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Bike Park of Dreams

Oct 8, 2023 at 10:51
by Quinten Issa  
Have you ever dreamed of perfectly shaped jumps of all shapes and sizes glowing like gold as the sun reflects off their perfectly packed and squared-off edges? Well, dream no longer because that's the sight at La Poma bike park nearly every day.
Based just outside Barcelona Spain, La Poma bike park is almost too good to be true. With over 10 different dirt jumping lines ranging from mini table tops to crank works level slopestyle jumps –not to mention the airbag lander, foam pit, resi, skate park, and trials area, La Poma has something to offer for riders of every level.

Dirt Park
-NBA Line:
This is my personal favorite of the park because let's be real, a lot of us aren't too worried about learning technical skills and tricks, we're just trying to have fun. This is why the dirt jump section is my favorite. For those days you just want to hang out and flow, the dirt park has everything you could ask for. I personally love to warm up on the smaller jumps up top and progress my way down to the NBA line. I've never been an overly confident rider when it comes to precise, steep landings and take-offs, but the diversity of levels made it super easy to consistently progress little by little without feeling like I'm about to throw myself off a bridge- which brings us into our next section.

Air Bag Lander
When you do feel like you want to huck yourself out of your comfort zone or just learn some tricks without the consequences of hard dirt landings, the airbag lander is where you want to be. Situated right next to the dirt park, the airbag lander has two side-by-side lips, one 9-footer and one 12-footer while the airbag itself is about 8 meters wide by 10.5 meters long. The airbag lander is definitely my second favorite part of this park. The roll-in is covered with a layer of fake grass so the dirt doesn't deteriorate, it always runs the same and I never have to second guess if I'm going too fast or too slow. Most of all it provides the perfect place to mess around with your mates and push each other out of your comfort zones.

Foam pit/Resi
Pretty much essential for any bike park, the foam pit and resi are perfect for practicing your smaller tricks, both having 6 ft lips. I think the best part about these two is that have identical roll-ins and lips which is very encouraging for when you want to try a new trick on the resi because you don't have to think about how fast or slow to go because the set up for both is identical.

Skate park
I've been riding La Poma 3-4 days a week for the month I've lived here and I've been so satisfied with the dirt jumps and airbags that I haven't even ridden the skate park yet. However, I wouldn't let this discern you because the 1900 square foot skate park seems to be no exception to the perfection in every other area of this park.

Trials Area[
Wait! Trials?? Yes, trials. if you don't know what trial riding is don't be disappointed, it's a very uncommon niche within the riding scene where riders hop from obstacle to obstacle on their bike (like parkour on wheels). Which makes it all the more incredible to be found in this bike park.

Things to be Cautious of
Unfortunately, the more you ride a park the more you notice the things wrong with it. One thing I would keep in mind are the random headwinds that make some jumps unpredictable and sometimes dangerous. Also, the area surrounding the airbag which is rough, and I have seen people fall/roll-off which can become dangerous. Lastly, the foam inside the foam pit is very worn out and there blatantly isn't enough so you very often have to reposition the foam to ensure you have a soft landing. Fortunately, I would say these things are mild in comparison to all the exceptional aspects of the park. Just be smart and aware as you should be anyway.

At first glance, La Poma is an amazing place to practice and become better at what you love, but as I've spent more time there I've come to realize La Poma is much, much more. I moved to Spain not knowing anybody, but on my first visit to La Poma, I met several different people from different parts of the world with all different backgrounds in riding. With all this diversity It was super easy to make friends but also to expand my knowledge and skill. La Poma is a biking hub and a community that brings all types of riders together.

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 Very well put together and incredibly concise. Unfortunate this place is so far away but it truly is a dream destination for so many of us. Excited to one day charter a PJ over the lake to Spain so I can dump large sums of money into the local economy!
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