Day 1 eMTB Randoms - Eurobike 2021

Sep 2, 2021 at 14:27
by Ralf Hauser  

Nicolai is giving its G1 EBOXX a major update with Bosch's revamped system, large 750 Wh battery, and redesigned frame. The rear end is stiffer and can now hold 29” rear wheels due to a new adjustment system.

A shock sled fits shocks with different lengths. Travel can therefore be set between 160 mm and 180 mm.
The head tube is now CNC machined, including extensions to attach to the massive top and down tube.

A single machined part on top of the motor also helps to save 700 g over its predecessor, making up for the extra weight of Bosch’s larger battery.
Full weight of the show bike is 25.6 kg, including pedals.

Yup, the EBOXX Ultra is not an e-bike. Then again, you can still pick between a pedal-assisted version or version with pegs only. Depending on equipment, total weight ranges between 55 and 65 kg with its 2000 Wh battery.

Italy-based EXT has custom-built the 200 mm travel suspension for the EBOXX Ultra.
With 275 Nm of torque, top speed maxes out at 65 km/h. In Germany it would only be possible to make a version with a max speed of 45 km/h street legal, but most people would probably want to ride this bike on purpose built offroad tracks anyway.

Prices start at 9,999 Euros, going all the way up to 12,999 Euros, depending on the version.


Italian ex-World Cup downhill racer Stefano Migliorini is the man behind Thok E-Bikes - probably best be known for their partnership with Ducati motorcycles to collaborate for projects on the e-bike front.

The Ducati TK-01RR with 170 mm of travel and 6061 T4 T6 aluminum frame features a custom paint scheme and many component brands that are also found in the motorcycle realm.
Massive guard extenders reduce the chance of rocks hitting your legs, but they can also easily be removed.

Just launched, the MIG-R all-mountain rig is not going for the trend of fully integrated batteries but rather follows a unique semi-integrated path. Thok is shipping the bike with two ride profiles; one with less power for longer distances and one maxing out Shimano's EP8 capabilities.

A lower center of gravity and distinct look made Thok keep this design in their lineup.
Underneath the quickly removable plastic cover, a 630 Wh battery is mounted. You could also attach a smaller battery down to 400 Wh, which would save about 1.5 kg of weight.

The MIG-R is sporting 150 mm of travel up front and 140 mm in the back.
Total weight comes to about 22 kg.

The TK01 R has been recently introduced and shares traits of the Ducati model. 170 mm front and rear wheel travel call for rowdy terrain.

A massive 1.8" head tube is supposed to deliver stiffness for heavier riders. Total weight comes to 25.7 kg without pedals but it allows for a high system weight of 150 kg.
The on/off switch is nicely hidden underneath the top tube. A 630 Wh battery is sitting in the down tube.

Maxon & Transalpes

The Maxon Bikedrive Air is a small and fully integrated motor and battery system, delivering 30 Nm of torque. Swiss company Maxon knows what they're doing, as their core business is rooted in space (all NASA rovers use their motors) and medical categories, among others, having specialized in the development of small and lightweight motors. Right now, the system is manufactured 100% in Switzerland and depending on demand, the plan is to keep it that way for at least the next two years.

Swiss bike manufacturer Transalpes has been around for over 20 years and is the Maxons's first partner to bring a first model to market, planned to ship in December of 2021. Their bike can be fully customized and is available with either 140 mm front and 130 mm travel in the rear for trail use, or 160 mm front with 145 mm in the back for light enduro use. Weight ranges between 15.5 and 16.4 kg for the trail and under 17 kg for the longer travel version, depending on spec. Other front travel options will be available.

A major target was to deliver the power in the most seamless way possible, with their freewheel technology delivering practically zero drag, and after a quick spin on the parking lot, I'd say they succeeded with that. With typical power delivery for a motor of its size, it was very quiet and during acceleration or deceleration you couldn't notice at all when the system engaged or disengaged.

