Pivot Factory Racing Release Limited Edition Firebird

Aug 28, 2023 at 16:50
by Pivot Cycles  

Press Release: Pivot Factory Racing

The award-winning Firebird is already celebrated for its long-travel prowess and capabilities. Now, adorned in a striking limited-edition combination of white, blue, and gold, and decked out to Pivot Factory Racing’s standard complete with Reynolds carbon wheels. These Pivot Factory Racing Limited Edition Firebirds will be available to the public in limited quantities, contact your local dealer to secure yours.

The concept was born from Leatt's design expertise, which created a custom kit for the esteemed Pivot Factory Racing team. This collaboration sparked the creation of the Pivot Factory Racing Limited Edition Firebird, a striking testament to the shared passion for pushing boundaries.

Discover the Pivot Factory Racing Limited Edition Firebird here.


It’s not just another day in the office with Pivot Factory Racing. The team needs to pick a fresh new colorway for their Limited Edition Firebird. How will they decide?


Bernard Kerr
Ed Masters
Matt Walker
Morgane Charre
Jenna Hastings
Lada Man
Barnaby Edwards



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 Okay, I think we'll need a full 1/2 hr. episode of The Pivot Office with riders playing the characters. Eddie for Dwight Schrute
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 Hmm... Not a bad idea
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flag heavyp (Aug 29, 2023 at 21:43) (Below Threshold)
 @trek called they want their paint job from 1998 back
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 I think it's safe to say that the Pivot Team has taken the "Coolest team in MTB" moniker from The Syndicate, which honestly lost it when Bryceland left and Peaty stopped racing.

And Bernard should be careful. Morgane (gorgeous, as usual) has a better win record than he does. OF COURSE, you need to make her happy!
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 Syndicate videos in the bryceland days were damn good. Never understood how they could lose so much entertainment value and be... kinda boring. Successful and boring.
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 100% All the pivot content is great and now I fin myself cheering for them to win.
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 Damn it I didn't see this and wrote the same thing ‍♂️
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 Eddie, Matt and Morgan might have an acting career when they are done with racing. I see them playing some soap operasSmile ))). Great video as usual. By far the best team chemistry in the world cup circus.
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 nice, but all we want is a frame only offer back for buying...i dont want to pay for Pivot full builds. MAKE PIVOT SELLING FRAME ONLYS AGAIN!! and maybe get rid of the 157 superboost - it is overenigneered, over estimated and makes switchting from one brand to another with a nice wheelset like reserve or others a bigger hurdle which is a shame since I like the Pivot bikes.
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 Most Pivot frames are available as frame only if you ask the shop. It doesn’t solve the whole Superboost thing, but food for thought.
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 Totally! I would love to build one up with nice suspension, but not have to pay for the full xtr or XO1 or a completely unnecessary Kashima dropper post. Or maybe even try a Zeb on it, gasp!
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 The offer frame only it’s just expensive.
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 Am I seeing this right...they have 23 different builds for this model?! I don't understand why any mtb brand wouldn't offer framesets - surely they'd sell much more of their products (frames) whiles simultaneously helping the industry that supports them (LBS's). Direct ship frames to those that want to build themselves, and work with dealers to create custom complete bikes for those who want a professional build. Seems like a win-win.
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 would you care to explain why superboost 157 is "overengineered and over estimated(?)" ?
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 @maybemarcusking: Smaller q-factor works better for me. Don't feel the difference on dowhills but I can afford only one full suspension bike.
However ssymetrical rims are what I needed.
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 For heavens sake,
Stop whinging so much.
Any bike is a "frame only" option, its just going to be a variable price (based on how much you can sell the existing parts for)
If you dont like Superboost, then you clearly dont like Pivots bikes enough, stop asking for everything to be the same, and celebrate some companies do things differently. Super boost isnt anymore "engineered" than anything else, youre just bitching,
so stop bitching, but a Firebird, keep the bb and the wheelset, sell the rest, and buy your parts.
Upside is, you can usually get some decent deals on good superboost wheels, cause they arent in as high demand
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 @MantisToboggan: Bike companies make money selling components, (that they get very cheap for buying in bulk). They are essentially middle men.
They make considerably less selling frames, which you, and everyone else would bitch about the price of, if they did offer them.

