Video: How To Hit Drops with Wade Simmons

May 3, 2022 at 10:51
by Race Face  

Wade Simmons and his trusty trail sidekick, Luna, head to Fromme for a quick session on how to do drops. Progressing through different types and heights of drops, the Godfather gives you all the tools you need to safely and confidently hit any drop – choosing your favourite line, the difference between natural and built-out drops, spotting landings, and more.

Whether you’re a beginner gearing up for your first drop or a seasoned rider looking for more hang time, there’s something for everyone in the latest Pick-A-Part video.

PAP - Drops


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 Step 1: Be Wade Simmons
Step 2: easy
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 I feel like Wade is the Jeremy McGrath of mountain biking. Cool as hell, awesome talent, but pretty relatable.
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 Got to be coached by him on a Dirt Series camp in Whistler around 2011. He took us down Dirt Merchant with the advice ‘follow my line and match my speed, never ridden it before and the guy in between me and Wade took the chicken run. I was left no option so matched his speed and followed his line - cleared the creek gap and shouted f words for a week. Been riding Whister for another 15 years but still my best moment
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 “You’re Wade Simmons! You suck! My brother says you’re totally washed!”
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 Ride to the hills one of the classics
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 Still the best bike film.
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 Great to see that some do know their classics! Smile
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 @cool3: NWD3. Still get very fired up for that one!
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 "Kids today. Viiiicious"
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 Great scene


"Washed, man that hurts. Kids these days are viiiicious"

Proceeds to Fromme and casually rolls off Digger's Rock...
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 @mobiller: Just watched the whole thing (again) - memories. The Glory Days. Best thing to do at work on a Wednesday. Thanks. Bud.
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 Kids these days ,vicious!
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 The godfather of freeride! Does this man age?
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 Wade is one of the most down to earth people you will ever meet in mountain biking world. Period.
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 I concur. Met him on 3 occasions, friendly and chatty to a star struck schmuck like me. My wife thought we were old buddies lol. Cheers Wade
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 Someone should have sent this to .50 seconds guy from Friday fails
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 yeah that one hurt just watching it
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 You obviously don't work in a hospital
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 Editor maybe needs to lay off the animations and just let the Wade magic happen.
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 Video was friendly and informative but I noticed it disagrees with the recommendations from the ben cathro drop tutorial:

The Wade Simmons video recommends a manual be used to handle drops. This requires highly tuned technique which is very reliable. If the technique is not reliable, a medium size drop can be very dangerous at slow speed.

My experience with this is that it can be risky. I have multiple bikes and each requires different effort to manual. If I don't practice consistently with the bike prior to a drop, attempting a medium size drop slowly would be dangerous because I may short the manual and go OTB on impact.

He wheelie dropped out of the truck. If he was on the trail and accidentally picked the wrong gear, that probably wouldn't have worked and he'd have crashed badly.

Ben cathro recommended a *push* technique (interestingly, it seems related to absorbing bumps) instead of the previously mentioned manual. I have not tested this myself but it appears less risky in many situations. If it is indeed simpler to do properly, then it seems a better and safer recommendation.

I do know other racers such as Neko Mulally use this *push* technique as well. All these techniques are very subtle and look similar if you don't watch carefully.

Regardless of what technique you use though, be confident you can do it on que reliably.
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 It depends on the height, the landing and grade.. Sometimes you manual (slower speed steeper landings) sometimes you push (faster speed), right?
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 We love Ben, he's absolutely awesome.

But he's no Wade Simmons when it comes to drops. No one is really, to be fair.
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 @mobiller: I don't doubt his skills in the slightest.

@emptybe-er: I've ridden for years and I'd never heard of the push thing until I saw that video.

If I had to guess (based on almost crashing multiple times), manualling at slower speed is more risky and push perhaps safer and simpler to do correctly.

Suspect both are easier at speed.

I don't have an opinion about which is ideal based on the grade of the landing. I'm only concerned which way is simpler to land reliably. A determined person would probably perfect both ways because they are interested.
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 @mdinger: That was a pedal drop out of the truck, just faffing about. It's not something Wade mentions or teaches in the video.
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That pic is bonkers. That's freaking massive, and that was in 2002?!
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 I think it's different techniques Freeride v Downhill- ie speed dependant. Having tried both (not on anything massive) I can confirm they both work (even for someone of limited talent).

What doesn't work is panicking right at the last minute and doing it wrong or not at all... tried that one too!
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 Wade said "sort of doing a mini-manual." The push technique is fundamental to doing most drops, higher speed drops with a downslope runout don't require that much work. Also, you are commenting/nitpicking on what a legend in the sport is saying near the beginning of the video. Wade made it clear throughout the video what techniques to use on the features that he was riding.
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 @jgoldfield: I know right?!

The full video clip shows Bender hitting it multiple times too and unable to ride it out.

Wade was head and shoulders above everyone else in smoothness and style.
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 Did you watch the same video I just did? Multiple times he said “push the bike out in front of you, shoot the bike out off the edge”. He didn’t once recommend manualing along and going off the edge like that. He also demonstrated multiple times on and off the bike starting with body weight ahead of center and then pushing the handlebars forward as the front wheel gets to the lip. It’s the same thing Cathro says to do, and I agree. That’s just how it’s done. No conflicting information.
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Totally agree with you statement, I was thinking the same thing. I don't think he watched the video or has a very short attention span
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 @mdinger: The simplest way to land reliably varies based on landing terrain and speed. So there isn’t one technique that works the best in all situations, but tips from pros might help you figure it out. Or not.
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 I want to see a hardcore game of bike between Simmons and tippie
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Actually...probably the entire late 90's, early 2000's was a game of bike between them, all documented on VHS haha Smile

It was close, but Tippie definitely left more blood behind.
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 Yeah but what would he know about it..
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 Confidence in your technique and knowing that you rely on being able to produce the technique required is so important, especially when you start to tackle larger drops.
It took me a while to hit one of the two well known drops on a DH run at my local, but once I’d done it a few times, I no longer think anything of it. The other drop however, remains one that I’ve still not attempted. Seen too many riders break themselves on it, I think.
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 So hear is the thing. Everyone is talking about Bens and wade Technique and witch one is better. If you watch closely they do the exact same thing. It just the way it is explained is different.
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 Makes me want to hunt down a VCR and my old copy of Shift.
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 HOT TAKE: They should make a video for the less skilled riders called something like: "The fundimentals of doing drops with, another person trying to figure out drops."
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 Like bring a punter along and watch them flail? That's actually a really good idea.

Wade's clearly a good teacher, but yeah, 1' drop was too easy for him, 10'+ drop was too easy for him...
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 @50percentsure: Exactly. A relatable rider for someone who would look up a video like that. For the rest of us, some comedic relief...
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 If Wade “the Godfather” Simmons ever invites you to tag along for a ride, you better just say yes. It’s an offer you can’t refuse.
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 I think it was Ryan leach that used the push technique for Manuals. So seeing a mini manual is still using the push Technique
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 Sam Losco sends!
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 Fun watch. I like Wade.
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 LOVE these Wade vids!
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 Wade, your plate condition is giving me anxiety.
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 where was this in 2004 when I needed it? :-)
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 Preach, brother!
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 Nice work! Keep it up! Appreciate the tips.
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 could not get trailer park boys outa my head listening to this
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