System weight for motor, battery and all hardware (including cables) comes to 3.5 kg.
The battery supplied is 250 Wh. There will also be an extender to mount at the bottle cage with about 80% of that capacity. It can also charge the main battery when mounted.

A small LED display is sitting on the top tube, giving you the basic info of charge level and ride mode.
The handlebar remote is as clean as it gets. Just flick it up or down with your thumb to switch between modes.

Production models will have a removable bash guard pulling back to the bottom bracket area, giving access to the motor and battery for maintenance.
Some of the other toys that Maxon is working on.


The full-carbon Sonic has been on the market since last season, but the EN-SL Daytona version comes with Intend's premium suspension. An Eightpins dropper post can also be retrofitted.

Intend's Blackline Ebonite fork offers 160 mm of travel. The Hover Game Changer rear shock delivers 150 mm of travel.
Shimano's EP8 is powered by a custom 750 Wh battery with an asymmetrical battery cover.

Bulls' E-Stream Evo AM3 is now available with a Brose Mag S motor and an option of 555, 750 or even 925 Wh battery choices.
Bulls is utilizing the FIT system and service network with FIT's own display.


With the Uproc X, the Swiss brand Flyer is adding a trail/all-mountain model with 150 mm of travel to its e-bike-only lineup. Other than their Uproc 6, which is using Bosch's system, the Uproc X uses Panasonic's brand new GX Ultimate motor with 95 Nm of torque. A 750 Wh battery can be removed from the left side of the down tube. All three spec versions come with full-carbon frame. The weight measures about 24 kg.

The handlebar remote integrates nicely into the cockpit.
The Panasonic motor is integrated sleekly into the design with a sturdy bash guard.


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 That Transalpes is one of the the only eMTB’s I’ve seen that I can confidently say isn’t hideous. If they get the Power up on that motor, I don’t know why anyone would want anything else.
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 I know. It doesn't look like a Pregnant Whale.
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flag TH3MACK (Sep 2, 2021 at 17:43) (Below Threshold)
 ya butt....still an ass hole just a nicer hole.
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flag DroppingThreeTwoOne (Sep 2, 2021 at 20:35) (Below Threshold)
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flag st-lupo (Sep 2, 2021 at 22:02) (Below Threshold)
 Same! But now that some ebikes are starting to look like actual bikes, I think they should be required to at least fly a dayglo orange flag on top of a long flexible pole. Just sobwe know who’s cheat’n. Smile
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 @st-lupo: But what if we're not competing, and we're just riding our eMTBs for fun, because after all biking is just a hobby?
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 @st-lupo: there’s already a big flag. It’s a fat old dude ripping up a hill at speeds someone that fat should not be doing. Skål!
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 @Almostredbike: When everyone is on ebikes things will revert to their normal order.
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 I can drop my 2cents on my Maxon experience, we use their motors in automation for compact and fast stuff. Really consistent and reliable. It's one of those products you can really tell it lives up to it's made in Switzerland name.
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 The scary thing about that Transalpes is that it weighs about the same as my alloy trail bike
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 Makes me wonder if it's possible to make a convertible ebike as the motors and batteries get smaller. For example: you could remove the motor and battery for bike park days or days you want an analog experience. For other days you pop the battery and motor back in. The Transalpes seems to hide the battery and motor very well.
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 @dirtdiggler: I think this could be a cool idea. My wife has been contemplating an ebike for days when we are riding together. This idea would allow her to ride normally when out with her friends or coaching, but allow us to ride faster on our bigger rides together.
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 @jeremystclair: Exactly!
Could be a 'one bike' solution for many people.
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 @dirtdiggler: they already make that. Been in the market for like 4 years now.

