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Video: Bikes, Cameras, Action - Pinkbike Academy Season 2 EP 8

Dec 7, 2021 at 16:44
by Pinkbike Originals  



This time on Pinkbike Academy, the remaining riders must show that they can perform outside of a racecourse in a 60-second video challenge. Who can impress our judges and the other riders the most? Watch and find out.


Did you miss the previous episodes from Season 2 of Pinkbike Academy? Watch them here.

Which video was your favourite?

The eliminated contestants came back to help with the 60-second video challenge.

The teams brainstorm ideas.

Who could have predicted we'd see Emmett and Cody working together this season?

Time to get the shots.

Bradley and Israel getting creative with the filming.

Bradley going all in.

Alaina and Tori in the editing cave.

It's one thing to capture the content, it's another to edit it together in a way that will impress the judges.

The final elimination ceremony.

Pinkbike Academy Season 2 is available on all of your devices through the Outside app or website, as well as on the Pinkbike YouTube channel.



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 Pinkbike Academy aside sorry to hear about your little brother Alaina, and surely he's proud of what you and your family have done to honor him. Also throughout the show no matter how bad things went you always had a really good attitude that says a lot. PS your edit was SENDY!
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 @wheelsmith: definitely way more sendy than the other girls.

Actually thought it was her best showing yet.
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flag marthinpercamp FL (Dec 9, 2021 at 13:31) (Below Threshold)
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 Furthermore the women's Freeride movement is doing big things. Hopefully a good sponsor will recognize your talent and want you on their bike. Totally believe you could pull off Enduro with your skill set + practice however it's best to play to our strengths. Cheers!
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 @wheelsmith: She might have a good skillset to jump into the Crankworx season and build skills there... especially the DS, Pumptrack, etc.
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 @snl1200: is that because of her bmx background?
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 Good to see Cody contribute. He may not be ews-material, but he seems like a nice dude.
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flag Supergirl56 FL (Dec 9, 2021 at 11:04) (Below Threshold)
 did you see the other episodes???
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 Cody redemption arc baby!
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 @withdignityifnotalacrity: Just like Theon Grayjoy in the GoT finale...but completely different
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 If Cody had brought this kind of energy and personality to the rest of the competition, I think he would have done way better. Really great to see a better side of him here, even if it was too late competition wise.
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 Cody's a pretty fun guy when he's in a good mood.
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 Suddenly making this week's challenge be based on cumulative results feels a bit like moving the goal posts, innit? Like, Alaina's riding was actually sick in the video—it had the best pure riding footage of any of the women.

I'd have preferred to see it come down to Flo and Tori for the women, but that ship sailed weeks ago (because Tori got sent home based on the results of one challenge, where as a more global consideration of her overall status would surely have kept her in). From a competiveness standpoint, this is the correct final four. But, they should have sent Alaina home earlier, when there was plenty of good reason to, and kept the playbook consistent today.

Because today, according to the rules they've been playing by up to this point? #AlainaGotRobbed
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 They took mercy on Alaina by not having her compete in a 6 stage enduro.
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 Agree, she clearly rips hard in jumps and berms. The video format was probably one of her strongest challenges.

Should have let her go based on her abysmal fitness ages ago if they were truly being fair.

Jesus I hope she trains up her endurance properly and gives it a real go, potential is huge...

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 i feel the only female that got robbed was Tori, Alaina should've been sent home a while ago
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 I couldn't agree more, sir. They should have sent her home when she really did not perform. Her edit was one of the best.
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 Stoked to see Laura make the final four. She's not particularly flashy, but seems really genuine and grinds on the bike. Just like seeing good people do well.
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 I might've heard of people talk about a stick up Cody's pants, but I never thought I'd literally see a stick in his pants.
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 That's what you call, "taking one" for the team.
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 Cody: “I guess I just had to forgive and forget. Once I did that I was able to get into a happy creator mode.”

Forgive and forget what??!! Sorry but Emmet didn’t do anything wrong by out riding Cody. Being slower and sore loser doesn’t merit bad blood you wiener.
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 You don't get it do you. This is a show that is HEAVILY edited. There's drama that we don't see behind closed doors. Based everyones opinion in San Diego - San Bernadino, Cody is a cool guy. And willing to help people if they are struggling. I like Emmett, and I think its down to Flo and Emmett for the winners. But we don't know how any of these contestants are like off camera. You can easily frame a character to be the antagonist with a few clips.
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 @kroozctrl: valid point you wiener
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 What I don't understand is ,why is there only going to be one winner? Woman and men race separately during all races and events, so why not take the top male and top female rider as the winners!
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 I see two totally worthy winners here, Flo & Emmet.

