Video: Results, Reviews & Recreational Wrecks | Pinkbike Weekly Show Ep 20

Apr 3, 2024 at 14:24
by Pinkbike Originals  

Welcome back to the Pinkbike Weekly Show! This week Christina and Henry dig into a bit of data from the State of the Sport survey before Henry jumps into 2 Min of Tech, featuring the Knolly Chilcotin he did a review on. Matt Beer joins for a Recreational Wrecks segment, straight back from New Zealand, before they share the latest Pinkbike Podcast episode and finish off with a new segment featuring the Trailforks Trail of the Week.

00:26 - Latest News + State of the Sport Survey
7:05 - 2 Minutes of Tech
8:54 - Recreational Wrecks
11:29 - Pinkbike Podcast Recap
11:41 - Trailforks Trail of the Week

Let us know any recreational wrecks you've experienced and how you overcame them!

Which World Cup event are you MOST excited to watch?

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 In what I *hope* will not be perceived as a whine, I appreciated your comments toward the opening of the video about how riders need to be able to live, and the (occasional) feedback of "oh poor them, they ride bikes all day, boo hoo". I have (occasionally) received similar feedback from people that I thought were friends regarding my choice to start a bike fab business. Some times are extremely lean - ever go three months without so much as one customer calling, IYKYK. "So what if you don't make much money, your job is cool and you have no micro management breathing down your neck."

Yeah. Sure, that's true. But if the business only pays $8,000 a year and your operating expenses are $2,000 a year, and one's bare food and shelter operating expenses are closer to $20,000 a year (significantly lower than most people's), then, *yes*, I will have to reach out for moonlighting work to survive, and I get criticized even for that. It is in those times of leanness where one's work ethic and one's income are so incredibly divorced that it is something that can affect what riders participate in racing vs quitting, and what builders will provide niche products vs quitting. Those particular people making such "boo hoo" criticisms can take a flying leap whenever I hear them complaining about the homogeneity of bike offerings or the lack of excitement in racing.

I've slowly realized that people making such criticisms don't really "get it" about _anything_ outside their bubble, and I appreciate Christina and Henry acknowledging the elephant in the room.
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 I think the big question here about the poll is "If elite downhill racing is by far the sport people want to watch why aren't DH athletes significantly more valued by sponsors?" or in others words - "does the excitement generated by DH racing subsidize all the other displines?" - maybe not everyone buys a DH bike, but doesn't excitement suggest that's what generates and holds interest in mountain biking overall? people want to know
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 *People on Pinkbike.
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 I like where this is going! Similar to how I feel about F1 I guess. Nobody is going to watch F1 and then go out and buy an F1 car haha BUT...the money made from marketing Red Bull, Mercedes etc. is something to be noted for sure. The viewers buy the team kit and hats and the marketing circle continues to go around.
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 Here’s another one- I put a wedge shaped spacer in between my Code brake pads to bleed them, and it cocked the pistons in the caliper. And they stayed that way.
Ruined my brand new pads and rotor since there was only 50% pad contact.
Cooked them both.
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 wait...the pistons will just "pop out" and you will lose your brake fluid if you accidentally squeeze the brake lever while doing a pad change? ...I've never engaged my brake levers while doing a pad change so I'm curious if this is a thing
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 Yes, it is for sure a thing. It will turn a quick brake bleed into a disassemble and flush brake job ( once the pistons pop out all the fluid drains so may as well go all the way once that happens)
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 Yes, and it usually happens when you really need your bike to be ready to go in 5 minutes.
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 @powderhoundbrr: or at 11:30pm the night before a ride, which I guess is the same thing
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 @powderhoundbrr: Fact haha usually when you should have already left for the ride and decide ah...what's a quick pad instal going to hurt?! Everything! It's going to hurt everything
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 Would love to watch the DH and XC live, but no one is showing it in Asia or Australia or New Zealand. Even Rebecca McConnel the Aussie XC racer has pointed this out on the UCI IG page (along with over a hundred such comments from other p*ssed off fans) on their numerous posts about the upcoming XC season kick off and the UCI have been silent.
Since the demise of GCN+ the UCI events coverage is either expensive or non existent!
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 Henry is that a Yamaka on your noggin?
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 coconut cap
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 I'm too scared to go hatless yet, the new haircut was a biiiiit on the short side for me
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 Oh yes the maderia ice is a thing you learn about fast on a wet day haha
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 The rentals cars (and my bike) were never the same after that weekend. The red clay really does NOT come out!

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