Paradox kinetic. It’s a $2500 mod kit able to turn any bike into an ebike. In fact most of the paraplegic bikes you see use that kit to make those custom ebikes.
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 @kroozctrl: that is awesome, I did not know that existed.
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 @dirtdiggler: Check out the Husqvarna bikes for modular, universal, futureproofed design. They have a plate near the bottom of the frame that you could pretty much mount anything to with an adapter bracket.
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 How long do bottom brackets last?
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 Thanks for the headsup on Husqvarna bikes. I didn't know they made eBikes!
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 @kroozctrl: That's a very interesting clean solution! I like the fact that you can convert an existing bike. But, I'm not crazy about carrying the battery on your back. I guess there has to be a compromise somewhere!
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 @samslichter @kroozctrl
Thank‘s for the kind words! We tried to do exactly that!
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 @dirtdiggler: Fazua Evation motors (Lapierre eZesty) have been doing that for a few years now. I have no idea why more companies don't use them.
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 @dirtdiggler: Fazua batt’s and motor comes out for a lighter set up as needed.
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 @dirtdiggler: the Fazua that Trek uses on some of the road bikes allow for removal of the motor and battery and riden like a slightly heavier regular bike.. The E-caliber also uses the same electronics, so I think it could also do the same..
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 Maxon's fit, finish and integration has that "we've been supplying e-drive kits to UCI World Tour teams for years" kinda look to it.
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There some more information and pictures about it
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 Okay, so I understand the the 'I could buy a motorcycle for that much money' comment gets made a lot here, and I also understand why it isn't a fair comment.

But, why exactly why would you buy the Nicolai EBOXX rather than even an electric motorcycle? That's a bike I genuinely don't get at that price.
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 I agree. I love my eMTB (Trek Rail) and would love a KTM e-Freeride too, don't really see the appeal of that particular Nicolai?

In the same way as some motorbike manufacturers are trying to make eMTB's but not quite getting it right yet, this is an example of a MTB manufacturer trying to make a motorbike, but not quite getting it right.

Well, that's my opinion anyway.
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 If Ktm, Honda, Yamaha, Zook, or Kawasaki released an electric motocross bike tomorrow, they could put a small dent in E-bike sales in some regions. E-bikes are more convenient however, so that's a big part of their value proposition. You can ride a Levo in a lot more places than the yet-to-be-released CR,YZ,SX,KX, or RM Electric.
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 Because a freeride-e weighs 115kg and is a full size enduro bike. The Nicholia (apart from looking like god knows what!) is a lot lighter and smaller. It’s a similar bike to a Surron, the lighter weight and smaller more nimble nature makes these bikes an absolute blast for woods riding or footpaths/narrow trails.
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 @Cord1: But it is illegal to ride it on any footpaths or narrow trails, or just about anywhere else. It is only legal to ride that on private land (in the UK) without full licensing, tax, insurance, MOT etc (which you won't get) and no bike park will let you in with it so unless you own a woodland it is not going to be useable legally. It is not an E bike, it is a shit motorbike.
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 @Cord1: And in this case the argument of "you could buy a motorbike for that" absolutely makes sense. A YZ 125 that you can use in all the places you can use that Nicolai is half the price. A road legal WR250 that you can use on the road and off road byways is £7700.
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I reckon 80% of the places I ride my (motor) trials bike are illegal, if you want to get picky the vast majority of footpaths or “trails” I ride my MTB on are probably illegal. The countryside where I live is geared up for ramblers, end of story. As they say “you pays your money, you takes your choice”.

Am not defending the Nicolai, it looks like vomit, but I am saying that you cannot compare it to a YZ or a WR, they are totally different machines. Something that weighs 50 or 60kg and does 40ishMPH is in no way comparable to a motocross or enduro bike. If you are used to riding motorbikes, then go test a Surron (only cos they are available and half the money of a Nicolai) they are soooooooo much fun, and you will instantly realise that they aren’t aimed at being a YZ or a WR
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 @Cord1: These small electric motorbikes aren't aimed at being the same as a small dirt bike but the laws and regulations that apply to them are the same (i.e. they are 100% illegal everywhere public). When you kill a rambler at 40mph on a footpath the difference is that the media will report one as an electric bicycle because it is built and marketed to look like an E bike despite absolutely not being one and that has a negative impact all of us who ride bikes. Riding these overpowered hopped up E motorbikes as if they are legal e bikes is bad for cycling and is selfish as hell.