If I only could choose 1 I'd choose Emmet because I see more long term potential and I think he is faster compared to a higher level Secret Pro than the Woman's Secret Pro. However it would be a darn shame if Flo didn't win because she dominated in her gender category by a longshot.
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 @SunsPSD: I think Flo has a better shot at being high profile though, and therefore better value for money.

As much as the women's field was definitely more competitive this year (without Isabeau just dominating everything), there's still plenty of room for more top competitive riders to fight for the top spots.

If her results against the Secret Pro are anything to go by, she could definitely be a regular at the front end.
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 @Ktron: She's already had multiple top 10 results at EWS rounds
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 Wouldn't be surprised if the person who doesn't win between Emmet and Flo gets an offer anyway
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 @adrennan: yup. They are both getting offers.
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 @adrennan: It would be a crime against bike's if they didn't!
But at the end of the day I'm def #TeamFlo they both have insane speed, but Flo has the personality to go with it that set's her a level up, and she's totally followed the golden media rule "if there's a camera present you be happy and positive no matter what".
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 @mudcycles: @Ktron: I agree.. but.. I would put money on young upcomers.. may be the 2 males will take off quickly anyways regardless of the PBA.. and the ladies in their 30s are more in need of this ? idk..
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 I was getting ready to cringe at people talking to themselves in cameras. But instead it was a combination of the best of each contestant into a mega Voltron of entertainment.
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 I hope we find out who the secret pros are. If the men are competing against Damien Oton (assume its an Orbea Pro) and the women are against some struggling to hit the top 30 OR VICE VERSA It would seem a little unfair to either sex.

Hopefully PB have considered this if comparing them to the Secret Pros is taken into account.
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 Secret pros being Orbea's riders make sense. Wich could leave us with Laura Charles for the woman, who won a couple of e-EWS this season.
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 @Ricolaburle: I hope so! Would annoy me if either one was disadvantaged with who they were competing with! I think would spoil the series which is awesome!
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 It's probably Gully and Cristina don't you reckon?
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 @rstokes: pretty confident it is
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 @rstokes: Love Gully and he'd crush everyone for sure in a freeride format...but he's not holding a candle to the world class speed of Bradley and Emmit.
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 @ViolaVesperlin: in last episode, Gully said it wasn't him. The secret pro's are Christina and Evan I think. Last week showed a crash of the female secret pro and she had dark hair and same riding style as Christina plus they wouldn't have to pay to have a pro to bring them there. Evan doesn't live too far away.
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 @rstokes: isn't Christina a trek rider? Can't imagine they'd be happy about her riding another brand?
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 @AlynPawlin: She's wearing all the Fox stuff for the show, though she's with TLD for everything else. So...maybe?
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 @AlynPawlin: I was thinking that would be why we "never find out" who they are, so they don't offend sponsors.

I thought given COVID restrictions they'd be Canadian riders like ALN.
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 @AlynPawlin: It's not the Stig... It's the Stig's female cousin from Bulgaria!
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 @rstokes: thats what Ive been assuming.
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 @rstokes: i have waited so long for someone to say that.......
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 Are they perhaps "secret" precisely because they are not Orbea riders?
I can see Orbea not wanting other brands' bikes going faster than theirs, and other brands wouldn't let their riders be filmed on Orbeas.
And they're hardly gonna fly Damien Oton over for a tiny % of the screentime with a black helmet on.
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 Secret Pro's are just @mikelevy on an ebike
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 Thanks for the hot tip Addison! Per your recommendation, I've gone ahead and removed all of the bearing seals on my bike and expecting great things!
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 Have run a couple of different race day only wheelsets without seals during races over the years. He's not wrong, the difference in hub drag is absolutely huge.
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 As obnoxious as Alaina may have seemed due to the whole "BMX background" thing, I found her exit quite gracious and level-headed. Plus, her riding was pretty damn impressive in that edit.
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 Agreed well pounded rider, but,, the fitness is just not there for the demands off an enduro rider. The does rip behind the bars though. She will go places.
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 Whoever wins has the best BMX background.
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 The first day I can say that.
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 Hit me with that full Emmett edit please.
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 Just go to Norco's instagram page lol
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 For the last season there was a lot of criticism about the lack of actual riding - Today's episode was a really nice change from all the racing we've seen this season!

