Video: What's the New Line? - Inside the Tape at Lenzerheide

Jul 9, 2022 at 1:12
by Pinkbike Originals  

We take a closer look at the anatomy of this race track with Ben Cathro.

Produced by Sleeper Collective.

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 I love you, Ben.
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 I loved him first!
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 @ottifant: I love him moar.
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 I loved him when he was still underground.
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 @Vudu74: would y’all chill, there’s 69’69” of Ben, more than enough for us all to share. We love you, Ben.
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 @broscience: Bagsy the top half.
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 I wonder how many of the riders watch this and change their lines due to Bens amazing insight into what’s actually quickest and shortest way down the hill ????
Best video coverage of the track and camera positions bar none which most of us won’t see come race day .
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 There are a lot of teams that inspect multiple lines and compare so I doubt they need to rely on a race-night PB preview. I'm still wondering the gap that Greg Minnaar wants to do.
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 Awesome as always Ben and team! Love that we get to see the goofy stuff too
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 Ben the man! Just watch out not overrevving your engine!
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 Liked the line-options with arrows from POV perspective!
On Ghosting: There were so many different lines in that steep bit. - Can you overlay say 3 or 4 or 5 riders?
Could get pretty blurry, but maybe it's kinda ok to watch since rider outfit/colors are so different? -> there would be more time comparisons than just 1-1.
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 The quality of this vs the ones from a couple years are are like when the privateer of race analysis gets factory ride. Both were sick, but the cleaned up and frame matched ghost side by sides are so dope.
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 This is a great track breakdown with combo of different camera angles and the verbal explanation. Great stuff
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 So so good!
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 Didn’t catch this before the race… Still worth a watch. Brilliant!
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 Loam (/lōm/): a soil with roughly equal proportions of sand, silt, and clay.
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 Ben is my hero.

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