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Video: The Notorious Leogang - Up To Speed with Ben Cathro

Jun 9, 2022 at 17:08
by Pinkbike Originals  

The weather is playing havoc with things as usual, the notorious woods section returns once more in Leogang. Ben Cathro is here to get you up to speed on the latest news from round 3 of the UCI Downhill World Cup.

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 The thing I want to know is how do the teams handle laundry in conditions like this? Do the riders have a wack of practice and race day kits? And how do they get them so clean after or do they trash them? Inquiring minds want to know.
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 Washing Instructions = "Give it to your Mother/Team Mgr, they know how to do it"
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 @threesixtykickflip: YOUR mum actually normally does my washing.
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 Luckily I think Leogang being a bike park there is a very convenient washing system and ppl r just offering themselves to jesus at the hose and getting blasted. Just to go back up for another run. At the end of the day you find a local service for it if you don't have an accommodation with on site washing. As well as spares if you are a team with the budget to do so, spares on spares on spares. But after each run, yeah, they just get blasted and go back up. Not a good use of time to completely strip to a fresh kit run after run. Particularly when handling everything else, bike set up and up lift time.
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 I would guess it comes down to $$ and time.
Most seem to have brand new jerseys for race run.
I would say it’s unlikely they would use new kit for practice. Just clean kit
Some of there trucks have washing machines and dryers in them. They could use the Chalet or hotels washing machine. Campground washing machine. Or a laundromat in some town between races when bag of wet cloths gets to stinky in the van.
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flag mi-bike (Jun 9, 2022 at 22:04) (Below Threshold)
 @enduroNZ: YOUR mum does many other things than my washing
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 I'm always horrified when I see all white kits in these conditions
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 they wear them once and throw them away.
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 just from watching Bernard Kerr's LSD, he bought I think a single washing machine from Curry's (British high st appliance store) to kit out the school bus. Only one WM between the whole team and that's a factory set up

although also from watching LSD , the team seems to get daily new goody deliveries straight from Pivot HQ. Which is nice

But yeah I guess they're in chalets too Smile
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 @fingerbangextreme: The muc off execs must be pleased with themselves this week.
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 @enduroNZ: I let Stiflers Mom do the work, she can take these clothes off faster than you can get your palm rosy
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 Please do a bike check on that Ironhorse Sunday!
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 i second this
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 It's Sam Hill going to take a quick post Covid DH victory before he returns to the EWS.
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 Ironing horse Sunday
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 I missed it! Where is it?
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 @pyromaniac: it's at 2:58
It is in german, but here you can read an article about that bike of Moritz Ribarich and also the custom Sunday that was modified by Julian Neubauer @westagil .
About Julian Neubauer's custom one there was also an article on pinkbike
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 Does Cathro ever sleep?
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 I hope he is getting paid extra for all the work he does. What a LEGEND
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 Technically Kade Edwards crash was not a crash because International after-ride-beer-rules abide:
#1 If you crash you pay the after ride beer.
#2 It´s not a crash as long as you hold onto your handlebars.
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 The crash reel at the end might be the best Friday Fails yet.....
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 I'm pretty sure that was Cathro laying on his back in the woods after crashing and saying "Aargh, I'm too old for this shit." in the Vital raw video. Made me chuckle.
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 I think Leogang is a fine testament to the fact that sometimes technical track details are much more demanding and difficult to master than even huge jumps?
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 don't think jumps ever decided a race at elite level
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 @waldo-jpg: Ratboy would've been world champion if he hadn't over jumped that final bridge in Hafjell.
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 Kade even crashes with more style than everyone else!
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 What a Slop-Fest. I'll take the burning desert over that pigsty 6 days a week and twice on Sunday. It'll make for some good watching though. Great to have Cathro onboard. Great entertainment no matter the track or the weather.
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 Love you BC, keep slaying xoxo
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 British Columbia is pretty awesome.
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 If you just threw one of those kits in a washer that washer would probably fail. I'm sure they spray all the mud off before going into a machine.
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 1:34 I guess you won't need the pouch anyway since the goggles will be ruined by the bottom.
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 Great video
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 I definitely want to hangout with Ben Cathro.
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 So why the whistles? Who knows for real?
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 The whistles scare away a rare woodland creature which arrived to the planet on a meteor which crashed during the cinema premiere of the film Rat Race in 2001. The creature, which colonised every forest of the earth, and which is responsible for all the coke cans which you see scattered impossibility deep into every forest ecosystem, can be repelled only by a semi-rhythmic blowing of a whistle. All Marshall's eventually learn the true reason they are employed via an official CIA folder which is generally brought out by commandos at some point during the race weekend. A real highlight of the Marshall weekend the event usually includes pizza, a bowl of punch, and jokes about commies and Russians.
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 @browner: Oh my Gosh, so scarry ! Thank's God the Marshalls and the CIA are taking care of us !
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 The first rule of Whistle Club is . . .
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Great explanation & wicked username as well
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 Big band for the crash reel. Nice
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 That crash reel with the monsters INC music was beautiful
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