Motorbikes should be in motorbike places, bicycles should be in bicycle places. I wouldn't take a levo to a motorcross track, you shouldn't take your motorbike to anywhere where a bike should be. I ride motorbikes off road in a place that is fairly shitty for byways and ungraded roads, I can ride all day without going on any bridleways or footpaths by sticking to roads to connect sections of byway.
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 @Patrick9-32: the old WRs were fun bikes (except the tank was too tall)
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 A brand new yz 125 two stroke stock is 209 pounds. You can easily get that under 200 pounds with minimal modification. This e-moto above is 65 kg, which is 143 pounds. So to save 60 pounds you lose 2/3 of your power and 2/3 of your range, all for double the price. I just don't see the benefits.
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 @hamncheez: Benefit = no noise, no emissions, which is what is killing the moto industry. But I'd rather see pure pedal assist e-mtbs, and pure electric dirt bikes and not this strange in between stuff, which will just increase the confusion as others pointed out.
  • 2 0
 @KellChris: Ya, put a normal moto saddle on it, maybe a slightly larger motor, and with 60 pounds of wiggle room for a larger battery you think you could make something competitive with a 125 two stroke
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 @Cord1: I'm not a moto guy, so maybe you can speak to this. But to me it seems that moto trials bike are ripe for an electric motor. The range isn't as important, but torque and response is, both things that electric motors do well.
  • 2 0

Yes and no! Even with limited range the battery weight is still excessive. For very average riders like me the torque delivery is amazing, but the real riders want that instant explosive power, so they still have a clutch. Adding a clutch adds weight, so in general they are a heavy bike. I think I could learn to ride without a clutch, really master throttle position and it would be a brilliant bike for average/clubman riders going up streams, hill climbs etc. But for the good riders who want to splat up 5’ steps, you will always need that instant blast of every bit of power available, and that means having a clutch. I’d love a silent, relatively lightweight bike with both brakes on the bars and no clutch, but I don’t think that’s what the rest of the market want.
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 @Patrick9-32: That’s half the problem, I don’t want to motorbike at motorbike places, I’ve no interest in motocross any more. I don’t want to bicycle at a bike park all the time. I have a mountain bike that I like to take over mountains, unfortunately footpaths are the only option. It would be dull if we were all the same. And it’s not illegal until you are in the dock and the judge is giving you a punishment, it’s all a game until then, and I will most definitely still be riding my mountain bike on footpaths. That’s my choice, not everyone has to follow the same ideals.
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 @hamncheez: Like @Cord1 said, for the pros in competition, you still need power at hand for the big moves. But, I think that there's potential for a hybrid form of suburban trials riding that's more old school that incorporates elements of scrambling and endurocross. Take a modern trials bike chassis, put an electric motor in it and a full moto seat and set up small riding areas in town with tight trails, little climbs into walls and off ledges, obstacles, etc.

