Video: Story of the Race with Ben Cathro - Mont-Sainte-Anne DH World Cup 2022

Aug 7, 2022 at 1:18
by Pinkbike Originals  

The penultimate round at Mont-Sainte-Anne delivered injuries, championship shake ups, and hometown heroes. Watch Ben Cathro break it down.


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 I don't really believe in those things, but I think Finn got some extra help from above. No chain required when you have a chainsaw on your side. That race was a bit emotional...and I'm not even Canadian!!!!
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 Oh!!! And well done Ben!!
Qualified, raced, got a very decent position, managed the team and produced amazing content throughout the weekend.
Do you even sleep??????
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 @Bitelio: Hardest working man in DH
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 it's ok to be emotional here, everyone likes Canadians and Finn. He deserved, he fought harder than anyone and it's hard not to feel for someone pouring their heart out and giving it their all. Absolutely insane race. Really hoping he can keep it up the next races and get some more
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 @zyoungson: Level pegging with BK.
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 Here here!! @Bitelio:
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 The real "interesting" wrinkle is Amaury taking 25th.... not 24th, but 25th
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 That was a great race! Congratulations Finn (and Canada!). Kind of gutted for Greenland after that run but for Finn to take it with a broken chain and no sprint finish was a deserved first... Good to see Gwin up there and proving some of the doubters wrong too!
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 Laurie Greenland coolest guy, takes the 2nd place with pure class and apologizes for being grumpy last few weeks… what a G
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 Honestly, DH is just good c*nts all round. Another reason why no other sport comes close.
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 Finn, we officially rename you Chainless.
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 Comment Gold
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 I'd say Gwin already earned that crown when he dropped his chain out of the gate @Leogang 2015.

Big WIN for Finn tho for sure!
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 I love DH racing and pull for everyone that leaves the start gate. To see Finn win in Canada is amazing. I also see why we need a true World Cup, let the Aussies and Kiwi's race at home. Let the North Americans race at home and make the euros travel and race when they are on the road. It levels the playing field and makes it more compelling to me.
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 With the men's DH, pretty much anyone of them can win and we can be happy for them.
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 Downhill has been sooo good lately
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 Come on Stevie... we all know you did that final push to Finn Ils for the win, we all felt that . Ride in Peace Big Champ . #LONGLIVECHAINSAW
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 I had goosebumps watching that race run from Finn. Definitely had some 2013 Stevie vibes.
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 Yep, I'm usually unaffected by these moments like Eliot talking about the feeling... But it really was there. Laurie put down a heater. Nobody could touch it. Finn the canadian was last to go. Ya know people write movies like this and they sometimes get called overly dramatic or cliche. It's just so cool to see real natural drama unfold. To drop a chain and win by less than a second. Yep. There very well could be a documentary about Finns season or just this race or something.
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 Agreed, after split #2 I had this feeling, we were watching something special. It was like catching lightning in a bottle, man, moment and machine working in perfect symmetry...until his chain fell off... then it was just man and his moment!

Wow, that's the first time I've watched a DH final three times in the same weekend. It was only after the third viewing that I was able to watch with completely dry eyes.
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 The story of the race without Greenland!?
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 onions. why so many onions gotta be cut
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 Cheese curds why so many cheese curds on dem chips
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 Pinkbike, please, PLEASE, stop spoiling the race in the thumbnail of the video. That's the second ending this season you've given away for me in this manner! It's like a punishment for being subscribed to PB on youtube.
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 I mean I would just stay of Pinkbike if I hadn’t watched the race yet..
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 @lawrence-s: I've delayed watching the replay for up to 72 hours in the past (there has to be a REALLY good reason to do so). It's hard, but anyone can achieve their ambitions if they want to enough.
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 They spoiled it for me scrolling through youtube... where I've never seen a spoiler before. I purposefully stay off instagram and other social media, and all bike-related websites... But PB really screwed the pooch on this one.
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 @lawrence-s: I wasn't on Pinkbike! It was algorithmically shown to me on my youtube feed.
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 The speculation about Camille, why I'm sure not your intention, probably adds to her stress. Hopefully she heals up properly and comes back on fire. Awesome insights as always!
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 What speculation?
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 @kerberos: talks about Cami, then talks about hearing some riders plating and returning to riding in 3 weeks, then says we will have to wait and see. I don't think he meant any pressure by it, but just pointing out how everyone interprets things differently.
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 Jerseys to support the team....when? I do remember someone (Brian?) saying there would be something available before CrankWorx?
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 So happy for Finn, well deserved.
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 Best DH race of the season.
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 Choked, again, watching this. What a race! What a result!
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 What a race! Good times!
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 O Canada!! spectacular race.

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