the very end of the video) is... I can't even. Godness...!
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 Who can combine the big tricks with hairy steep surf lines? Love Doerflings big mtn videos.. Might be T-Mac's year
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 I’m more interested in those white tires
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 Thanks for feeding us baby birds before rampage!
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 WTF!!! Cant wait to watch this!
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 Hot dawgggg
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