I live in a part of Washington state where there's still 1 to 5 acre parcels just outside of town that are too small and close to neighbors for a mx track with 450cc bikes, and even combustion trials bikes would be too loud. But electric dirt bikes would be perfect as long as dust is controlled.
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 @KellChris: so e-pit bikes!?!?
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 Rather have an Electric Motion.
  • 2 0
 @Patrick9-32: the E moto parks will be coming! Especially indoor where house types. U don't even need dirt.
  • 1 0
 @hamncheez: electric motion is where it's at so far. Zero maintenance.
I'll have one soon and hitting up lil spots all over so cal(from my door step)..just as the surons are doing
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 That Transalpes is sick. Love my Levo SL, but the loud motor is it's biggest downfall. A stealthy little motor and 35 pound weight would be perfection (assuming the bike itself is not doodoo).
  • 12 0
 The orbea is a 3 pund weight penalty for twice the power and 110 more watt-hours
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 Dang can't edit my spelling errors on mobile
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 @hamncheez: I just really like that lightweight eMTB segment, so the more competitors the better! The Orbea rise is nice kit, but I can see someone preferring less weight and happy to sacrifice power. For example, I don't really need more power on the SL, turbo mode is plenty if I feel like being extra lazy.
  • 1 0
 @withdignityifnotalacrity: Go over to Vital and read their review of the Orbea. It crushes the Levo SL in the lightweight ebike segment, so for this to stand up to it is a tall order.
  • 2 0
 @hamncheez: I've seen the vital review. Would love to see a head to head, but I'm having a ball on the SL and think its Geo/suspension platform suits my style better. But like I said, the more players in that segment the better.
  • 4 0
 Thank‘s for the kind words! I work at Transalpes and I can tell you that the bike isn‘t doodoo! Wink
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 @withdignityifnotalacrity: "more players in that segment the better" very good point
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 That Transalpes tho!!!
  • 18 3
 Maxon & Transalpes, these guys get it.
  • 11 1
 They all look exactly the same. Same suspension, same overall design. Same everything. I am not an ebike hater but this is lame. So many companies are making frames with motors and batteries using the same linkage and trying to stand out. The blue Maxon is the only one that does look interesting and that is because it uses smaller everything.
  • 12 2
 Barf, except the transalpes. Did we learn nothing in the last 5 years?
  • 1 0
 Thank‘s for the kind words! Our goal was exactly that! Cheers!
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 Transalps is definitely look dope and will push keno sl on next level, competition of dope bike -> better and lighter bikes;
on other side Nikolai make Pole quite nice looking bike
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 I’m confused… are bike manufacturers making motorcycles or are motorcycle manufacturers making bikes?
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  • 3 3
 in this fake world they are both fake no, you're not confused or are you?
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 All these hate comments towards ebikes.. I've been riding bicycles and motorcycles for 20 years, crossing the country, going to gatherings and vacations. The last time I took my Suzuki RMX 50cc with my wife, I just couldn't take the smoke, the noise and the smell of gasoline anymore.. For me, the era for combustion engines for two wheels are over.. I live on top of a hill, if I want to go to the city I have to go down and up 12kms. I got a trail ebike and man, enjoying going on two wheels uphill without get all sweat at the end and not contributing to polluting the environment, I don't see what is wrong with it besides having fun.
  • 4 1
 ok that is called commuting... for that is ok Smile
  • 6 0
 70 pounds, a throttle, and 200mm… And a dropper post.
  • 4 0
 The recent EMBN episode introduced a combined pedal assist motor and pinion gearbox, I'm looking forward to seeing this in a frame soon.
  • 7 5
 E-Bikes aren't mountainbikes anyways - completely different experience. So why limit them to anemic motors and tiny batteries just to save a couple grams? Rather give them the full electric motorcycle treatment. 2000wh batteries, dual crown forks and all.
  • 4 2
 Cause that would make an illegal bike. Or a bike you'd need to register like a regular motorbike.

