Video: The Rainbow Ends in Snowshoe | Story of the Race with Ben Cathro

Oct 2, 2023 at 6:46
by Pinkbike Originals  

Snowshoe delivered yet another spectacular race as U.S spectators watched the fastest riders in the world take on one of the most technical tracks in the UCI Mountain Bike World Series.

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 Healing Vibes to Dean Lucas, wasn't this one going to be his last WC? Damn.
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 In Hospital he said he had one left to go, it sounded like MSA would have been the last ( but its still possible he meant Snowshoe as the crash happened in qualies)
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 Why mention luck at all????
If Jackson, Bruni, Greenland, Vergier, Brosnan, Iles or any other Junior World Champion won would there have been as much emphasis on luck?
Oisin has had a few shit injuries since juniors. He possibly could have been up there sooner....maybe his bad luck up until now should have been mentioned instead
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 "Luck of the Irish" is a common phrase the world over; Cathro even states "don't let this detract from Oisin's insane run".

No one's trying to take anything away from the Oisin, great ride from him for a well deserved win! Honorable mention to Ronan for the #2 finish...both those guys will be at the top of the sport for years to come no doubt.
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 @unicornmtb25: Yep, he was just riffing off the expression. If anyone watched MoiMoi's trackside videos of practice, it was clear Oisin had the fastest lines. No luck required.
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 @jayacheess: His line through the top rock garden was nuts, you could see on MoiMoi's vlog how much quicker he was than anyone else in the footage.
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 @commental: Accept for that Asa kid who isn't even old enough, he was on another planet.
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 Luck plays a factor in every ones run. Regardless. You might be set but that rider before you clipped a rock into the racing line. That is luck. There are so many other race examples of just plain luck. You can be practiced and prepared but there is always something you do not expect. His run was excellent. But luck absolutely plays a role. For everyone.
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 Absolutely deserved win. Best rider on the hill, on the day. Hope it's the first of many.
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 @jmhills: Yeah luck sure plays a part, but you have to be there for luck to be in your favor. You can't take anything away from Minnaars result in Andorra, sure he got lucky with the weather, but he's turned up to the WC for 20 years and that's why he still gets podiums at 41.
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 @on-the-move: Not arguing that. Prep and skill can make luck either fall to you or away from you. To make a blanket statement that random luck is not capable of playing a role in anything in life, is just disingenuous.
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 Holy crap that Max Hartenstern unintentional nose manual! (10 minute mark of the vid)
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 23 hrs and 28min east of Breckenridge Colorado
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 Gotta be good to be lucky.
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 For the first time in... years, I find something annoyingly unreasonable in Ben's commentary: luck is a factor. No luck is a concept to try to explain what we can't. Sure there are a few exceptions. If the pad on the tree that caught Bruni was effectively moved, it's bad luck. But if he misses his line by a few millimeters, then it's less accuracy than expected or a mis-assessment that the line was more difficult to hit than thought. I heard the word luck too much this time. Surprising. Not everything can be luck or unluck. Decision making and execution are 99.99% of the factors. With that, wishing full recovery to the injured riders.
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 Mostly bad judgement on Loic's part to not just cruise it in for the overall.
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 @antennae: Loics lead in the overall wasn't big enough for him to afford to cruise it in
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 Best race summary vids out there. UCI please watch and learn. Your „race highlights“ vids are crap!!!

Ben called it out, but cutting to the team manager mid race run is just stupid and nobody gives a rats ass! Thanks Ben, hope they‘re watching.
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 Anyone have or found a clip of the girls passing one another in the chute after the double rock drop Friday? Such a mad move.
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 Valentina Roa Sanchez is going to win the WC !!! She has grown so much and deserves the victory! It should be taken into account that in South America there are no downhill tracks like in Europe and North America.
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 I really love these videos of the race analysis but I feel like with Cathro having so much to do now as team manager the videos of the story of the race are not getting the same detail as before. I really enjoyed it when they went up into the track to show the key place of the story of the race which I might imagine must be a lot of work but was awesome. Bring back showing more in-depth what happened to the track! I also agree that it's a terrible move when they show the team manager's reaction during the race run. The drone shots also are something I completely dislike.
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 I think he can be excused for cutting a few corners for this race recap, because the turn-around to get to Mont Saint-Anne for next weekend’s race is really tight.
Not to mention he raced this weekend, just missing out on making the semifinal.
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 @bykeco: I agree he is doing so much stuff that I understand why he isn't able to do it as before. I'm just missing the more in-depth analysis nothing else
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 Just listen for the banjo and you're there
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 whats up with all the texas wheelchair ads? who is the target audience for these? These ads dont even line up with most of your publications what the f*ck is this.
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 DOWHNILL for the win!
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 Thanks at Ben and Pinkbike for the great summary!
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 Where's showshoe?
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 Snowshoe, West Virginia, USA 4 hours southwest of Washington DC. 4 hours south of Pittsburgh,PA.
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 6 hours and 12 minutes northeast of Pigeon Forge, TN.
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 39 hours east of McKenzie Bridge, OR if you don't make any stops or hit any traffic.....
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 Hours of driving into what felt like nowhere. Scenic roads though.
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 Deep in the woods
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 36 hours from Northeast Los Angeles, including some traffic on the 210 right now
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 in garage next to snow shovel...
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 I'm on the east coast...and that place is hard to get to.
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 @jgoldfield: You'd be luck to do double nickels on the dime.
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 Two feet ahead
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 @scotttherider: I love hiking down from Sahalie Falls when the old McKenzie is pumping in the springtime.
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 30 miles after “damn liberal Yankees” and flip a bitch right before “you gotta purty mouth”
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 @mad1at0: And avoid Pigeon Forge.
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 (wrong tread)

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