Video: Saturday Sends #12

Apr 23, 2021 at 14:28
by Pinkbike Originals  

Fridays are for the fails but on Saturdays, we want to celebrate the riders landing large gaps, drops, and tricks. Sit back and enjoy some sends!

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 Love the railway wheelie, kind of says that sending is not 100% about jumping...
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 That was my favorite too! Does anyone know where that railway is located?
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 Not that it matters but that is an irrigation canal not a railway. No guesses on where though, seen something similar in Bend but that canal looks fairly new, the one in Bend is old.
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 I'm so glad he didn't do that one on a Friday.
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 Who still films in portrait mode these days ffs
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 Who doesn’t?
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 same folks who slo-mo-24-7
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 instagram kids lol
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 Not sure what it says about my character, but I find Friday fails so much more enjoyable!
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 I definitely prefer the sends...even if they just reinforce that I'm a total amateur.
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 "look where you want to go, not what you want to avoid" FF makes me see where the riders are going wrong, speed, body position etc. SS is like a series of li'l videos that provide the correct way to send! I cringe on Friday but examine on Saturday
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 @BiNARYBiKE : Yer clearly not the only one. I think that FF's have been around for some time now, so maybe that has something to do with it. At least I hope so!
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 I keep waiting for them to crash. Haha.
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 I'm with you... but this was by far the best "Sends". It had more everyday weekend warrior sends... and less BMX back flips and 360s.

I think the further away from BMX stuff and even the further away from park stuff they can get this... the more PB'ers will appreciate it.
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flag justwaki (Apr 24, 2021 at 13:41) (Below Threshold)
 @Baller7756: I’d rather send Crabapple bits on a Budget MTB than any Aline jump on a BMX... have you even tried “sending” a double on a pumptrack on a BMX? That’s some sketchy stuff. I’d send 95% of stuff in the video and I don’t even ride. This was so far the least impressive compilation. Average 12yr old born around Whistler can send all of this in more style. I know 12yr olds who send stuff like most of these jumps. Counted 3 impressive sends. Sorry... remember that I am here for downvotes Big Grin
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 @Baller7756: Yes. I LIKE Saturday Sends. Overall much more positive IMO. This weeks' was fine. It's just that a part of me has an affinity for the schadenfreude, as the Germans say, In all honesty I can't say I'm proud of that.
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 The dog pisser over the rocks on columns was rad
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 Dawid Godziek, polish pro rider Smile
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 Where’s overshoot guy? I really had my hopes up that he’d succeed.
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 Probably after that massive overshoot he had there, he got a bit spooked. Can't blame him. He spent a good 3 seconds in the air! Today's sends were a lot of fun!
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 @RayDolor: or he made it to the moon!
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 I'm very disappointed they didn't open with his successful send. Pinkbike did link to him on instagram he did indeed hit it again successfully.
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 That last drop has since closed down if it is the one I am thinking it is. Thing is GNARLY in person
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 It was scary on video!!
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 Looked like skidz in bellingham
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 @zuhlio: yup. it is probably rideable rn if you have a saw, really good brakes to stop before the hole that used to be a jump, and nuts the size of watermelons
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 Last week's Saturday Sends set the bar really high. This wasn't nearly as impressive. Railway wheelie, banked skinny to drop, and the last drop were definitely the highlights.
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 I so wish they would play my send... Sad face.
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 Was that the Chatel creek gap, ( 1st gap) If so I've done that!!
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 Doesn't the guy in second 00:35 sound exactly like Bubbles from Trailer Park Boys
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 I just wish 1:42 could be how all my airtime look like...smoof
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 Skinny shore drop at the beginning just incredible! As well as last one
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 More Ray's please.
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 The sends made my feel better after the results of X Games Real MTB (Brandon Semenuk won?? >: Brage deserved 1rst spot)
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 Don't have the skills to make the SS, or the balls to make the FF.
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 Sunday Saves might be just your thing then! It'll certainly be mine.
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 @boozed: wednesday wuss-out when I roll up to something 3 times and then go around it
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 Hah, true enough. Okay then maybe Sensible Sunday.
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 Should have ended this one w/B Rage xgames drop
Still pretty cool
Especially the dog pisser over the floating rock garden
Stay Loose
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