Custom bikes built by shops, unless they really specialize in it, is cost prohibitive.
Youre prolly concerned about the price of the complete bike, but youre gonna pay the shop $500 or so to build you a bike, doubtful

Buy bike, sell components, build your bike, its not rocket surgery, but it is going to cost more. If you cant afford it, buy something else....
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 @onawalk: all people on here want to do is bitch and whine. it's infuriating
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 @andelinc: I run a ZEB that has the Avalanche coil hybrid damper. Much better than a 38!
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 @cole-christian: 4 years ago when i asked my shop it wasnt possible after numerous times of asking over a longer period of time after getting a 2017 firebird frame previously.
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 @maybemarcusking: compared to other bikes i dont have the feeling it is stiffer. other companys have short chainstays too...
but i have 2 wheelsets and just cant switch between several wheels with different tire setups - no plug and play. and you have to buy another wheel just for that when owning already 2 wheelsets for 148 bikes
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 @onawalk: it wasnt at my store back then several years. but i want to support my local store I have been a customer for 20 years - so i dont want to buy just a frame somewhere in the internet or used.
dont hate on superboost..i bought a pivot shuttle sl this year and love it...but it still makes switching wheelsets between 2 different bikes harder...i already own several wheelsets with different tire setups...in that case i find it annoying to buy another wheel just to fit that pivot...it is just not as user friendly in that case with different tire setups. thats why i bitch about. it forces to buy just another product.
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 @maybemarcusking: welcome to the pinkbike comment section
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 @Fufi7: I don't see a reason to be upset that its superboost when it comes with a solid set of wheels and tires. There isn't really a need to change wheelsets on a bike like this too.
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 @ihsik: it is connected to buying a frame only version that's all...other than that you're right
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 @ihsik: and like I wrote I already own 2 wheelsets and the cross compatibility from a different company is not possible.
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 @cole-christian: What's the price usually for the Pivot frame only?
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 @Vyckinis: it used to be around 3700 back in 2017 but not 100% sure anymore.
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 @Fufi7: I understand your point, you're definitely a unique situation and most riders are buying complete bikes and not swapping wheelsets regularly like yourself. My point is don't try to call something overengineered if you don't have any real points to back it up. Your complaint seems to be lack of cross compatibility, not the performance or function of the product.
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 @maybemarcusking: @Fufi7 is just whinging for the sake of whinging, its not ever engineered, its not too expensive, its not that frame only options dont exist, its just not to their liking.
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 Sell the wheelset and buy a new one? Just an idea
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 @Fufi7: If I remember right their frames are around 5k? Seems to be a pretty common theme with companies to sell their low end models for ≈1.3k more then the frame only option. If you have the parts you want already it’s usually more worth it to buy the low end model and sell the parts you don’t want, if you can sacrifice the money until you sell that is.
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 @ihsik: that was with a fox kashima fork...i think it was 4700 euros
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 @maybemarcusking: no i see it like an Apple phenomenon - the benefit of more stiffness is debateable (if needed anyway) in my personal experience when comparing bikes and this has been discussed/questioned in several tests / debates as well. I am surely not the first to doubt this "new standard". and...it just makes cross compatibility not easy and all just for calling it their own new standard.

