Video: Redefining Success With Mountain Biking - Race Face Creator Series

Oct 10, 2019 at 16:25
by Race Face  

Filmmaker: Jake Frew

Synopsis: Filmmaker Jake Frew thinks we’re in desperate need of a new definition of success so he sets out on a journey - traveling across the country in his van to tell the stories of mountain bikers who are pushing back against this cultural norm, and finding their own individual versions of success that go beyond a paycheck.

Why We Chose this Film: An aspiring filmmaker quits his day job and sets out on a road trip to reframe what being successful means to himself and others he meets along the way. In this day and age, we are bombarded with messages of what we're supposed to be striving for and what being successful is supposed to look like. Jake finds that true success cannot be distilled down to such limiting definitions. His honesty and positive outlook attracted us to this project and we know you will enjoy his exploration of alternate versions of success.

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Creator Series' tenth and final film, Our Story Trails, will debut this winter, with the final pieces of the story being collected this fall.

Filmmaker: Jason Mannings

Synopsis: A documentary film about an alternative outdoor school for First Nations youth on Vancouver Island, Our Story Trails will explore where students spend their days outdoors: building mountain bike trails, riding mountain bikes, and learning traditional skills and cultural wisdom along the way.

Thank you!

We at Race Face want to thank all the filmmakers involved in this year's Creator Series. All the time, hard work, and passion that you've put in is reflected in these films and we're so excited and proud that we were able to be a part of your storytelling journeys.

We also want to thank all the viewers that have come along for the ride. We hope you enjoyed this celebration of some of the remarkable people and places that make up the vibrant mountain biking community we're proud to be a part of.

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 im also in an engineering job and currently selling all my furniture to go remote so I can ride my bike all winter. this video does a great job of patting my ego and telling me i made the right decision, but realistically im not sure it is. the human brain is wired to go back to a baseline level of satisfaction/happiness no matter what has happened in your life negative or positive - its what gives us our drive to succeed as a species.

i never thought i would achieve financial stability and i assumed i would be happy when i did, so i went all in on work. i achieved a temporary happiness but still felt unfulfilled, and now im going all in on riding my bike. i know i will have an amazing time for a while, but i would be foolish to think that this radically different but equally narrow minded approach to happiness and fulfillment will have a different outcome. i believe happiness and success is about finding balance, and I think experiencing life from two extremes (work oriented, play oriented) will help me find where that balance is. i dont think the lifestyle depicted in this video (and videos like it) are a "happily ever after" situation, but it seems like a valid next step on that path.
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 Fully agree, it's all about BALANCE.
We met all kind of people living a balanced life while being nomad: psychologist, photograph, engineer, web designer, YouTubers, etc. It's 2019: with some creativity, it's possible to create yourself a remote job. Nice! Isabelle and I are into our third year living in our van and we don't see ourselves settling down any time soon. Because BALANCE, which in our case come from the fact that we both equally LOVE to ride, and because we keep working a few hours every day.
That being said, we'll probably settle at some point. And that's OK. We people change as we grow up, our life if the sum of our experience. And it's nice to experience different things. Good luck with your project, I think you made the right choice. Send it!

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 Cool video. I really liked it. And the definitions are quite simple and true. But I think that that is a reality for people who live in a developed country and opportunities are far more available than in a third world country such as Argentina. Is so disappointing when you want to live in a place where you can enjoy what you love and you know you can find a work, but because of immigration laws you can't do it ... so you stuck in a place because of a piece of paper ...
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 This is really well done and awesome... however it is super ironic that all of the people enjoying biking in this video are able to do it because they are either working a full time job or are living off savings earned while working a full time engineering job.
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 Hey, Antoine here (from "Isabelle and Antoine segment").
In fact, we do live a sustainable lifestyle in our van (income > expense. Saving for 401K and all), meaning we can keep traveling and biking for as long as we want. We had no freebie: working remotely as an engineer is not really an option (in our case at least), so we had to make it happens ourselves somehow. We created a website ( and against all odds, it really took off. We consider this gig as an opportunity rather than a real job, as there is no way to tell how long the website will last in time (income fading out). What I do know is that the company I was working for as en engineer is falling apart and I would probably have lost my job by now... Nothing's permanent!
I don't think Jake could have tell everyone's complete story in a 20 minute film and that was not the point anyway. We're really stoked we had the chance to meet him and ride with him, he's a cool dude! And a talented filmmaker Smile