Really enjoyed this one, seemed like all the pairings had good chemistry, great to see the return of the eliminated riders, and also with the edits we got to see the best of the riders. Ironically that applied most to Alaina, who has clearly struggled with enduro-style competitions but got to showcase some of her obvious bike-handling talent today (double-bonk on the rock was really sweet). Was fair that she got eliminated but nice to see those skills before she went.

Emmett's was my favourite, the camera angles and setup were pro-level. Also nice to see Cody when he's not directly competing, his teamwork & support.
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 ....Flo-train for the win!
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 Imagine for a second Flo teaming up with Cody...
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 An unsurprising but worthy final four! Looking forward to the results… and will the secret pro identities be revealed?
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 Fair play Cody, it takes a lot to look past your differences and commit for your ex-rivals good!
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 Emmet just needed the Game Over sound effect and graphic at the end of his edit
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 Are they filming 2 episodes per day? 3 hours for a riding session and edit?!? Those sick 2 to 3 minutes edits we soo love take days to professional mtb'ers and sometimes they even have a crew. Today's challenge was a breath of fresh air but still, give them more time. Some of them maybe don't have editing skills. Learning how to edit and doing a 2 min edit with sound in an hour it's a challenge in itself. Emmett and Cody's edit would have benefit from more time, the concept was really good.
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 we gonna need all the footage from Cody and Emmet. And i also agree they need more time to edit, Im sure they wouldve had better stuff
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 Kyra should be given bikes to torture test. I'd love to see all the battle scars on her personal bike,
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 Well I thought Alaina's video was the best. Sure Flo had the sponsorship dialled, but quite the heart Alaina's did. Although, I don't disagree with them sending her home for overall, I suppose, I don't understand why the judges said what they did about her video. Oh well for the most part the judges are pretty fair.
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 6:50 SO gracious of Cody to forgive Emmett.
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 Preposterous amount of ads on youtube, I think there was one per 4/5 mins, took you out of the flow of the episode
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 its called add block you should look it up
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 Watch it on the Pinkbike homepage ad free in the video!
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 @mtbman1980: like to watch it on my TV through a roku stick
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 Ya u boob sucks ass,, I just watch it in the home page in pb, full length no ads.
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 Hey PB, not sure if it matters from a revenue point of view, but I'd watch all the content straight on the PB page (rather than clicking the YouTube link) if you'd always make the video player full width like it is on this post so that I can have the player larger but not full screen. Or in other words, use the `media-full-width` class rather than the `media-media-width` one.
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 I kept waiting, and waiting...

But it never happened.

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 I'm sure it was edited out after all the comments.
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 Felt like missed opportunity to go with the word for "friendship" on Laura's clips with Tori, oh and... whatever the German term for "OTB" is on that crash
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 It would have been so fun if Laura and Lyra had superimposed the translations over the clips, and then had "crash = crash" over Kyras otb.
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 It would appear that GoPro was out of stock on 3-way handheld mount at the time of filming. Source: The stick
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 We’ll that episode was pointless, bring in the previous weeks results and a subjective task means they can hand pick who goes through. As if those weren’t going to be the top 4 whatever videos they produced.

I think flo is great but her video was so cringe I could hardly watch
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 Well I thought Alaina's video was the best. Sure Flo had the sponsorship dialled, but not quite the heart Alaina's did. Although, I don't disagree with them sending her home for overall, I suppose, I don't understand why the judges said what they did about her video. Oh well for the most part the judges are pretty fair.
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 What are these "race day wheels" you speak of?
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 At the pointy end of world class racing the amount of money thrown at winning gets hard to fathom for us regular schmoes.
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 2 hours video capture & only an hour to edit?? i call bullshit...should have equal amounts of time for both.
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 why is the competition separate from men and women but there's only one winner to the show? or is there a male and female winner?
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 Dude 2 episodes in a row with no bmx background comments. I've been sitting here waiting for two weeks, bottle in hand for the drinking game. Wack!
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 Awesome to watch and see the efforts of the contestants and the PB crew
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 Flo for the win!!!!!!!!!
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 Flo is the only one of the finalist on instagram without a bikes sponsor.... uhmmmm what a surprise! XD
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 42:19 very sly
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 a bmx background can only get you so far...
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 Thanks for the laughs, Cody and Emmet! Nice one!
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 Kermit the frog voice - *oh man buy me dinner first*
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 Kinda given up on this, after the pillow talk and Tori going it wasn't really a fair competition at all.
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 Can't wait!

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