Happy 429 Day - Video

Apr 29, 2016 at 7:20
by Pivot Cycles  
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Pivot Cycles would like to wish everyone a happy International 429 Day.

MENTIONS: @pivotcycles / @briceshirbach


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 Since the US is the only country to put the month first, it's not really international 429 day is it?
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 Don't forget Belize, Micronesia, and Canada goes both ways. But let's talk about how weird China and Japan are for putting the year first instead!
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flag thekc (Apr 29, 2016 at 19:16) (Below Threshold)
 I know some serious riders in China and Japan are watching this website. Hope they would not feel negative by being said weird. Your standard may not be standard in different culture.
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 @thekc: he is just joking around dude. Take the day off from PC duty.
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 In Australia it's celebrated on the 42nd of September
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 @Worm-Burner: I'd always thought it was the 429th day of the year.
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 @bentplate: Scandinavia also put the year first. It makes sense - when you date things in a computer it then gives you them in date order.
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 Also he's driving on the wrong side of the road... now that's just plain wrong. Everyone knows driving on the left is the correct side if the road to drive on.
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 @fartymarty: That would explain the dirty looks I was getting, huh? Not the beautiful singing...
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 @briceshirbach: The singing was great... You should audition for American Idol (or whatever they call it these days)
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 @fartymarty: we most definitely do not put year first
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 @LegendMKI: I know the Swedes do. I though you guys would be the same.
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 @bentplate: Because I know how much you guys love standards: xkcd.com/1179
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 PA actually looks cool.
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 I grew up there. Go ride in Michaux State Forest!
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 @slayersxc17: awesome trails! raced there many years ago in Iron masters Classic, Curse of Dark Hollow, and Terror of Teaberry.
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 Pennsylvania IS cool
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 Actually, the trailhead he leaves from is in Delaware. This trail system criscrosses the border. Something to consider if you are a fugitive.
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 @seburkhardt: Where is this trailhead/what is it called?
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 @Nocturnal7x: The trailhead is at some hotels, Homewood suites I believe, off of rte 202 just north of Wilmington, DE. What Brice rides is all in Brandywine Creek State park. PM me if you need additional details. Cheers.
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 PA actually kinda sucks for riding. At least in Eastern PA. There's no elevation, and there are very limited options for places to ride. Riding illegally is one of the only ways to find legitimate trails unfortunately. Yah, there are a couple of secret places, and places that cost money, but I am yet to find gnarly public trails anywhere. Any help would be appreciated.
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 @VTwintips: Send me a note when you'd like a tour...I'm certain you'd enjoy it
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 @VTwintips: Wissahickon in Philadelphia is great. My usual ride is 15 miles with +1500 ft of elevation.
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 Rad video!!! Very much enjoyed the humor and anyone who is married gets the tone of the voice on the phone, when it comes to the stoke of a bike or a ride. Music was kick ass, and fit perfectly.
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 4/29 is cool....
But 4/20 is waaaayyyyyyy better!!!!
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 Until someone gives you weed laced with PcP! Then it becomes the 420 you'll never remember!
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 "Gobbling rocks and guzzling some fun, if you know what I mean..."

I was on the floor! Great marketing on Pivot's part.
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 I liked it. Made me chuckle. We need more funny vids.
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 Loved that! That reaction from his wife sounded so authentic, "You know I'm at work right?" haha Great intro, great riding, and great laughs: Thanks Pivot!
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 Be cool if they had a boss 429 with a pivot 429 on a bike rack. I wonder if half the people (groms) on here know what a boss 429 is.
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 I liked it and when do you see a bike video with a Little Richard song.
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 Lol, or Hall & Oates?
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 @gshep: he wont go for that. no ..nooooOOOOOOooo. no can do.
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 Anyone know what trail system this is?
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 Brandywine Creek State Park in Delaware. www.trailforks.com/region/brandywine-creek-state-park
Brice was on Jedi Knight and Hurricane Run.
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 Don't forget LAD, left anterior descending.
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 @seburkhardt: Right...I forgot LAD
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 So I guess this means Aug 26 I will be shredding my Gambler suckin back the pints! Whose with me!!!!!
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 East Coast rocks. Always embedded, no matter what way you're headed.
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 The only thing that would make this video better would be a voice over from Chris Cocalis... said no one ever. Seriously, though this video was pretty sweet.
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 Nice rack!
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 loving that hall & oates track...dj spinbads 80ies megamix for life
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 gobbling and guzzling..........sounds like an evening with the ladies.....the one's who charge.....and that reminds me of the Hooker by Cove......"nothing works the corners like the Hooker does"
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 And just a bit too wholesome for me....but they seem to mean well.
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 seriously? did you even listen to the whole thing? probably the filthiest video and sound bite ever played on pinkbike. well played Pivot, well played.
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flag endlessblockades (Apr 29, 2016 at 19:31) (Below Threshold)
 @jamesbrant: it would have been a better juxtaposition of he said cocks n cum.
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 Happy bike day!
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 I've always had fun on my 429.
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 Thanks pivot, I own my dream bike which is not a 429, but I can still appreciate any bike that pivot makes. Happy 429er!
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 some of us have been going for 9 days so this makes sense
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 Nice edit!!! Funny as hell...
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 Fun vid!
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 Made me high
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 utter shite !
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 Dafuq is 429 day
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 My birthday?
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