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 @atoine: You website is by far one of the better 'van life' builder sites out there. I don't think you'll have a problem keeping it going. Appreciate all your thoughtful contributions to the movement!
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 David Johnson more like Dwayne Johnson LOOK AT THOSE ARMS
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 David "The Rockroll" Johnson
  • 4 0
 Exactly what I needed to see and hear today. In six months I take a very similar path. This motivates and encourages me that that choice and path will be the right one, despite its challenges. I thank you for this.
  • 7 0
 Sucess is a bike, a campfire and friends. Live the dream.
  • 3 0
 Yes if you can just do it ,it’s not easy in some countries,life’s ,professions ,if you have a safety net ,just go gor it ,but if you don’t,just think a little on what if ,but not too much,not everyone can do that ,but hey if are really in to it just f*cking do it and then you might or not regret it ,”safety net “,parents ,and grand parents ,and all the rest that maybe most of the countries don’t have ,and that’s a shame ,but no matter what ,don’t be a slave
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 Great film Jake! Thanks for sharing your story, there is something here for all of us. May the greater journey treat you well!
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 Great video and speaks to me and my current situation. Thanks Jason
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 This movie is about me. Successful conservator-restorer of paintings (in a country where art market barely exist). At the age of 35 I'm moving to work in an outdoor industry or bike shop to finally have time for being outdoor and stop collecting money for gear and parts that I never use. It takes long years to realize where your heart is - and the phrase "do what you love and you'll never go to work in your life" is a big trap cause you often mistake what you really, I mean really love. You work your ass off, chasing goals and 'success', and leaving your real life for the future but the future is now - every next second is the future.
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 never tell the border a*sholes youre “unemployed” say youre on an “extended leave” they figure when youre unemployed for the foreseeable future you will try and work in that country.. if you have a made up return date to a job back home theyre way more chill. speaking from the better part of a decades worth of van/camper/motorhome life playing outside Wink
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 I think thank pink bike forum is super shitty however I totally respect the opinions of those people who have commented on this post (for once)... for those of you on the edge, give er’.. we only get a single ride on this earth so do what you need to do not what other expect us to!
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 i think he's talking more about happiness than success.....and all i could think about during the first piece to camera was 'Fight club' ;-)
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 I'd say your pretty successful in life if you're happy. Plenty of people who struggle with that nowadays and careers are a big cause for that. If you're loving life, you're winning.
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 If you look for happiness in impermanent things you'll always end up dissatisfied in the end. When you realise that happiness isn't to be found outside yourself you'll be onto a winner. I bet that winds the shit out of you all!!! Ha ha. Trouble is - it's true!
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 I'll just come right out and say it. I heart David's biceps.
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 Spent the last 2 summer seasons in BC in a van, riding the best trails I never ever could imagine before.. Already planning my next summer season in a van in BC. These few summer months give me all energy I need. Happiest summers in my life, this is my personal definition of success!
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 Great film, Jake! It's my favorite from the Creator series so far as it had no phony pretense to add a false weight to the story (I really liked the one about the mudslide that destroyed the town too). It really is just the story of a youmg filmmaker trying to figure life out.
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 Cool story Jake! Did exactly the same last year and I love it.
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 Does the title come with a juice-box of Invigaron? You know, the shit alpacas can survive entire winters on...
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 i love this so much!!!!
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 Brilliant. You've been inspiring to watch. Keep em coming.

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