Oh and emtbs are just like normal mtbs, you just go faster/further. As for cheating, I get the same calorie burn on my emtb as a regular bike, I just happen to ride further for the same time.
  • 19 13
 Too many motorbikes.
  • 8 8
 @jclnv I agree, time for the bike industry to come out with a new standard.........where is the line between pedal assist mtn bike and E-Moto Cycle?
  • 18 5
 @rivercitycycles: having to pedal cranks in circles, versus twisting your wrist. Seems pretty obvious.
  • 10 3
 @handynzl: I think you’re wrong on that simple description. Mopeds have pedals and a motor! Should it be defined by motor output or battery potential?
  • 3 2
Would a Stryder with a motor but no throttle be an ebalance bike or a motorcycle?
  • 1 0
 @rivercitycycles: Spesh seem to be on to it with their light weight e bikes
  • 1 0
 @handynzl: e balance bikes don’t have pedals so what are they
  • 5 1
 Maxon is on the right path as is Spesh with the SL’s however quieter motor designs are needed.
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 Who is going to pay 10-13k for an electric mx mtb hybrid?
It's the worst of both worlds.
Sur ron have the storm bee coming out which will be a genuine mx bike and probably cost less and no doubt there will be others to take it to ktm. The main thing being all with the weight mounted as low down as possible. Unlike an ebike with battery on the downtube.
  • 1 0
 Elephant in the room = bloated e-bike syndrome from battery pack.
The big dogs that have been at this for sometime know the lightweight more powerful battery tech is just not economically viable yet. Cant wait for trickle down tech, just a waiting game but you wont be able to differentiate e bike from pushy in the near future.
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 That EBOXX Ultra looks like it will lop off a few fingers if the pilot goes end over end and has a hand go into that exposed belt drive....dirt bikes usually cover that stuff up at least..........Not to mention the sharp edges of that screen where the gas tank would be...bruise city!
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 That Nicolai motorbike looks like something out of mad max!
  • 5 0
 Transalpes is lovely!
  • 1 0
 The only thing I really love about ebikes- they brought out some good chain lube for ebikes handling the torque- perfekt for normal bike riding- and half the price of non emtb specific lube
  • 1 0
 Why would you include an e motorcycle? The argument against an ebike is bikes like that will show up on our trails and destroy them. Your promoting a bike that will destroy mountain bike trails.
  • 3 1
 Could have gone a lifetime without needing to see that Eboxx Ultra monstrosity.. No Thx
  • 3 0
 That Maxon Transalps thing is sweet.
  • 1 0
 E MOTORCYCLES will kill our trails way faster that you think...and than we will be bagged in one bag and thrown away along with them...hahaha
  • 3 1
 Double comment, please ignore.
  • 6 6
 Jesus! I can't believe how hideous some of these bikes are. Are they not even trying to hide the batteries anymore? I think I'll stick to my old fashioned pedal bike thanks.
  • 1 0
 I'm all for innovation but jesus christ companies need to chill with the prices
  • 1 0
 When naming your bike brand, don’t pick the name your bikes make when landing a jump… but I guess Thoc missed that memo.
  • 2 1
 Pity the fool who has to pedal the nicolai after the battery goes flat…..
  • 2 0
 Really liking that Maxon setup
  • 3 3
 Just ordered a new eMTB! I decided to buy something future-proof, so I ordered a KTM Freeride. Can’t wait to post some Strava times.
  • 2 1
 E-urobike! But I have to say the Bulls Sonic looks ready to shred.
  • 3 3
 What kind of fork is that on the Nicolai monster? The stickers say EXT Era USD...
  • 6 0
 An EXT Era USD?
  • 11 0
 My guess, and bear with me on this guess as it's kinda nuts, is that it's an EXT Era USD.
  • 2 0
 @seraph: No, that's crazy! It can't be!
  • 3 0
 Instagram says it's a one-off for this motorcycle.
  • 1 0
 @hamncheez: the first of many I hope!
  • 7 5
 What a freak show
  • 1 0
 @Flyer: Why do you do a Commencal Meta? Do you pay licenses at least?
  • 1 0
 My bad: It has an Horst Link… totally different.
  • 1 0
 were there any ECU tuners there? is that a thing yet?
  • 1 0
 Come on! Still no kickstand shots!
  • 7 7
 Ick.... why is this here?
  • 4 4
 This market will destroy its self.
  • 1 0
  • 1 1
 Moto brands making motos. That make sense. Finally something coherent.
  • 1 1
 "The handlebar remote integrates nicely into the cockpit" :-)
  • 1 0
 Nicolai TENERE!
  • 1 2
 NOW you can get way lass fit from biking...THOSE are BIKES WITH MOTOR...aka MOTORCYCLE. NOT a bicycle
  • 3 3
 Looks like a session
  • 2 3
 The Nicolai is the only one I like.
  • 4 4
 I threw up in my mouth.
  • 1 2
 The Ebox ultra IS an Ebike,it's just not pretending to be a mountain bike
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