Video: Whistler Bike Park Opening Day 2021

Jun 1, 2021 at 1:31
by Pinkbike Originals  

It's Whistmas, baby! The crew up at the Whistler Bike Park have been working hard preparing everything for the 2021 season. Christina Chappetta was on site to give us a rundown of the changes and to catch up with the local shredders before hitting the park for some laps of her own.

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 Can't wait for the border to open up, been vaccinated since January. Canada let me give you my tourism money
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 Who knows what will happen with the border. But, my guess is that it will stay closed until Labour Day.
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 February and same. takemymoney.jpg
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 @CircusMaximus: I bet Canada will open it's borders before we do to you, unfortunately, because our government is insanely dysfunctional.

Americans can go to europe right now but they can't come here, makes total sense right.

I've missed 2 cat skiing trips Frown to nelson....
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 Hoping for some good news about the border re-opening on June 21 for those of us who have had the vax

Read all about (or aboot) it here:
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 @pistol2ne: I cant see anything happening till at least aug if that.
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 @wearitwell: but we're loud and pushy and stubborn! give us what we want!!!
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 I miss doing the Whistler Bike Park opening day videos! I’ve had so much fun interviewing stoked riders on Whistmas over the years! So many laughs with rad characters with pent up gravity addictions!! Miss you mtb freaks!!
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 "So many laughs with rad characters"

Really? You always struck me as more of the quiet, stoic, and serious type...
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 Just do it! Open a channel! I'll subsribe for sure! tup
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 i was gonna say Christina is rad and all and way better looking - but where the hell is Tippie? Opening day is not the same without you! Miss your stoke and all the laughs.
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 we miss you too!
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 One question...where's Tippie?
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 LOL those lines.... brutal but i can't wait to get my shore to whis!!
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 Out of curiosity, anyone who was there can say how long he/she had to wait at the lift?
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 @konamat: average about 45 mins all day, got a bit worse at times
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 @konamat: Another article stated lift lines were 45-60min on opening day.
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 @konamat: had friends that went there and turned around. 45-1.5 hour waits. insane
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 @konamat: I showed up at 5pm and it was back all the way to the grocery store and liquor store. Didn't even bother sitting in the line. Easily over an hour I would say
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 It was about an hour yesterday and 1.5 hours today. I bet it’ll be 2 hours tomorrow and maybe 3 hours this weekend. Tell your cousins. Really sucks here. I heard Squamish is good right now and the people are super welcoming . Check that out. @konamat:
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 @theedon: today was 10 mins all day until 4:30 when it was abouit 30 mins
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 @ruffdeezy: you’re not picking up what I’m laying down
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 Watching Christina (and Jason) ride is SO fun! PURE joy! Thanks for alleviating my broken ankle pain with your laughs and woops!
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 Okay I started laughing about halfway through when I realized the commentary could fairly easily be substituted into a sensual adult video. Apparently, satisfaction from biking vs that other activity yields a similar human response, lol.
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 The non bikepark trails in Whistler are better than the bikepark. Just saying.
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 No they are not. Stay at the whistler bike park way bettttter. Smile
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 With all the nonsense happening here in Ontario and the "destruction" of what was a great little bike park (i.e. Blue Mountain Bike Park) it might actually be the year I travel out that way!! Please, just stay the F&$K OPEN!!
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 come oooooon! everyone is riding in bikeparks and I loked in the country without a vaccine(
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 What's up with the inverted boxxer crown?
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 The boxxer rise crown has the bolt on the front Wink Nothing inverted there
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 Glad I'm not the only one who makes joyful jump noises! Weeoow!
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 So jelly! Cant wait to get back up!
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 Only dude with a Nicolai is from Germany....too obvious
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 I do not miss opening day, avoid it like the plague, but now I would even tolerate it to be there.
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 Catch you all next season 4th season away and I miss you all!
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 What a joy to watch these 2 ride!
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 Whoo Hoooo!!
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 Secret Santa?
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 cant believe im the first one but LOOKS LIKE A SESSION
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