i am not hating on Pivot...I love their bikes and how they ride. dont get me wrong. just a few things that are not perfect. For me, those are the points where's room for improvement and that's why i stated it. just simply that.
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 @flembake: then i have to pay a lot of money just to have their good suspension model, plus ending up with other parts i wouldn't consider.
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 @onawalk: no i want to build it by myself...and i dont mind paying 4k for a frame i absolutely want with a superb rear shock.
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 @Fufi7: holy jeez,
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 Hahahahha that video was bloody awesome!!!!!
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 best pedaling enduro bike out there. I'll never be on board with Chris's obsession with facebook blue, though.
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 The Pivot team is by far the coolest team in racing. Change my mind. Not to mention they have been cleaning up this year as well. Hats off
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 And here I was hoping the limited edition Pivot Factory racing bike was going to be the cnc lugged carbon DH bike Bernard is riding this season.
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 Personally, I absolutely love long rear centers. For all the whiners complaining about them, this is the bike for you. Pedals great, deep lovely dw travel and a chainstay length for children.
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flag fentoncrackshell (Aug 29, 2023 at 7:47) (Below Threshold)
 Most Pivots seem to be designed for steppy desert riding - lots of low speed tech moves and no long descents. It's probably the only setting where short chainstays make sense. Personally, I'd rather have long chainstays and long front center and a more centered position on the bike.
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 Nice. Pivot leaning into the LSD for the sportsfans.
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 Orange lowers are the worst thing in MTB
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 Just wait until you hear about Super Boost, 28.99mm bb axles, Shin Burgers, e-bikes (according to most PBers!) and the price of bikes at the moment...
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flag Jordmackay (Aug 29, 2023 at 3:50) (Below Threshold)
 @bigtim: Lightweight ebikes are the the best thing to happen in MTB
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 Cable tourism over orange lowers?
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 OG Marzocchi Z1 Bomber disagrees.
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 That's weird, because I thought the worst thing in MTB was people complaining about orange lowers in every single article.
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 Depends on frame color
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 @watchtower: pretty much the only exception. but they also had a range of colors. this one color situation doesn't do it for me.
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flag Jordmackay (Aug 29, 2023 at 12:47) (Below Threshold)
 Not sure why this has got so much hate. I've gone from a Giga to a Kenevo SL. Basically the same bike but I can get double the laps done in half the time. Pinkbike comment section is full of retards
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 @Jordmackay: woke up and chose violence today, did we?
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 @Jordmackay: you were doing so well up until that last sentence... I think most of us would probably be happy for you until you betrayed us like that
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 @danielfloyd: You will join the dark side its only a matter of time
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 @Jordmackay: I'm with you on the fun of lightweight e-mtb. I did a demo on a Fuel EXE and had a bonkers time...smiled on tech climbs. However, after I slept on it, I felt ashamed and went out and got a xc bike to torture myself instead. true story.
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 @doublej-cville: So last week I did 6 laps of my local in 1hr 50 mins. Heart rate av was 146 and I burnt near 1000 calories. 6 laps on my normal bike completely f*cks me and would take like 3 hours. My giga was 17.6kg and kenevo is 21. Still get a good workout in and actually enjoy the climbs rather than wanting to end myself haha
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 Orange lowers are the reason I could buy a 40 lower in black on the 2nd hand market to replace my twisted 58 lowers. Long live orange lowers!
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 @Jordmackay: agreed. different workout, but still a workout. one day...maybe if the levo sl ever goes on sale
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 Cool colours - maybe a mixed lowers colour would be extra mint!
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 Sick now if I piss someone off I can ride past them on the other side and they won’t know it’s me
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 Should have done Leatt red lowers on the fork! Morgane would be happy too Wink
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 Any color but orange really.
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 Just a heads up that the link where it says 'Discover the Pivot Factory Racing Limited Edition Firebird here' is missing the 's' off http i.e. should be www.pivotcycles.com/en/pfr-ltd-firebird
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 Pivot yet again putting a stamp on quality and details. It’s like Santa Cruz circa 2017.
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 Limited Edition eh. So I should invest all of my savings in buying multiple of them instead of the silver I have been buying?
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 The Pivot team makes the best race team content!
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 I get that it is a special edition which means it should have a fancy component where you can’t buy it that would make a bike sell a little faster
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 this looks great, replace suspensions with ext and its amazing that orange doesn't belong there
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 Looks like a (pre) session.... Retro '98 Trek Pro Issue DH...! Almost exactly the same paint job... www.retrobike.co.uk/threads/1998-trek-pro-issue-dh-only-100-ever-made.211222
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 Love this bike
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 Looks like a Transition….ad
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 I really love the spirit of all the Pivot team , Kerr , Edbull and walker are killing it anytime. But on the other hand , I always find that their style don’t match Pivot policy with 10k€+ bikes that are clearly not rooots
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 Eddie is looking sharp in his suit. Matt on the other hand needs a little work on the fit.
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 Came for the sticker shock... left disappointed Frown
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 Not sure why I don’t hate it more.
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 Morgane Charre looks AI generated in that last photo.
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 ...2 Tone 2 Chains, don't believe me, just watch \m/
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 love the firebird but the price isn't justified. even specialized give you more for less these days
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 Echo's of British American Racing F1 in 1999. That was bad.
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